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Lia Sophia


Fraud and scam

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Lia Sophia
Durham, North Carolina
United States
Phone: 1-800-959-3324
I received a ring for my birthday. I of course did not have receive. I found out who sold it and tried for weeks to get her to confirm purchase. She never answered my requests and then told Lia Sophia she could not fine. I have a ring with coating coming off - look awful.

PLEASE - do not buy their product - they don't hold up! and they charge way too much from what I can tell for a terrible product. Their customer service 800-959-3324,
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N  1st of Jul, 2009 by    0 Votes
I am not an adviser, just a consumer. I learned about Lia Sophia last Winter and I have been to a party nearly every month. I also hosted a party last month. The jewelry is really good quality, you can tell by the weight, you compare a lia sophia bracelet or necklace to a claires item and the Lia Sophia will weigh 10x more. I have only had one problem with the jewelry, and I happily returned it, no problems, no one is perfect and I understand that. The advisers have been more than helpful and I have called Lia Sophia customer service twice and both times they were more than helpful. I love the jewelry, love the company, don't let a few pessimists scare you away! You can get really great deals in Dec and July before the new catalog comes out, so if you are weary but at this time, you get most items half off!
A  9th of Jul, 2009 by    -2 Votes
I agree that Lia Sophia is over priced and that some pieces hold up better than others.

This is the reason I joined Just Jewelry (itsjustjewelry.com) The prices are very reasonable at $10-$32. All the pricing is flat rates. For example all of the earrings are priced at $10. That's another thing I love about JJ I never have to think overly hard when asked about a piece I'm wearing and I feel confident enough about the product to offer to order a piece right on the spot. While the corporation only offers a 90 day guarantee, I take care of my customers and will replace items after that date.

If you'd like more info on Just Jewelry or would like me to send you a catalog email me at kmurphy@itsjustjewelry.com
D  14th of Jul, 2009 by    0 Votes
Your fingers can turn green with ANY gold jewelry if you're anemic. So I agree with posters that say it doesn't matter how much you spend for something, or where you purchase it from, it MAY turn your fingers, wrist, neck, etc, green if you have low blood iron. Don't believe me? Check out webmd.com. It'll explain everything! That's actually a good indicator that you're not getting enough iron in your diet. My wedding band (yes, from a real jeweler!) has even turned my fingers green before...SO GET OVER IT! And SHUT UP. Stop acting like you've been totally wronged by this company!
A  17th of Jul, 2009 by    -1 Votes
I just attended my first (and last) party and it was so awful I left before it was over. This stuff is WAY ugly, big tacky gaudy pieces that look like something your grandmother would wear. Not just in the catologe either, they had a bunch of stuff on display, its very cheap looking. And WAY WAY overpriced! $235 for "cut crystal" (aka glass) stones set in silver plate? Hello I could go to a real jewelry store and get something much nicer for that price.
And don't get me started on the rep. This chick was brain washed and was trying to brainwash me. When I said I really didn't like the product and made my excuses to the hostess she actually got in my face and demanded to know WHY I didn't like her product. She had the nerve to try and get me to have a party and buy a kit for "only" $179.00! She reminded me of the old school Mary Kay reps, very pushy and demanding and pretty much trying to bully you into buying. That's when I got a little ###, flashed my $30, 000 engagement ring and told her I don't do cheap jewlery LOL. I'm not usually like that but she had it coming!
I'm gonna say a dirty word now, Avon. That's the best place to buy costume jewlery. They too have a life time warranty, but unlike Lia Sophia you don't need receipts or have to pay postage or "handling fees" ever. If they make (or made) it and it breaks they replace it or give you credit no questions asked. The quality is as good, if not better than Lia Sophia and it's like 1/4th the price.
From the 90 minutes I spent dealing with this company I came away with a really bad taste in my mouth, and I fully believe the negative posts on this blog. As for the others? They part of the brainwashed Lia Sophia cult. It's very very common, though illegal, for companies such as this to post false positive reviews or rip apart negative posts. It's been in the news lately New York State just busted a bunch of companies. Judge for yourself of course, but my advise is stay far, far away!
D  24th of Jul, 2009 by    0 Votes
There is a return policy and it is free before 120 days. Yes there is a fee after that but by that time you have owned it for at least 4 months plus if you buy the same thing at JCPenny you would not be able to get a replacement if the same thing happened. You would have to buy it again.

I have been to one party and hosted one myself. The quality is great. Yes, the prices are high but that is why you take advantage of the discounts. I am considering selling it. I am concerned about being about to continue for a long time with "saturating" the market. My rep said that I do not have to pay to start up but the website says you do so I need to do research on that. It seems if you sign up in person with a rep or advisor then you you don't pay the start up costs.

Some people complained about everything being shoved down their throat. It must have been the rep because I have seen two different people present the company and jewelry and there was no pressure and no complaints if you did not like the jewelry or did not have the money to buy something.

I had a lot of fun and so did the people I spoke with that came to the party.

By the way I checked out itsjustjewelry.com and it looks like plastic and smashed metal.
A  27th of Jul, 2009 by    -1 Votes
I just had a Lia Sophia party and was told as a Hostess I got 20% of my orders in "Free" jewelry.
What they don't tell you is even if you have $300 in "Free Jewelry" you still have to pay tax and shipping on it!
Who ever heard of paying tax on free stuff!!! They should warn the Hostesses about the hidden fees
N  29th of Jul, 2009 by    0 Votes
To everyone who is complaining about the quality of the jewelery... do you understand that it is Costume Jewelery. I personally bought a $1, 200 ring at tiffanys it is white gold. Since buying it about 3 years ago i have had to take it back to tiffanys at least 4 times to replace the rhodium that covers the white gold. Jewelry is METAL. You all need to understand that metal bends, wears, and has the possibility for chemical reaction with your body, hence green fingers. You should judge jewelery based on how the stones are set, are they placed perfectly & snug! Thats whats important- everything else is a simple fix, especially when the company guarentees their jewelry. Tiffanys guarentees their stuff, and so does lia sofia- thats how you judge a company
A  3rd of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
I hosted a party a week ago, and my advisor was pushing for me to close my party asap because of the change in the month or whatever, I was so upset that the party pays you not the company directly. I had to charge the whole party to my card and take checks form all the people attending the party! I was pissed off because being a college student im pretty much broke as is and then charging an entire party to my card? You should pay the company directly...makes more since! And then having to sell $250 to get your "bonus" gifts.. yea so much for bonus because i still paid all shipping and taxes! Free Jewlery is their way of making you pay more! So annoyed with this company!!!
A  7th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
The Lia Sophia Company is a joke. Most advisors are just trying to screw you over if you sign up. Don't trust this company and don't sign up to become an advisor, they don't return you calls, and when they do, they aren't nice. They don't keep up with their return policy or lifetime guarantee. Just stay away.
D  11th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
I totally disagree with the negative comments...lia sophia is NOT a scam!!! Some of you people crack me up thinking that any other store would return a product without a receipt?? Or that if you got items 1/2 off or at a discount that you still wouldnt have to pay tax?? um hello! When have you ever gone to a store and not paid tax?? So what is the difference if you go to a show and order? There isnt!! As a past hostess, I know the benefits of hosting a show and how much stuff you truly do get free. And when I became an advisor 2 months ago, I now realize the benefits of working for this great company. I am in NO WAY "brainwashed" geez people...pathedic! I have made more than enough to cover all my expenses that I paid to get started! I love it, great company, great jewelry! Dont let one bad experience make up your mind about the entire company.
A  24th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
I am currently an adivsor for Lia Sophia, and I am about to quit, because the jewelry sucks! And a lot of my friends who have been pushasing the jewelry has had to return it because its crappy. And they don't give you your money back cause there a cheap company who likes to screw people over. They give you a jewelry credit, and that my friend you have to still pay taxing and shipping for. It's pretty bad. If anyone was thinking about joining, PLEASE DO NOT! I'm saving your time and trouble. Lia Sophia sucks! Lower your prices, make it fair for everyone! Your save plan sucks, and the life time replacement garentee isnt real. You still have to pay to send it back!
D  29th of Aug, 2009 by    +2 Votes
I have LOTS of Lia Sophia Jewelry, had several parties and sold lots of jewlery to my friends. I had a problem with one piece, which I believe the advisor gave me her display piece because it had the price tag on it still, this particular piece tarnished immediately. They exchanged it for me. No problem. The advisors are awesome, friendly and knowledgeable. The jewelry is not terribly expensive, sure you can buy "costume" jewelry anywhere, but they wont replace it, or even offer any kind of guarantee on the pieces. I normally dont post to boards, but I think its incredible how incensed some people get over something like this. Simple answer, dont buy it again. It is not necessary to ruin the company's reputation over one ring. I would not say that 1 experience is reason to go on a witch hunt. Try another company, Silpada is awesome and they have a warranty too...
N  29th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
I am sorry. For your troubles, I am authorizing a shipment of gold to your residence.
D  11th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
I work with a Lia Sophia advisor (she only does it part time for some extra cash) and for months she kept giving me the catalogs to look through. I just browsed through it but never saw anything that caught my eye, except a pearl necklace/earring set. Since i am a full time student and only work part time, there was no way i could afford to spend the money on it. After i want to say, about 5 months of her giving me catalogs...i mentioned that i would love to buy something but was too broke. She offered to buy me the set. When i asked her why, she said "Just wear it around...and if anyone compliments you on it, just tell them where you got it and to check it out." So she bought me the set (about $100 worth) and i loved it! I wore it a few times...and my sister and my mom both loved it. It was very delicate looking and classy. I thought it was sucha nice gesture, that i hosted a party as sort of a "thank you." I invited my friends and family...and only 5 of my family members showed up...none of my friends. (They literally were all on vacation.) i was so upset because i have never hosted any of these kinds of parties (like tupperware or candle parties) and was really embarresed. But my one Aunt loves jewelry and ordered a ton. My advisor kept the order open until the end of the month (an extra 3 weeks) so that i could try and get more orders in. (Everyones jewelry took longer to come in obviously) but i got another coworker to buy something under my order, the cleaning lady at my work, some friends ordered from me straight from the catalog and when all was said and done, i sold over double the typical party sales. Somewhere around $1575. So i got $500 something in free jewelry. Omg! i fell in love with the jewelry in person! All those times i flipped through i passed up 90% of the things i ended up getting. The pictures def dont do it justice. I convinced my sister to have a party and she did the same thing. "im only having this party because you want me to...i just want the one necklace i saw and you can have the rest of my free jewelry." I was like "OK!!!" Needless to say, she had her party August 24th...and sold again, over the norm. ($1200 or so) and she saw how much free jewelry she could get and it was over...she fell in love with it just like i did. I did not get a dollar of her free jewelry!!! and im going to tell you, my sister owns literally everything Tiffanys sells. She is obsessed with tiffanys and buys something any time she has a bad day. So for her to buy anything different, is shocking. Between my sister and i, we recieved over 60 pieces...and it was definetely worth it. I spent a lot preparing forthe party with drinks and food and everything, and was really upset when none of my guests showed up to eat it...but i still made out like a bandit. The sales are awesome and if you think the jewelry is too expensive...host a party! im having another one in November just to get all the really expensice necklaces i want for the hostess price! I have about 5 or 6 rings and ended up exchanging one for a different item because i changed my mind about it, and another one turned my finger green, but im too in love with it to return it. Its the only one though...the other rings are fine. I think it was simply because i wore it to my weekend job cocktail waitressing and it got wet from serving all the drinks. I recommend to take off the rings before you wash youre hands, but the jewelry really is awesome. I compare it to Express' costume jewelry which i have cringed at buying lately because it is so expensive, but if you like it you like it. The difference is, if my express silver long necklace tarnishes or breaks...im pretty much on my own. If any of my Lia Sophia pieces break from now until forever...they replace it! i keep my white reciepts in my jewelry armoir so i always know where they are. My advisor mad a lot of money off my sister and i, and will be making a lot more soon...all because she bought me a set. She just gave me a few pieces that i loved in her "retired jewelry" (a ring and a necklace) on top of everything else. Lia Sophis is COSTUME JEWELRY...make no mistake about that...but it is high quality costume jewelry. I love it, am obsessed with it now...and will keep having parties and getting my friends to have parties until i own every single piece i love. (which is a whole lot.) My advisor is very generous, not pushy at all and is soooo...helpful. She is good at working the system and will find a way for you to get the most jewelry possible for the least amount. If you had a bad experience, and live within the Chicago area...try having a party with her...or come to mine! A bad, pushy advisor will definetely ruin the experience and i am so happy that i actually broke down and had a party. I bought stuff i never thought id like...but once you try them on they look so different. there were pieces i loved, but tried tem on and they looked bad on me. It all depends on the person. Have a party, try it on, play! I cant stress that enough! If you want to try the jewelry through Tricia...trust me, she's awesome and will make your experience fun and stress free. You might even score some free jewelry from her! Let me know!!! Sorry it was so long, but i was not interested for a long time...and now im forming my work outfits AROUND my jewelry!!!
D  15th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
I am an Advisor and this is the second time I have been an Advisor for lia sophia...I have sold everything...pampered chef, home and garden party, butterfly and avon, I chose to go back to lia sophia after being ill because unlike what the lazy not so good at selling person said earlier..it DOES sell itself...I am not pushy or brainwashed..I am giving people an opportunity to get everything they want at an extremely reduced price...I never say its completely free...but the average hostess gets anywhere from $400-$800 in jewelry for @ $100. I don't know about you but I have never seen this sale at Target or Walmart..and the Hostess doesn't have to leave her house, plus its fun to get together with friends. Of course the hostess needs to do her part and make sure she has the orders, that"s how all home parties are, NOTHING is free except welfare!! As for rings turning your finger green..this has been properly addressed by others, so all I have to say is the people that are bashing lis sophia for this reason are truly showing how intelligent they are, WHY would any one with half a brain listen to uneducated opinions. Yes there are bad advisors out there..but for every bad there are 10 good...I just ordered 2 pieces for someone I don't even know, who's party I didn't do..she had a bad advisor, but she now knows it was that advisor, not all advisors, or lia sophia. I just happened to comment on the jewelry she was wearing(lia sophia) and she told me what happened. It was good business as it would be for advisor. It is usually the advisors who got the kit for free ( that is not lia policy, that is what is being offered by that particular team) whats the incentive when there's nothing to lose. I think the teams that practice this should reconsider...It's one thing to help out a friend, but not for strangers.
D  16th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
I have never in my life posted a comment online even though I have read plenty of them. I just stumbled across this complaint board and felt like I had to put in my two cents, for whatever that is worth. As a hostess for lia sophia, I was totally amazed at how much stuff I got for very little cost. Of course, I expected to pay for tax and shipping; I am not totally ignorant. I became an advisor a couple of months ago and think having parties is great fun. The jewelry that I have seen and/or owned is fabulous and no customers have had any complaints. My manager is a long-time friend of mine. I got into the business because she makes a lot of money (!) and she is a wonderfully kind and helpful person. Also, I was encouraged by my own successful party. (Because of an ice storm, attendance was lousy. But people still gave me orders because they know the product and they wanted more!) Yes, there are some pieces that are gaudy or chunky or whatever, and many pieces that are not. Every possible taste in jewelry is served in every catalog. I have studied the current catalog very carefully in order to be educated about the products and I have never seen anything remotely close to $235, so that must be an item that has been discontinued. (I would never say that another poster is lying or stretching the truth!) I do have to rebut the statement that it costs $179 for a starter kit. It costs $149. For that, you get 24 pieces of jewelry, a boxful of starter supplies and a bag to carry it all in. And I agree with the previous poster who said that getting the $149 paid is an individual decision by the local advisor or manager. Someone has to pay lia sophia the $149. But you get a lot for the money. In no way is the company a scam. And by the way, I also work in fashion jewelry at Macy's. That is where I see the "cheap crap." Some of the stuff there is beautiful, but I see an awful lot of returned jewelry because it does not hold up. I see such a huge difference when I handle jewelry from the two places.
N  5th of Oct, 2009 by    -1 Votes
It seems I can't go anywhere lately without a member of the cult of Lia Sophia hassling me. I am currently declining to attended 2 parties, and even though it was a polite no I am literally being harrassed. I've seen this stuff on display. It's cheaply made and straight up tacky. Stones glued into plated metal for the same price as a quality piece in a real store. But you get the warranty right? Try looking up Lia Sophia on the BBB website and see what people think of that wonderful policy. Lia Sophia does business as Act II Jewelry LLC.

BBB Rating for Act II Jewelry, LLC
Based on BBB files, Act II Jewelry, LLC has a BBB Rating of F on a scale from A+ to F.
Reasons for this rating include:
•195 complaints filed against business
•Failure to respond to 40 complaints filed against business.
•6 complaints filed against business that were not resolved.
•Overall complaint history with BBB.
•Business has failed to resolve underlying cause(s) of a pattern of complaints.
I rest my case!
N  9th of Oct, 2009 by    -1 Votes
lia sophia is beautiful quality jewelry that you cannot find anywhere. If you listen to the advisor you purchased from, you know to keep your receipt with the jewelry and can send it back at anytime as long as you have the invoice. I know many success ladies who have lia sophia business. Unfortunately, the company cannot screen who starts selling lia sophia and you may end up with a bad apple for an advisor. That is with any company of this nature. Bottom line, it is a wonderful company with an unmatched life time guarantee, provides an amazing business avenue for ANYONE, and my finger turns green from my wedding ring from a fine jewelry store. You just cannot please everyone in this world, so I hope those of you reading this are taking these negative posts lightly. Fantastic is what my experience with lia sophia or anyone I know for that matter has encountered.

Please stop being making distasteful digs at a fabulous company and take some accountability for your own mistakes. I like what the one of the above posters had to say: no one made you buy, it says right on your receipt that you have a 45 day money back guaratee, book your party-keep your commitment, etc.
N  9th of Oct, 2009 by    -1 Votes
I have been selling lia sophia jewelry as an advisor since January of 2009. I, too, loved the jewelry and decided to sell it because it does sell itself. Not everyone is going to like all the pieces, and that is what is great about the catalog--there are multiple styles to choose from. If someone doesn't like the jewelry, I wouldn't dream of trying to "force" them to buy it. I have had 2 past customers have a problem with a piece of jewelry that had to be returned, and both were returned quickly and without any problems from the company. Try taking a piece of jewelry back to Claires or Macy's 1, 2, 3 years after you bought it and see what happens (you wouldn't get a dime back or a replacement)! And about the prices--the current fall/winter 2009 catalog has 228 styles under $35, and 354 styles under $50!! If anyone has had a problem in the past with a hostess, that is a rare, unfortunate incident. Prior to my becoming an advisor, I had several shows over the years with different advisors, and never had one problem. I, too, have a lot of acid in my skin, and have had 14K gold rings turn my finger green. If this should happen with a lia sophia ring--send it back and it will be replaced without a problem. The only requirement is the lifetime guarantee that comes with your order. If you lost it or can't find it, call your hostess and she will do her best to assist you. Lastly, if you get a piece of jewelry and decide you don't like it, there is a 45 day money back guarantee.
N  19th of Oct, 2009 by    +1 Votes
My friend and I each bought a ring from another friend who recently became a Lia Sophia distributor. My friend's ring had some of the stones fall out after a month or so and my $52 plain "silver" ring turns my finger dark green. My friend returned her ring for a replacement and now hardly wears her ring because she doesn't want it to fall apart again. I feel bad for my distributor friend, she's embarrassed.

I would never buy this overpriced stuff again.

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