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I had a horrible experience as well - and I suspect I dealt with the same rude douche you did. I couldn't believe what was happening...I had never really been treated that way before. I won't claim I didn't violate their terms and conditions - it is possible I did...but as I said to the customer service rep...who reads the fine print??

In my case I had posted a photo ID of myself on my profile. My profile contained my actual name and I was a Premium paying member of the site. The picture of my photo ID wasn't meant to offend anyone it was just me being open. Ironically I read here about Lifeout calling people with multiple accounts, fake and scammers...well I was being as open as you could be...I wasn't posting banking information and my phone number and address weren't posted or readable. But anyway I logged into my account one day to find ALL my pictures delete - like ALL the whole folder...I was dumbfounded as I had 70 or 80 pictures in there but figured somehow I must've stupidly deleted the I uploaded everything again.

In another day or two I get an email from CCBill saying your Premium membership is expired/cancelled, tried to log in thinking I needed to renew and my Lifeout account was gone...deleted. So I politely contacted the help center and then the rude exchange began...basically they terminated my account because of the photo ID had posted of MYSELF...which is fine...maybe it somehow breaks the terms and conditions of the site...not really sure...but regardless I was given no email nothing at all...on the site or to my personal email account - they just chose to delete my account and cancel my Premium service. Despite what the rep said I was not given a refund for any balance I had. Anyway...he said because I continued to post this picture that violated their terms they took action to protect themselves and deleted my account. As I said without any warning how could I have known Lifeout themselves deleted all my pictures?? I simply uploaded them again thinking it was my fault. Maybe it was for not reading the fine print.

But all that is borderline irrelevant because it was the rude exchange from the customer service rep that went beyond any rational normalcy. My last email was belligerent and I basically told him or her to [censored] themselves because they embodied the worse in customer service I had ever seen or heard of. But here is the basic exchange between us up to that point:

>>> MESSAGE: Why has my account been cancelled?? Was there an issue or something I did or posted?? I can't log in and it says it has been cancelled or suspended. My last login I froze my account but did not 'cancel' it...can you let me know what happened...I received no email from Lifeout about cancellation but I do see an email from please let me know what happened or is going on. Thanks – Blair

>> From: [protected]
>> Sent: April 10, 2016 8:53 AM
>> To: [protected]@
>> Subject: Re: Support Form [[protected]]
>> Perpetually reposting images that violate our policies, including
>> drivers licenses, etc.
>> Support

> On 04/10/2016 09:34 AM, Blair wrote:
>> Sorry did not know.
>> Who reads the fine print.
>> Never once was I given any kind of warning or your answer is to simply delete my account???
>> That in no way seems fair...flag my post and warn me and then I can delete it or one of your administrators can delete it...your approach seems considerably more unfair.
>> I recall logging in one day and finding ALL of my images deleted which surprised me because I knew I hadn't deleted them and I was confused and then reloaded or uploaded my images again only to have this happen...
>> But again there was no warning either on the site or in email by the lifeout team.
>> Considering I was a paying member of your site that is NOT the proper way to handle the situation.
>> I only find out by emailing your help center.
>> Is that fair??
>> Is that customer service???
>> Not at all.
>> Epic fail by the lifeout team.
>> I enjoyed your site and service but this outcome is unfair and was handled incorrectly by your support team.
>> Please advise.
>> -Blair

> From: [protected]
> Sent: April 10, 2016 11:06 AM
> To: Blair
> Subject: Re: Support Form [[protected]]
> Everyone should read the fine print, and even if not, you should follow
> common sense. Posting content such as drivers licenses is not common
> sense. Your Premium payment has been refunded in full.
> Support

On 04/10/2016 07:30 PM, Blair wrote:
> I would suspect 99.9% of the people using lifeout have never read the 'fine print'...I am not saying you shouldn't but most wouldn't and even then you may not recall it all verbatim, etc.
> Or realize you've stepped on a lifeout Admin's toes.
> That's why a 'warning' for content issues is NORMAL and would be 'common-sense' as you put it.
> But it is irrelevant...what you think is common-sense and what I think is common-sense don't have to mesh...the drivers license was my own so who exactly am I offending???
> You??? Other lifeout members??
> If so that makes no sense...the level of exposure I submit to the online community should be my own choice...but I am always happy to follow rules and guidelines but was simply unaware that this content of mine was deemed unworthy of a post on my profile and a simple warning by email or inbox on the site would have saved a paying customer and site member from this debacle.
> Regardless of whether I did something that didn't jive with your 'policy' I should have been treated with a little more respect and common courtesy that any normal rational thinking company would/should provide.
> In this particular area Lifeout failed miserably.
> The email I received from my CCBill account mentioned an additional $13.40 charge I haven't looked into this yet...but I better have not had my membership wrongfully cancelled, my profile deleted and then ended up with some sur-charge from lifeout or CCBill.
> I am very disappointed how this manner was handled and do NOT think I was treated fairly by lifeout.
> But it seems you have a 'Hitler' like attitude and show no leniency for mistakes and no professionalism for handling the aftermath.
> For a site that supports the 'Gay' community this is very depressing and uncalled for.
> -Blair

From: [protected]
Sent: April 10, 2016 9:24 PM
To: Blair
Subject: Re: Support Form [[protected]]

It's great to know what you think. We disagree.

It's our responsibility to reduce the liability of blatantly stupid
actions by members of the website, both liability for us and liability
for our members.

It is clear that you want to "expose" yourself online in a blatantly
stupid manner (yes, stupid), to which we will not permit. As such, your
account has been terminated and you banned from the site. We do this
because we will have no part in whatever you are trying to do regardless
of the reasoning behind it, however innocent you may feel it is.

Either way, your account has been removed, and your Premium payment
refunded in full. No further discussion will be entertained because,
quite frankly, it's obvious we will never agree on these (or any other)
points. Support

Again from what I can see I was not treated fairly or with any type of respect from this particular Lifeout rep or employee...sarcastic, ignorant and blatantly aggressive and rude. Whomever they are they need to be fired. And by the looks of the posts on this thread either this rep or the lifeout team themselves have some serious customer service issues. I am also pretty sure I was billed additional money and no refund was sent my way. For the small dollar amount I am not sure it is worth my time to argue with idiots like this.

But I would NEVER recommend their site or product after my experience and hope that people reading this avoid the lifeout brand as well.

Thanks - Blair

Apr 14, 2016

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