M Models and Talent Agency in TorontoRipoff, huge scam and dissapointment

Re Nov 06, 2015 Toronto, ON

I was looking for a model agency and I came across M Models and talent agency in Toronto. DO NOT invest your money on them! Especially if you're a student! I paid $500 something because they told me I needed a lot of comp cards. The photographer was a good person but this company can recruit anyone and fill your head with nonsense only to rip money off you. I USED to get emails from them about auditions they "put me on" but NOTHING!!! i HAVEN'T EVEN HAD ONE AUDITION OR CALL from them! Once you get an interview, IGNORE IT!! Don't believe in anyone's nonsense. THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND TRUST ME, you will REGRET the day you stepped foot there.

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