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The following are my opinions with some facts. I am a former employee of this company. And it is in my opinion that this has got to be the worst company in the world to work for. They care nothing about the patients and only about making money. They will trim down staff to a skeleton crew just to save money on payroll even if it means patient care is compromised. And the employees that they do have, they care nothing about. For example, just imagine half of your paycheck going towards your so-called health insurance through them to cover ones family. They change things in their benefits without informing the employees, then charge the employees more for that benefit. They flat out lie to their own employees. They are new to the imaging business and I have a feeling and hope they don't last long. They are a danger to the health care industry. They will only use doctors that they have trapped into signing on with them. Ask any doctor associated with them and they will probably tell you they in up to their heads in debt with medical edge. It's just like the article about the 22 doctors talks about. And the customer service...terrible...If you have an appointment lets say at 10am and you get their at 945, and then they get a "stat", you are pushed back in the line. Let me tell you something. There are no stat exams in MRI, if it is so stat the patient needs to be in the hospital, not an imaging center. They do this so that they don't piss off the doctor who has sent them this patient. Forget about the patient who actually made and has an appointment. Make sure and stay away from this horrible company for your imaging needs. Go to touchstone, or any other imaging center. Baylor has a new imaging center in Carrollton. Medical edge is the devil of the health industry. They have such a bad reputation that they have had to change their name to Phy-Serv. Oh one last thing. When I applied for a new job elsewhere, Medical Edge lied about my employment history, so bad to the point that it looked like I had a 3 year gap of employment, and they almost cost me my new job. They never did get my new company the correct information. Stay far far far away from them. Oh, and one day in the prestonwood center they had their office manager perform ultrasounds because the radiology manager had all of their ultrasound tech on vacation by mistake. The office manager had not performed an ultrasound exam in more then 20 years. Stay away from Medical Edge.
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A  21st of Nov, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I am a health care provider. I know several people who work for Medical Edge, including several physicans. One in particular is having a hard time with this group. This company's primary goal is making money. They could care less about their patients. He is pressured to practice medicine in ways contrary to what he knows is best for his patients. For instance, he is pressured to admit and discharge patients quickly so the company can make more money. Because he doesn't conform to their pressures, he is harassed. They accuse him falsely of the most outrageous things, including being drunk. They have picked apart his notes on patients and say he shouldn't do certain things. Then, he finds other physicians' notes who are similar to his but they don't say anything to these physicians. The point is that he faces scrutiny because he doesn't conform to their "standards."

I've also heard about other employees (non-physician) who are extremely unhappy with actions that the company forces them to take. Some have had problems with anxiety and depression as a result. Not to mention the 22 physicians who have sued the group. The group has recently changed their name as well.

I can't begin to accurately describe how CORRUPT this company is. I would advise any one who is thinking about working for this company to seriously reconsider. I am not an employee nor would I ever be. I would never let my family members be treated by this group.
A  19th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
I agree, this company is absolutley corrupted and unethical. The so called manager have zero management skills and they don't have any education or knowledge in the area that they manage. They lie and minipulate, they violate employment laws and keep getting away with it. Don't even bother going to HR, because that's where most of the curruption is. I know because I worked in the HR department. The manager get drunk during work hours at so called off site meetings, and if you don't drink " you are now an outsider",
I was treated to badly by the manager, because I wasn't part of their drinking crew. I started to suffer from anxiety and had trouble sleeping. I even filed a copliant with the EEOC against this company, when I started having chest pain in the middle of the night from the stress I had to get out of there. I went out on faith and 2 weeks I was blessed with another job.
I know its hard to find jobs these days, but trust me you are better off unemployed than working for this company. They're ship is sinking, people who work there now are trying to get out, so run run run from them.
A  9th of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
I have worked there at corporate (billing) for six years. It's true. The director (his name sounds like "Kris") treats the employees like dirt, they pay lousy, and favoritism abounds.
N  7th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
They are so corrupt. I work for a physician who is contracted with them. they lie and cheat and their so called "benefits" package costs me almost 40% of my pay, just for medical and dental. and that is only covering myself, I couldn't afford thier family plan! They have so many names...Med Edge - Medical Edge - Physerv - Rainbow Medical - Raleigh Durham Medical Group. RUN RUN RUN! They are targeting the Physicians of Western North Carolina now! DO NOT sign with them...RUN & RUN Fast...they will sink your practice!
A  10th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
I work at a doctor's office who has Medical Edge run the financial part of it. I really dislike them mainly because they are ridiculously strict about the internet. They block a ton of stuff and sites on the internet, including changing Wee Mees on Windows Live Messanger, one of our very few joys at work. They are like Big Brother in the novel, "1984" because they want 2 take control of and micromanage every aspect of the offices they run, even if the doctor who owns the office doesn't, and even have a compliance department. They are ridiculously strict. ALSO ALL THIS GREEDY, HEARTLESS COMPANY CARES ABOUT IS MAKING MONEY AND HOW BIG IT IS GROWING. They DO NOT care about their employees or good patient care. They are like a giant power crazy, money hungry bureaucracy. They also give us a lousy insurance benefit plan when they could give us a better one because they make a ton of money. The dental plan they gave us only lets us go 2 Monarch Dental, a lousy dental clinic that charges by how many procedures they do and try to do as many as possible. Also when they first took over, they tried 2 make all the employees start over as far as seniority when a lot of them have been there 5-11 years, but our awesome practice owning doctor fought for us employees, and we got 2 keep our seniority, and Medical Edge was held 2 just running financial matters. Medical Edge is part of the reason I wish to quit my job. Bottom line: Medical Edge is bad news, so stay away!
N  26th of Nov, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I Just want to add to the all of the comments that This company is the worst I have ever delt with. It's been over a year since they wrongly fired me. I was one that worked hard and gave that company my all without ever calling in sick. If your not there to goof off and do wrong then they don't want you. Firing me did me a favor since I read the lawsuit reviews and complaints on them I was glad to be gone. Their little pets can go down with them... I love to occasionaly check in to see how many more complaints they have..it just makes my day. The so called leader of HR and the office managers, leaders can wallow in their payback. I hope very Dr in the US is notified to read the complaints before signing on with that horrible company.
N  6th of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
Carl Soderstrom is one of the Main reasons behind The new Texas Health Resources.
These are some of the greedest people in the medical industry.
They have had to change there name several times because they are constantly lying to people.
You do not want to use there lab on 9229 Lbj freeway, if they would lie to you about the payscale they would definitely lie to you about a medical test for a patient.
N  12th of Jun, 2011 by    -1 Votes
RK Remodeling and Maintenance is not worth your time.I checked out Rick Ondich thoroughly This remodeling contractor has lots of complaints.(214) 402-9566 is there phone number.
N  30th of Aug, 2011 by    0 Votes
I have had one of the most horrendous employment experiences while employed by MedEdge in my life. It was so bad it affected my health and took medical leave due to it. It was not so much the company, as the physician I worked for. The physician was controlling, micromanaging, mean, hateful, degrading and demeaning at every opportunity. Blamed the new crazy ofc rules on me when patients became upset. I was in a management position and had to endure physicians wrath on a daily basis. I watched as the other staff was treated badly, was embarrassed and humiliated in front of drug reps and patients. Endured being cussed by patients at the ofc rules even I did NOT agree with but was forced to implement and carry out. After some time of it not changing, I began to make complaints to my supervisor(DOO) to no avail. After an appt with my Dr (which I had to stand my ground to get off for after the 10 notice I gave) I was diagnosed with an ulcer, stress related high blood pressure and anxiety. I made a trip to the ER during ofc hrs with anxiety chest pains, in which the physician turned me in to my DOO for having left for the afternoon without permission to be off. I left on medical leave trying to hold on to my job, with the understanding I would NOT be returning to the hostile work environment I had worked in.My DOO became aggressive to me, like she was not aware of what had been going on. They promised to try and find me a more suitable office. Well, you guessed it...I am now unemployed. I have felt like I have post traumatic stress syndrome, I have no job, and all after never having missed work, was never late and being treated like a sub-human. I feel quit betrayed and disillusioned after trying to make the best of a VERY BAD situation. It has left me with such a bad feeling, I am not sure I want to return to the medical profession that I once SO loved.
N  11th of Oct, 2012 by    0 Votes
I worked there for just over a year. The supervisors don't help you with any problems you may encounter, they will tell you to read the manual. Oh don't let me forget how do they expect you to read a manual when they have you working production like cotton pickers. I've never recieved a bonus ever they would tell you you have one mistake and you don't qualify for it.
I called them prior to applying to inform them that they were billing the the wrong insurance for a family member. I provided all the pertinent information over the phone. I started working there and after completing my 3 weeks of training I checked the account and it still was going to the wrong insurance they were billing commercial insurance instead of worker's compensation. They are such idiots, anyone knows all account's should be seperate ie, worker's comp, personal injury, and regular charts. They have everything combined which is a huge error. I took all pertinent information to the work comp dept and handed to the worker. Checked the account 3 weeks later and it still had not been changed. I in turn the following day corrected all three account's with the correct claim numbers, injury dates etc.
I was written up for this because they stated I touched a family members account. I told the idiot supervisors the money was coming to the company not me or the family member and I wrote them a rebuttle letter to state those facts. A month later they were billing United Healthcare again. I called UHC and informed them that they should request refunds from the 2 work comp cases because they were informed of this.
I noticed that alot of the physicians were treating patient for sick visits and preventive care on the same day. They were being denied because you can't bill for both on the same day. I informed the clinics of the situation and was reprimanded by the supervisors. They asked me who I thought I was and wrote me up for giving info
to the clinics which they appreciated. The pay slave wages which is just ridiculous and expect all this work from you.
I even went as far as writing the owner of the clinic and mailed several things to him that I felt were fraudulent never a response. They would bill patients for bills that were denied for untimely filing which anyone in the industry know this is a no no!

They had so much money in refunds that it was just criminal, I'm talking 5 and 6 years of money that should have been refunded to patients and insurance companies. They didn't believe in sending refunds unless the patients request it. Most of them didn't know they had refunds coming. WOOOOW
The payment posters were a joke, they billing quese were a joke. Secondary billing was next to non existent. I"M GLAD THEY WERE PURCHASED BY SOME OTHER COMPANY. I hope they got rid of all the favortism and nepotism and not to mention the sorry management teams on the billing floor..
N  17th of Oct, 2013 by    0 Votes
Yes they were purchased by another company, Texas Health Resources, and nothing has changed. THR actually put the Medical Edge management back in management positions after the buyout. Needless to say, most all the medical clinics that were once profitable are now in the red. So much so, they are closing down locations.
N  24th of Jun, 2014 by    0 Votes
The Beckham Group Obtains a jury Verdict of More Than $19.1 M

On June 2, 2014, following a five-week trial, a 12-person Dallas County jury awarded The Beckham Group’s clients, a well-known Dallas area doctor, Dr. Allen Reuben, and others, more than $19.1 million because the Defendant medical practice management company, Medical Edge Healthcare Group, breached various contractual agreements and committed fraud.
This high-stakes legal battle began several years ago as a relatively straightforward contract case. Dr. Reuben sued Medical Edge, basically, to enforce the terms of two contracts as they were written. However, Medical Edge responded by blasting Dr. Reuben’s widow, former employees, landlord, and business partners, suing them all for millions of dollars and Medical Edge’s attorneys’ fees. The message was clear: if you tangle with Medical Edge, you and your family, friends, and business associates will all be slapped with a lawsuit.
After Medical Edge escalated the lawsuit into a personal, bare-knuckled fight with millions of dollars on the line for Dr. Reuben’s family and friends, The Beckham Group doggedly fought off Medical Edge’s relentless attempts to sanction the parties and attorneys, and needlessly drive up the cost of the case. These pretrial battles took years and thousands of hours of work by the lawyers on both sides to resolve.
By the time this case got to trial, Medical Edge’s scorched-earth defense resulting in its filing over 100 claims against Dr. Reuben, his company, his widow, his former employees, his landlord, and his former business partner, and Medical Edge had racked up more than $5 million in attorneys’ fees, which it also sought to recover from Dr. Reuben.
At trial, The Beckham Group maintained that Medical Edge was bound by written contractual obligations that it failed to honor. Medical Edge claimed that the written contract had been verbally changed numerous times and that the doctor and all of the other parties Medical Edge sued had conspired to steal money and property from it, among other things.
Ultimately, the jury agreed with The Beckham Group that Medical Edge had not complied with the written contracts and awarded Dr. Reuben and The Beckham Group’s other clients more than $19.1 million in damages for Medical Edge’s breaches and fraud. The jury also rejected Medical Edge’s outlandish claims that Dr. Reuben’s widow, former employees, and business associates conspired to steal from it. In the end, Medical Edge’s strategy of out-sue, out-wait, and out-spend was no match for The Beckham Group’s results-driven advocacy.

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