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I was referred by a great U.S. manufacturer of cultured diamonds, Gemesis Corp of Sarasota, Florida, to one of their retailers in California (Spencer & Spencer). During the telephone sales call, the Spencer & Spencer sales representative gave me a price on a Gemesis cultured diamond which she told me had "no flaws visible to the naked human eye." The sales rep asked for my email address and told me she would follow up with a link to a photo of the actual stone. I checked my email and liked the stone and I therefore agreed on December 13 to purchase the cultured diamond as a Christmas present. The website to which she referred me was That website had a 100% satisfaction guaranteed 30 day return policy on it. After the telephone purchase, the sales agent told me that she would follow up the transaction with an email receipt.

Being a busy professional military officer, I had little time to check my email before traveling out of the country on December 19th. The ring arrived on 15th or 16th, wrapped for Christmas, as promised by the sales agent. On December 25th, I gave the present for Christmas. The recipient teleponed me on December 26th to tell me that the stone had a large flaw inside that was easily visible with the naked human eye. I called promptly that day but the merchant was closed. I called again on December 27th and the merchant refused to accept return of the merchandise, citing a return policy from yet another website ( When I pointed out to them that they referred me to the website for a photo of the diamond during the original sale, they said that spencer & spencer was a "sister" company that did have a 30 day return policy, but insisted that my purchase was from their "other company" (

I went online to review my credit card statement, and a charge appeared on my bill from Arkumi-Spencer&Spencer! I called again and said I am not sure why you keep referring to this other company diamonds cultured, but my credit card was charged from Spener & Spencer and the website link in your email (which I still have) pointed me to The merchant refused to return my merchandise but offered an exchange. I refused to accept an exchange based on the rationale that they had deceived me into the transaction and were now trying to rely on a return policy from "their sister company" (which I learned was nothing more than a DBA for the owners Minta Nargess Spencer and Erick Kurosh Spencer of Sherman Oaks, California.

So, I promptly called the manufacturer, Gemesis Corp and asked for assistance. They spoke with Spencer and Spencer several times over the ensuring weeks and Spencer and Spencer led them to believe that the cultured diamond was indeed a Gemesis product and instead attempted to defend their DBA website return policy scheme. A debate was brewing over the quality of the diamond, and so Gemisis recommended that I take the stone to one of their trusted merchants in Sarasota, Florida. I complied and took the stone down to the merchant in Sarasota. The merchant took one look at the stone and said, "this is not a Gemesis stone. All Gemesis stones are laser inscribed with a unique gemesis ID and the Gemesis name. This stone has no laser inscription."

I was stunned! Not only had Gemesis misled me on the quality of the stone and the "company's" return policy, but they misrepresented the manufacturer of the stone! So I promptly called Gemesis Corp with the news. The rep in New York said she would contact Spencer & Spencer on my behalf and look into the transaction and make a determination as to whether the company was marketing the inferior stones of competitor companies from Asia with the Gemesis name. I called back to follow up many days later and the rep told me that "Spencer & Spence is no longer an authorized retailer of Gemesis Corp or its products." The Gemesis rep confirmed to me that she had indeed also been led to believe by Spencer & Spencer that the stone I had purchased was indeed manufactured by Gemesis, and she also confirmed that not until the Sarasota retailer informed me and Gemesis Corp that the stone was indeed not a real Gemesis stone did the retailer mention that the stone was actually manufactured by another manufacturer.

I am in the midst of the complaint process with Visa to dispute the charge and filed complaints with the FCC and the Better Business Bureau.

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  • Pi
      1st of May, 2011
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    Arkumi Jewelry a.k.a. are total ripoff artists. If you want to make a purchase they have NO problem taking your money but don't dare try to return it! Their system routes you to voicemail if you select the option to make a return in their phone system. They will NEVER call back so you can get a required return authorization number and after 30 days you are stuck with their junk. I had to initiate a complaint with my bank to make them take it back, all the while thru claim I never once called them and received no voice mails. Too bad for them I have phone records to prove it. When they got the charge back from the bank they called and cussed my husband out and then sent an email agreeing to take their crap back. Avoid them like the plague they are!

  • Pi
      1st of May, 2011
    0 Votes


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