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A Nov 17, 2017 Review updated:

I scheduled a 1 hour massage with Mike - outcall (he comes to you).
At first appearance, he is not anything like his profile pic nor physical description that he advertised. He is quite the opposite - the words "flabby", "overweight", "below average" would certainly apply.

His massage - his techniques was deplorable and pathetic.
He slaps the cheap lotion on you like you were a piece of meat.
You just want the session to end and get him out of your home!
Also he is not a licensed CMT.
Just awful!

Massage By Mike
Massage By Mike

  • Updated by Albert2017 · Nov 17, 2017

    Massage by Mike - Tampa 33615
    He does outcalls only!

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      Dec 31, 2017

    HA! I remember this guy from Tampa! He use to go by David and uses this incredibly hot topless muscled body pic (which is Not him).
    There was a DaddysReviews dot com about him back in 2015 (I copy and paste the review):

    "Well, I should have known better! This guy is a complete misrepresentation!
    He advertised multiple hot body pics (but headless) and describes himself as "Totally Fit" and "Athletic". I booked a 1 hour incall sensual massage session for $100. I arrived at his location and what opened the door was nothing like what was advertised. A complete overweight unkempt redneck hick from some rural backwood country!
    I swallowed my breath and thought, ok I'm open-minded, maybe he is good with his hands, I could really use a nice massage. His ad does say he "has the gift of hands that can simply obliterate stress, tension and aches".
    His massage was pathetic! He used way too much lotion. And cheap dollar store lotion with a pump. His cell phone kept ringing and he actually stopped to check it multiple times. The instrumental background music had commercial advertisings after every song. And instead of telling me "its time to turn over", he says "Well? aren't you going to turn over?" I was actually glad when the session was over.
    Some clients may be empathetic (and be a repeat customer) if the massage was excellent even though the masseur is less than attractive. Or if the masseur was Damn hot but the massage was just average. You need one element to compensate for the other. But if both ugliest and poor massage techniques were applied, you can forget it!"

    And Hey Look - I just checked his ad on MFinder, his phone number changed ... again!

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      Jan 07, 2018

    @TampaLive Where is the connection?
    How do you know the current Mike on MFinder with the number [protected],
    ... is the SAME individual as your attached picture ad for Dave [protected])?
    The only common denominator between the 2 is that both have headless pictures and both are in Tampa, FL.
    What's your proof?

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      Jan 13, 2018

    This guy "Dave" (now named Mike) had advertised on MasseurFinder for several years and have been using the same hot, headless muscled body pic.
    I contacted him several years ago, don't remember exactly when but I do remember boy, was I completely DISAPPOINTED when he showed up at my door!
    One would think, if you are going to use a fake headless body pic to advertise your "services", you would at least pick a picture that closely resemble your own body type and size - Dave was nowhere close!
    The first attached screenshot pic would prove the names "Dave" and "Mike" were used by the SAME person. Currently on his MFinder ad, look at the reviews - the name "Mike" was used on the 7/10/2017 review. The name "Dave" was used on 1/17/2017 review.
    The 2nd screenshot would prove the 2 headless body pictures are being used by the SAME person. Google his old phone number [protected] (this was the number posted above by Albert2017); I found a live link to myescortsreviews dot com (it was page 3 from my Google search). The link will display a 7/20/2017 ad that has the hot
    headless muscle body pic, but Albert2017's picture above shows the other less muscular body pic with the trees in the background.
    Dave/Mike had changed his fake body pictures (from the muscular to the current thinner version) sometime after July 2017.
    And look what I was able to dug up from - dated 7/5/2017. See 3rd screenshot picture.
    Its laughable and pathetic for Dave/Mike to advertise "serious gentlemen only" when he lies about his physical description.
    Dave/Mike plays the psychological risk/benefit game and gambles that the horny client will go ahead with his services when he shows up at the door - knowing fully well that the client will be fully disappointed. I guess that is why his ad on Backpage says "No explicit language!"

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      Mar 25, 2018

    As an internet sleuth wannabe, I took the time and did a deep dive and was able to find the following information about this "masseur/escort". Basically I began with a reverse picture search and was able to find multiple phone numbers used by this guy through the years, all the way back to 2014:


    And then of course, do a cached google search on each of the numbers and you would find multiple escort and escort review sites (some examples):
    daddysreviews dot com/cruise/newest/dave_tampa
    gayresumes dot com/[protected]/
    boyscort dot com/sarasota-escorts/[protected]/?pid=[protected]
    boyrentals dot com/reviews-for-[protected]/escortad557733
    bestgfereviews dot com/reviews/[protected]-escort.13667/
    myescortsreviews dot com/escorts/[protected]-escorts.5359/
    companionsreviews dot com/reviews/[protected]-review.1401354/

    I was also able to find the following 3 emails used by this guy:
    [protected]@aol dot com
    dave.[protected]@aol dot com
    [protected]@aol dot com (this is the current one being used on

    So there you have it. If an amateur like myself is able to find this info, bottomline is you really can't hide your past from the internet especially if you have been scamming and fooling people with fake info for years.

    Now for the hot muscled torso picture this guy had used for years, it looks like its from stock photos.
    I found it for sale on ebay:
    ebay dot com/itm/[protected]?rmvSB=true

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      Apr 01, 2018

    Found out the other day that Masseurfinder (and many other M4M Massage Sites) have changed their posting requirements. These changes seems to be a result of congress passing SESTA.

    The Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA) is a United States bill introduced by Senator Rob Portman. It seeks to clarify the country's sex trafficking law to make it illegal to knowingly assist, facilitate, or support sex trafficking, and amend the Section 230 safe harbors of the Communications Decency Act (which make online services immune from civil liability for the actions of their users) to exclude enforcement of federal or state sex trafficking laws from its immunity. On March 21, 2018, the SESTA-FOSTA package bill passed the Senate with a vote of 97-2, with only senators Ron Wyden and Rand Paul voting against it.

    Well poor Mike/Dave.
    He can no longer advertise fake headless pictures on muscled bodies, MF requires a face picture on their site.
    Mike/Dave is now advertising on BackPage which requires a phone number and a website link (he uses Facebook):

    Posted: Saturday, March 31, 2018 11:27 AM

    Contact: [protected]
    Poster's age: 34

    • Location: Tampa

    • Post ID: [protected] tampa

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      Apr 01, 2018

    Here are those 3 Backpage pictures he posted and the ad description of his services:

    Experience my sublime combination of skillful
    Hot Swedish deep tissue body rubs
    Refreshed relaxed satisfied
    I am smart and sexy with strong hands
    An open mind and good energy
    You will relax
    Session done with very special touch which is strong
    Varying pressures always
    Personal to the man on the table
    Genuinely nurturing
    Travel only
    Serious people
    See you soon! [protected])


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