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SCAM ALERT! Loving Donation owned by Deana DeGroot is the opposite of the word 'loving.' She claims to be a nurse and has a homepage that expands on her great concern for indented recipients' welfare. However, she and her company are a fraud and will take advantage of those that are most vulnerable. My husband and I have been through a great deal of loss, pain, and emotional turmoil due to infertility issues. Our last hope before adoption was to try donor eggs. We found a donor on Deana's website and initially approached the agency with some caution due to a couple negative reports we found on the internet. However, our judgment was clouded by emotion as the donor found we thought was "the one" as well as reassurance from her staff that everything was legit. We signed a contract and sent the money in advance as required (a little over $20K). This was money we had saved over several years and is ALL WE HAD. We were reassured, that if the donor didn't work out, our money (all of it) except for the non-refundable agency fee would be returned. The donor didn't work out and the cycle was cancelled before any expenses were incurred. We were told by Deana our money would be refunded immediately since the cycle hadn't even started. We haven't heard from Deana or her staff since the day the cycle was cancelled. They still have all our money and will not return calls, emails, or texts. Was the donor she posted even a real person? We'll never know. We can only assume, based on our experience, that everything on her website or anything she claims is fictitious. She had previously claimed to have an ill family member, then she was reportedly ill. However, even if it is the worst case scenario with you or your family members, who runs a business like this without having a back up plan???? She claims to be a nurse and takes advantage of patients. This in unethical in every sense of the word, both personally and professionally. Who does this? Someone that lies and steals others' money over the internet is no different than if she would've broken into our house and stole our money. It would've been just as traumatic. As a result of Deana stealing from us, we now have no money and are unable to move forward with our plans for a family at this time. It has caused an unbelievable amount of stress. We don't make much money and we simply don't have another $20K just laying around. Deana deserves to be put behind bars for her crimes just like any other thief/ criminal. If you are considering egg donation, I implore you to look elsewhere. I am so sad for our situation and the loss we've endured, and would never want another couple to go through this. Good luck with your search and hope this information is helpful.

Feb 5, 2015

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