Maxidor / Pathetic Customer Service

1 South Africa

In Dec 2012 I contacted Maxidor about a problem with my Gate it was basically falling apart. Arrangements were made that someone come to my house and nobody did. And no one called to reschedule. Then in Jan after leaving numerous msgs Maxidor finally sent two service guys to my house to come and have a look at the problem. All they did was look and never got back to me. After waiting about 3 weeks for a response I called Maxidor again and as per the norm nobody got back to me. I then contacted Jacqui who was the client service manager and she promised to sort out the problem. About 2 days later a guy by the name of Winston came to my house to have a look at the problem, he asked me to give him a week to sort out the paper work as the gate was still under GUARENTEE but he promised to get back to me. He never did. I called Maxidor again and got hold of Jacqui who promised to sort out my problem. No surprise she never did. I called her back in late FEB and then there was another story, apparently because my gate wasn't serviced every year the GUARENTEE WAS "VOID". WHY THE **** WASN'T THAT TOLD TO ME IN DEC? Maybe because for the last 3 months Maxidor has been looking for my paper work and can't find it anywhere. What place doesn't keep their clients on record? Apparently MAXIDOR!!! . I was then told because of the inconvenience they would give me a very special discount price to have the gate fixed. Yesterday I received a quote of R3401.21. Are these ppl for REAL!

Feb 27, 2013

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