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lockworks dental group / Verbally abusive if your teeth arent perfect.He takes it personal if you have dental issues. He gets mad when he cant&save& a tooth!

1 Lockworks squareBranford, CT, United States Review updated:

I had seen Dr. Sotero, {the only dentist in the "group"} of and on for over 10 years. When I first met him, I was in my early twenties, my teeth were beginning to give mw problems, I needed route canals, I only went to him when i needed someone who i knew would be a perfectionist.{Like my front tooth for instance and a lower side tooth a few years earlier.I figured I would put up with his abuse and atleast, he WOULD do nice work. He startedd making comments like, "what have you been doing?only brushing the fronts of your teeth?- Annoying, but not too bad, even when he would slam the tools down when he would decide the tooth couldnt be saved. Nothing can compare to last month, My FRONT tooth that he had route canaled two years ago all of a sudden literally fell out of my mouth! That freaked me out! unfortunatly, I have had failed route canals before, they would chissel down over time, without any warning it just fell OUT.I came in immediatly to see him and he was ANGRY I had since been told I have had No vitamin D in me for years and one of my asthma meds also cause dental problems.Well, he refused to do an implant or bridge, I suggested atleast one of the temporary things that people were when they get teeth knocked out..a flipper? or Flapper? He almost WOULDNT do that, he said I should just go pull out all remaining front teeth and get a whole denture. well I managed to have him make me the flapper tooth which..ofcourse, looks great, but he said to me, "its the end of the line for you, the end of the road, I cant do anything for you an implant?so you can have one perfect tooth? and the flapper? youll just need to throw it in the garbage in a year!..Well I said my peace, you know how I feel, you really need to think about this your postponing the enevitable and just farting around, its stupid to do this, but I will." So, he would as a dentist been just fine to send me, { a 35 year old female who thankgod only looks 25} who up until now had a very nice and straight smile, {I had problems with needing route canals on the back teeth, but other dentists would comment on my smile, }h.ome without a front tooth!! and he knew I didnt have 2200$ plus extractions to do dentures, so, I guesse I was going to have no front tooth for a long time if up to him! He has no bedside manner and well i waited over amonth and I just saw a new dentist at Landmatk dental who has started partials in the back and route canaling a few fronts. According to Dr. Sotero, "there isnt enough tea in china to fix this" he said. Also, "You could come in here with fist fulls of hundred dollar bills and I wouldnt give you an implant on that tooth since your other teeth will just end up like this in time anyway!"-I guesse this is why WE GET SECOND OPINIONS!!-If you have no cavities your okay, but if you are just born with teeth that always have problems, unless you want to be abused, stay away from him.

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  • Ke
      1st of Dec, 2010
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    sounds like a good dentist to me. He doesn't want you wasting your money if your teeth can't be saved...I've had horrible experiences with dentists in the past, I come from the same kind of history as far as my health AND teeth are concerned...lots of work done and lots of money went to waste because as I grew older, so did the strength of my teeth. It does sound awful but my teeth actually could not be saved! I tried canals and implants, etc. but the bone loss continued and I watched my money disappear. :-( I wish I had somebody telling me what would be beneficial to my mouth for ME back then so that all i would have had to do was spend one lump sum of $$ and get it done at once rather than paying constant visits to multiple dentists and continuing to dish out more cash over the years. I don't mean to argue with you or add fuel to your fire by any means, and I certainly don't intend on continuing some kind of drawn out debate with you; I just felt like putting in my two cents...thank you for the oppurtunity and it was a pleasure sharing these kinds of "horror" stories with each other.
    take care and best of luck :-)

  • Er
      8th of Dec, 2010
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    Wow, Dr. Sotero has been my dentist forever and I think he is the best! Everyone in his office is always friendly and I have never had a bad experience there. He has done so much work on my teeth and never complained. Why would he? That's how he makes a living. I feel as if there might be more to the story then what you are giving... My teeth are perfect under his care and were not so perfect prior to having him as my dentist. I recommend him to everyone that needs a dentist.
    My whole family goes to Dr. Sotero and I can promise no one has ever complained!

  • Sc
      12th of Jun, 2014
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    I recently have had problems with this same dentist.
    I always seem to leave in much more pain then
    where I started.
    The staff is amazing and he has been very kind but
    I'm not doing any better with him than with any of my past experiences unfortunately.

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