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Dear Complaints Board,

We have recently been falsely associated with a company who has several complaints on here. We have an extremely good reputation and have worked for over 3 years to ensure we have NO bad comments anywhere online. I would ask if you would have the comment removed or demand how this gentleman associated the 2 businesses. -

As a small to medium sized company that have fought so hard for so long I'm sure you can understand our frustration. It is difficult enough without false accusations.

Your help would be so much appreciated!

Kind Regards

Dave Cockett
Sales Director
MonkeyFish Marketing Ltd

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  • Ma
      7th of Apr, 2012

    MonkeyFish's Dave Cockett 'demands' to know how his company was linked to the notorious scammers at Net66 Web Services Ltd. (The Social Media People.
    Net66 deserves no sympathy when another SEO company – MonkeyFish – tries its very best to disassociate itself from the Manchester scammers. Even though the other company is just a few miles from the Manchester base of The Social Media People/Net66 it says wants to have nothing to do with them.
    It’s very revealing: If MonkeyFish is an honest company they fear their reputation will be ruined by association with crooks at Net66. If MonkeyFish does have something to hide it just shows that even a questionable company doesn’t want to be seen as ‘in bed with’ Net66.
    But is MonkeyFish Marketing really 'squeeky clean'?. There is at least one apparent link, at:
    MonkeyFish SEEMS to run that site, AND on it promotes Net66 as follows: “Net66 are remarkable in arrange of services I believe a company that does SEO and Web design has an advantage over anyone else in the industry. Net66 is a company based in Manchester...”

    So is Net66 independently dishonest, or does MonkeyFish Marketing assisting?

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  • Ma
      7th of Apr, 2012

    MonkeyFish and Net66
    Bad news travels fast - and Net66's apparent 'promoter’ has said it objects to being linked to the scammers at The Social Media People / Net66. So I guess in trying to preserve their ‘clean’ image they’ll explain everything quickly and fully.
    But the large network of angry, cheated Net66 customers who are now aware of another possible collaborator are keen to spread the word on other websites - if the link is true. So the story will need to be very convincing.

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  • Da
      7th of Apr, 2012

    The Facts Remain:

    Is a website owned / managed by MonkeyFish Marketing Ltd. One conclusion is that the Twitter feed directs to Phillip @ MonkeyFish and it is said here that "Internet Marketing Master at MonkeyFish Marketing, more powerful than a JEDI!"

    Internet Marketing Questions ( from the start says

    "Here at internet marketing questions, we have had the ability to test a lot of different SEO services and so far we have found none that compare to Net66."

    "As it turns out, Net66 have the same morals and form of SEO that I possess; we both like to judge success on more than just rankings, "

    This is great - As the "rankings" are for terms that no one searches for.

    The website links to Net66 and their affiliated "Social-media-campaigns" website providing back-links to both Net66 and Social Media People for the terms "SEO Manchester" and "Social Media Campaigns" as well as Net66 clients.

    As a disgruntled client of the Social Media People. I'm particularly interested in the review of "The Social Media People"

    "The Social Media People are an expert team of professional marketers who specialise in digital and social media marketing." and yet thousands of reviews tell a different story.

    "At The Social Media People they place an emphasis on customer satisfaction and focus on achieving a high level of client retention."

    "they place an emphasis on customer satisfaction" - Not on this forum they hadn't.

    If it wasn't for the fact that the website is managed and owned by MonkeyFish Marketing one would believe it was a website owned by Net66. It is my belief that Net66, The Social Media People and MonkeyFish Marketing are working closely with one another to help secure a better reputation.

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  • Da
      10th of Apr, 2012

    Philip Collins in an ex employee of MonkeyFish Marketing. He now works at Net66. He owns the website and the Twitter account Phil @MonkeyFish. I have not demanded to know anything simply told you their is no relationship between the 2 companies.

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  • Co
      29th of May, 2012

    dealt with this lot a year ago, cost me a fortune and brought me absolutely nothing business wise, absolute crooks.

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  • As
      30th of Oct, 2013

    Very very sneaky business. Be aware. Monkeyfish Marketing come across as a reputable business who are experts in there field. This is not the case. There web design was terrible. Our site was never completed, and when I tried to get an alternative company to fix their terrible work, we found out they hadn't put our site on our server, Instead our site was being redirected to their server. they refused to give us our site files (which we had paid for even though it was a mess) and they wanted to charge us another £200 to get the site back!!! All managers and even CEO refuse to take calls, or answer emails, they just hold us to ransom.
    I have since been digging and found many companies with issues. Highly unprofessional and immature outfit who don't understand or care for the rights of their clients.

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  • Di
      8th of Sep, 2014

    Our companies experience of Monkeyfish Marketing has been pretty poor. I don't know much about SEO so can't really comment on that besides we didn't see much improvement in ranking the year or so we were using their services. I can however comment Monkeyfish's pushy and hard sale staff who are pretty mischievous, unprofessional and manipulative in their lackluster approach to customer service.

    I would never use them again nor recommend them. To review Monkeyfish Marketing on a scale of 1 to 10 would be about 4/10.

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