Macy D. Hanson Lawyerwomanizer and liar

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Macy D. Hanson is a big fat liar. I had met with him about working together on a case and he made multiple sexual remarks to me about my looks and was more interested in hitting on me and trying to sleep with me then help me with a case.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Madison, AL This seems to be common with married creeps like attorney Macy Hanson. Maybe his wife isn't being too kind to him or something that causes him to hit on his potential clients instead of helping them with their case.

Is it possible thats his m.o. to just be a womanizer and a liar to try to sleep with females. Where are the ethics with lawyers these days?

Macy D. Hanson Lawyer

Nov 26, 2018
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  • Ma
      Nov 26, 2018

    I am giving you 72 hour to deleted this post or I will sue you for libel. None of these statements are true. You have 72 hours to remove these false statements against me before I take legal action.

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  • Ma
      Nov 26, 2018

    Also you have 24 hours to remove my photo from this website, and if it is not removed I will be taking legal action.

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  •   Nov 26, 2018

    Contact the website owner. Request the IP of the poster and give them 24 hours. As an attorney you know that posting online for a takedown request isn’t proof the recipient saw it. You need to send an overnight letter to the site admin as well as the poster if you can find him or her.

    As far as legal action for the photo, that’s copyright infringement.

    What’s your speciality? Your post has errors and any attorney knows that typos are cause for dismissal of charges. Legal statements, forms or threats must have perfect typing.

    If you threaten legal action, it might be wise to state what charges could be filed. Most people aren’t aware that posting a photo without permission is copyright infringement.

    If this woman’s claims aren’t true, think back to recent female clients. Anyone you flirted with or made comments to? Search engines are actively scanning websites, so you may already be listed. Google responds but it’s a long process. May be months before your alleged cheating is exposed.

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  •   Nov 26, 2018

    You’re number three on Google already. First two are your website. Now every search engine will scan Google and you’ll be listed all over the world as a womanizer and liar.

    And that’s the problem with fake posts, they spread quickly.

    Good luck in getting them removed. Remember to find the smaller search engines. Message me if you need help. To be real, this [censored] can affect personal and business life. Legal action for false statements in public forums is foreseeable

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