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Potential customers beware
Avoid this seller. I placed an order for a custom silk top full lace wig in 150% density, silky straight. I received a horribly ugly wig, bulky on top and way too thin all the way down to the ends. And anybody could tell I am wearing a wig. I contacted the seller and she said she would send me a complimentary wig. In the meantime I had my hairdresser try desperately to "fix" the wig... unfortunately and not his fault, nothing would make the wig look at least normal. He thought the wig was Chinese and when he asked me about the price I felt ashamed to say it cost £570!!!
A disgusting rip-off from a disgusting company. The kind lady in chief was barely available to answer questions and always sounded wintry.
Speaking of the complimentary wig, it's an-always-in-stock ready made wig that is even worse than the other. It's the Amara wig: doesn't look natural at all, looks fake all around and the silk top is way too white for my Beyoncé complexion.
I waited more than 35 days for that custom wig and forked out a huge amount of money only to get a filthy, fake looking and thin wig.
And now she just get away with an even worse complimentary wig.
This is my advice: you want a luxury wig, buy from a real, well-established and well-known company (I know one that never disappoints, just google "luxury wig uk" or "virgin hair wig uk" you will eventually find it). If you're looking for an inexpensive wig but 1 billion times better than mora mode then this is much easier 😂: Chinese do it better!
Btw...her "luxury" wigs don't even last long, like more or less 9 months if you're lucky (and if she's telling the truth.)
It's most odd that not long after I started to complain about her wig, moramode disappeared from Google along with Google reviews. There's still her website if you want to get cheated and ripped off

Nov 28, 2018
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  • Sa
      Jan 18, 2019

    Actually, this review sound suspicious for me. I spoke to the woman at Mora Mode and she was very good to me. She explained well to me and I then decide to buy a wig. Your review must be fake because why you recommend other hair sellers. Anyway I bought the invisible wig and the lace is thin and melt in my scalp. Also the hair quality is very good and the wig well made.

    I think if you are another seller it is bad of you to try and put other customer off the wig when the wigs are very nice.

    I recommend this company to anyone that wants to buy because I had very good experience and customer help service was good to me.

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  • Bi
      Feb 14, 2019

    @Saskia_79 I am not. I have proof of purchase. If you want I can send you, no problem. And I still have our whatsapp conversation.
    So save your nasty and unrequested evil comments. You must be the owner of that disgusting company, mora mode 😉 mustn't you?

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  • Ja
      Feb 05, 2019

    I also had a very negative experience with this company. Save your hard earned money ladies. You will not receive the same quality or hairline that is advertised on their IG page or website.

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  • Ja
      Feb 23, 2019
    Best Best Advice

    I usually don't bother with reviews, however it's important that people understand...we wear wigs for different reasons and everyone' s experience is different. After losing most of my hair, I did not want my first wig to look wiggy, so when I saw the Mora Mode website, I saw a wonderful option. I have absolutely no complaints with the customer service, at all. However, I bought Ada, which looks to have ethnic, kinky hair. It's my first wig, so I selected the recommended cap size (medium). I also selected light brown for the lace color and natural black for the hair color .
    The hair I received was pretty, however not at all the kinky look as on the website. When the hair is washed, it does become a bit kinky and using a curling iron made the hair look like pressed ethnic hair, which I liked, however the kink was only at the bottom. Around the crown, the hair is more straight, and it's brown, which looks wiggy and not the color that I ordered(natural black). The lace is dark brown, which is too dark and does not match the complexion of my scalp. The worst of this purchase was the cap. It extends (hangs)2-3 inches past the bottom of my head and it can only be adjusted (to tighten it and keep it on my head) with the band approximately one inch. To keep it on, I had to adjust (sew)the band by about an inch and one half. Because the cap is so long and the hair is sewn to it, all the way around, I cannot pull the hair up into a ponytail, bun or any other updo style. If I did, not only would the bottom of my head show, but I'd have to bunch the extra piece of the cap up and in with the hair.
    As stated, the hair is pretty, but it's not what I paid for. I am not from a rival hair company, just someone who looked for an option after losing her hair and am not totally satisfied with the product that I received. Hair is an important element in how a woman feels about herself, for whatever reason.

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  • Po
      Feb 27, 2019

    I had to research their wigs because the photos on their instagram looked too good. There is a facebook group i'm in with other ladies that suffer from Alopecia so thats how I initially came across them, plus the hairline and the wigs the ladies had shared look so real. I eventually ordered a wig from the company and it took a while to arrive so I became nervous and ended up here.. lol

    I am not going to knock other peoples experiences as everyones opinion is what they feel. I received my wig and I have no complaints. The hairline is flawless and the hair quality is unbelievable good because I have not seen a company for a while with this quality of hair and I have been wearing wigs for years.

    The hair has a bounce to it when I comb and style it, the front of the wig lays flat, the part is natural and the hair moves naturally and is light almost as though it is my hair. My only complaint is the time it took to arrive, I had to wait a while to receive the wig which was frustrating but the company always responded politely to my emails. I would order again but way in advance if needed for an ocassion.

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