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LimeWire / Want to cancel, cannot contact

United States Review updated:
I would just like to say that i cannot access the website at all to cancel online nor can i call because there isn't a number for this service. I don't know how i was offered the service but i too was charged before i knew it and that's why i want to cancel. Why have the service if you cannot use it. There should be a way to atleast cancel if you don't want the service and get your money back. So my question is who do you call or contact and how? Please tell me. The link they ask you to use doesn't work and i just do not want to be charged again.

It's really f...d up you know!!!


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  16th of May, 2007
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LimeWire - Unauthorized money taken from my account
United Kingdom

we went onto LimeWire website on sunday 13 may to download music we clicked on to pay 1 pound 66 pence we paid this amount using my visa debit card since checking with my bank a payment of 34 pounds and 1 pence was taken out of my account also at the same time a payment for 34 pounds and 76 pence was also debited from my account sunday evening going to your selfs both being unauthorized payments i did not give my permission. Beware!
  6th of Jun, 2007
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LimeWire - Company did not supply goods
United Kingdom

I have been billed by a company called csdetails.com for the sum of £59.49 to enable me to download music from a firm calling themselves limewire however I have received an e mail from the official limewire company saying that they do not charge such an amount and that I should telephone this company however i do not have a number to call I have tried to call the number on my bill but there does not seem to be an dialing tonne from this number.
  23rd of Jul, 2007
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LimeWire - I got ripped off
United States

I went to sign up for limewire and instead got another program called 360 pro share. I paid a little over $2.00 /mo to get coverage and what did I get? A charge of over $60.00 from a site called downloadhome.com. Word of advice: Be careful what you ask for. Do your research on the company to find complaints, research their customer care services and if you can reach them, because I sure didn't get much service results. I figured out it was all just a big SCAM.
  3rd of Sep, 2007
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LimeWire - Unable to access service
United States

Just sign up for Limewire free down load service. Unable to access the service once it was down loaded. I wish to cancel the service. There is no way access the account manger to to cancel this service in which I'm very displease with. How can I go about with this cancellation.
  12th of Dec, 2007
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LimeWire - I paid for lime wire and connot seem to re-install
United States
Phone: 321-615-4133

I have previously reconfigured my computer system and cannot seem to get my limewire back without paying for it again my password is j7leon please find a way to do this so I can have my limewire music please
  23rd of Jan, 2008
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I authorized a $26 withdrawal instead they took out $47 I feel I have been ripped off.
  23rd of Feb, 2008
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Sorry i complained that my limewire will not activate.tou downloaded me the icon again, but because there is added things to do the wizard fid nort wor.

Yours faithfully


  6th of Mar, 2008
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Because I put the address for Limewire.com in the search engine instead of the address bar, a list of websites came up from which to select. At the time, I wasn't aware that there were all of these sites unrelated to Limewire that are basically copying an ad for Limewire (and other legitimate sites) so that the buyer feels they are actually on the Limewire site. I unknowingly ended up on a web page called Limewiresoftware.org. They charged $49.95 for what I thought was a "lifetime membership" (I did not know the real Limewire does not sell lifetime memberships) to Limewire Pro. At one point, there was a "special price" of $26.95 blinking, with a time clock showing how long the customer had left to take advantage of same. Like an *ss, I paid with my Visa (which I have now cancelled). The transaction was made through Clikbank. After I paid, a pop-up came up that said "If you paid for Limewire Pro you have been scammed". I e-mailed Limewire (the real one) and copied the web address, asking them if I had been taken. Yes, they replied, they do not sell but one version of Limewire Pro, and the basic is free. Apparently, this organization, "download society" charges a person for directing you to sites where you can buy what you can get for free, with some kind of text support. Clikbank has said they would refund my money but denied that there was anything nepharious about the web site.
  16th of May, 2008
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Damn freaking Limewire... tells me I gotta upgrade for security purposes... and when I do.. I have nothing but problems... and ended up deleting my older version... only to loose ALL my music.. and when I then next attempted to download the newer version... it does not connect. WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP... and worse... there is no way to find these idiots and/or complain or get HELP... SERVICE... ASSISTANCE...!!! What a gigantic screw up these monkeys have created !!! I will tell everyone I know or can find... to NEVER trust these hidden goof-balls.
  21st of May, 2008
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dear sir. i wrote to you yesterday about someone fraudulemtly takeing my money and not coming up withthe goods
today i have paid again to limewire and a gain i can not get any joy.just what is going on .
i am a pensioner so i can afford to keep throwing money away.it is the one pleasure i have left.
please reply to me .
yours faithfully
mrs maelene blythe
  25th of Jul, 2008
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Ever sinse I have downloaded limewire 4.18.3 it wont let me down load nothing I try to click on the song that I want to doenload and it keeps saying needs more sourses for every song that I try to download it has not worked ever sinse i downloaded the program even if i try to download a video or a picture it still continues to say needs more sourses that is for every thing that I try to download I dont know why is there something that I can do about this situation . oh and please do not send your advertisements to mail box please and thank you
  26th of Aug, 2008
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I ordered limewire unlimited music & movie downloads they give me fake username and password. so they didnt give me the service every time i tried to get on it wanted me to purchase it again.i would like to cancel order because my bank says it dont post until tomorrow.
  16th of Apr, 2009
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I recently purchased limewire pro and when I try to update it crashed and my application is not working. When I try to logon to the support page for help, I it tells me my e-mail is not correct and try several times and I can not logon to support!.. Searched limewire web for a phone number to connect support none provided or customer service. I never recieve a e-mail confirmation for the purchase and now I have no way contacting limewire without any bill or confirmation... Does any one have the phone number to support or customer service?.. Thank you in advance..
  11th of Jun, 2009
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What do we do? How can we cancel?
So effing annoying!
How they they blatantly steal from people and not be penalized?
There are complaints ALL over the net, yet no resolution...
  8th of Dec, 2009
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LimeWire - Material Downloaded
United States

What a problem. Even if you are just downloading unlicensed products, you never know what your going to get. You think your downloading one thing and you get something totally unexpected. And usually junk or spam or worse. Tried it a few times, staying away at this point. I just dont feel safe. I dont want to end up with a PC virus, spyware or something illegal on my PC.
  15th of Dec, 2009
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has anyone seen that there is images on lime wire of children being exploited, how do you go about reporting this this as its disgusting and not to mention illegal.
  1st of Mar, 2010
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i would like to cancel as well but, cannot figure out how. please help, i do not think this is very cool.
  11th of Jul, 2010
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I just wasted 4 [censor]ing hours downloading Armageddon and all I got was the [censor]ing soundtrack your site is a sham if it isn't the whole movie in it's entirety then it shouldn't be their.

signed pissed off.
  10th of Feb, 2011
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LimeWire - cant log in
384 N 18TH ST
San Jose
United States
Phone: 408-690-7012

i got a membership for 1 year on feb6 2011 and i cant log in with the password the program gave me . i was really looking foward to using this program and now im disapointed. is this what you guys do scam people for there money. nice. please get back to me with a new password or my money. thank you
  10th of Feb, 2011
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So... You signed up for a website to allow you to steal... And they ripped you off! What a

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