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Sonam Choden Retty is the new Miss Bhutan. And, her winning the title of Miss Bhutan has exposed one of the biggest scams in Bhutan.

The Indian trainer hired to train the Miss Bhutan 2010 contestants has revealed that the beauty pageant had been fixed by Karma Tshering.

Karma Tshering is the organizer of the Miss Bhutan 2010 pageant.

The Indian trainer was treated unfairly and discriminated against because he tried hard to prove that the winners of the pageant were already decided weeks in advance.

The Indian trainer was well aware that Sonam Choden Retty was already fixed as the winner of Miss Bhutan and did not like it at all.

"She does not deserve it. She does not even know who Magic Johnson is, nor can she answer simple knowledge questions on pop culture. I had to do something. So, I openly stated 5 other contestants who I felt had the best chance at the title."

But, doing this made the poor Indian trainer run into a laundry list of problems. He was discriminated against, treated unfairly and wrongly blamed for few other things which are a complete joke.

"The pageant finals are slated for September 25th but 5 contestants out of the 18 have already been selected as the winners of the pageant" says the Indian trainer in an exclusive interview to us.

He added "I tried to inform the remaining contestants about this cheating but Karma Thsering, Sonam Choden Retty, Pema Choden, the coordinators and these 4 contestants started to realize what I was doing so I had to play it safe."

We asked the Indian trainer to reveal the names of the 5 contestants already selected as likely winners of the Miss Bhutan pageant in 2010.

He told us that the 5 names are Sonam Choden Retty, Dechen Tshomo, Karma Loday Lhamo, Tenzin Norden and Sangay Dema.

There is a complaint letter posted to us on August 30th and a complaint filed online on this website on September 19th of 2010. We delayed in posting the complaint till last week since we had to go down to Bhutan and get some of these facts right.

The Indian trainer felt that there were other contestants more deserving but when he voiced his opinion during one of his lectures he was openly insulted and ridiculed by these 5 contestants.

The finals of the 2010 pageant were held earlier today and Sonam Choden Retty was given the title on a platter. On close study of her performance we discovered that the answers to her questions and statements made on stage were made by heart.

The Indian trainer feels sad for the remaining 15 contestants who were already sidelined, and just there to fill the numbers.

It's indeed a shame to see that a national beauty pageant can be openly fixed.

The Prime Minister of Bhutan is being alerted on this serious matter as the image of Bhutan in Asia is being tarnished by Karma Tshering, Sonam Choden Retty and Pema Choden.

Shame on you Miss Bhutan 2010 and Karma Tshering...

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  • Fo
      2nd of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    @karma Tshering- you have a name for yourself-'Cheap Trash'. I hope you understand what is beauty pageant, stop being one of those people who think power is everything. Get a life. I hope missBhutanorg will kick your butt out.

    @Sonam Retty- if you knew this was happening, i believe you have never understood the true meaning of beauty.
    I wish that crown will only make you GUILTY and Self centered!

    God Bless you two

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