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I purchase the sweetest kitten from this cattery and within two weeks of having him I found him almost dead in the middle of the night. I rushed him to the emergency vet in which after 2 weeks emergency care and specialists (and over $6000) I was told our baby had a heart defect and that he would probably not survive. I contacted the breader and was pushed off to be handled by one of her friends. I was offered another kitten, however due to the expenses incurred trying to keep this kitten alive I was not financially able to acquire another kitten. I asked for a refund on the purchase price and was denied. This cattery recently had a flood in the basement of their home in which the cats and kittens were housed so I would be leary of purchasing any cats from this cattery. Not only do they take the kittens away from the parents too soon but they do not stand up for the health of their kittens. They are entirely in this business for the money. Which is unfortunate for these sweet kittens and our sweet baby that was not probably cared for.

Sep 11, 2014
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    Posted: 2014-09-11 by missingourbaby

    Missing our baby misses the point.

    Her contract recommended she take her kitten to her vet within 72 hours for peace of mind. Even though the kitten had been given a clean bill of health by the cattery's vet, which they still stand behind. Her contract also clearly states the cattery, after said 72 hour period has no monetary liability for medical or the kitten, but would replace the kitten. Laurabell took action immediately to offer her a replacement kitten of her choice (FREE OF CHARGE) from the next litter, then went on to find a suitable replacement from another breeder in the event missingourbaby didn't want to wait. A fine kitten, worth twice what she paid for cupcake, (FREE OF CHARGE) was found. missingourbaby was put in contact with that breeder and accepted that deal. Then she started dragging her feet and waiting until the kitten was too old to sell for it's real value and reneged on the agreement, leaving another breeder to take the hit.
    The obligation of this cattery is to replace her kitten if she chooses to do so until July 2015, then this cattery's obligation ends .Why she chose to spend $6000 in which see claims, (and against her vets recommendation) but refuses to send us copies of vet bills is beyond me.
    As far as in it for the money goes, this is not a cat factory, but a hobby intended to breed the most beautiful Balinese kittens with the best dispositions possible. Believe me, you wouldn't want to count on this for a livelihood, there's no significant profit in it.
    Historic rainfall last July caused the basement flooding. Something never experienced here before in our 28 years here. No cats or kittens were injured, as we were aware when the flooding began immediately. The entire basement has been sterilized and is in the process of rebuilding.

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      Sep 12, 2014

    I am the other Cattery that tried to help sooth the hurt in this lady, Melissa, and her distraught daughters life. I am saddened to see how this has turned out. Melissa talked about how her daughter was heart broken over this. I strived to fill that hole in her heart and do not understand why Melissa would not take the offer of a free kitten to ease the pain for her daughter. Laurie of LauraBell Cattery and I worked very hard to get her a replacement, but when my kitten, which Melissa said she wanted, was ready for her new home, Melissa emailed me and told me she was moving to Indianapolis and could no longer take the kitten.
    Even through the threats that Melissa posed on Laurie about suing her, Laurie continued to communicate with her to get her a replacement. Her contract is very clear about no refunds. She wasn't even within the contracted time that she signed for a replacement kitten. Even so, Laurie has always been willing to give her a replacement. Her offer stands for a generous full year. Laurie has been honorable in all her dealing with buyers for her babies. She has every kitten checked out by a licensed Vet before she lets them go. I have never known of a client of hers that has not been happy with their purchase. We work very close and many times both of us know each others clients by either recommendation, or default due to that we live within 2 hours of each other.
    The fact that Melissa says how sweet the kitten was, testifies to the fact that Laurie pays special attention to her cats and kittens.
    It is sad to see complaint boards used for illegitimate complaints. I stand behind a complaint that is justified, but being disgruntled cannot be a reason for complaining when there was a solution offered.

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  •   Oct 09, 2014

    It's a sad story for sure! I am also a Balinese breeder in Michigan and I would hate to hear a horror story like this from one of my kitten buyers. That's why I offer a 30 day free pet health insurance policy with Trupanion. There are no limits or waiting periods when you get your policy though a licensed and approved breeder like us. I'm not 100% sure if they would have covered the reimbursement on this huge vet bill, but I think so. I'm sorry you didn't consider our cattery as the results would have been exceptionally better; I can assure you of that. There are a lot of shady breeders in the Balinese breeder community who are clearly in it for the money although they say otherwise. I'm sorry you had to experience this firsthand! I would have refunded ALL of your money upon seeing your vet reports. Best of luck to you in the future. BTW, our kittens are not weaned by us, but rather by their own mother or when they leave us, which is no earlier than 12 weeks old.

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  • My
      Oct 10, 2014

    She refused to show receipts from Vet, Lisa. Laurie asked over and over. It was only her say so that the kitten had anything wrong.

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  • Od
      Oct 10, 2014

    It is obvious that Thai Dee has not ventured to read the prior posts. She has jumped to a conclusion to promote her cattery. She apparently wants to pat herself on the back and give herself some credit and her cattery off this tragic situation. There will always be these kind of folks just looking for a tragic situation to promote self interest.

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  •   Oct 11, 2014

    Oddly mistaken has jumped to the wrong conclusion that I didn't read the prior posts. I read them quite a few times and I find many holes in the story, so let's begin:
    1. Why would the buyer refuse to send copies of the vet report? AND why would the breeders agree to replace a dead kitten without seeing a copy of this report?! Surely this must be in the contract somewhere that a vet report must be provided before an exchange kitten is held back as 'reserved.'
    2. Laurabell says this: "missingourbaby was put in contact with that breeder and accepted that deal. Then she started dragging her feet and waiting until the kitten was too old to sell for it's real value and reneged on the agreement, leaving another breeder to take the hit."
    MyBali Si Cattery says this: " Laurie of LauraBell Cattery and I worked very hard to get her a replacement, but when my kitten, which Melissa said she wanted, was ready for her new home, Melissa emailed me and told me she was moving to Indianapolis and could no longer take the kitten. " So this is a RED FLAG here! If Melissa TOLD you she wasn't interested in the kitten anymore, why in the world would you continue to hold back a kitten (FOR FREE) just for a friend and wait until the kitten was 'too old to sell for it's real value?'
    Doesn't make sense.
    3. MyBali Si Cattery insisted to me that she doesn't work with other breeders, except a Rick in California. Then she back tracks and says she got a kitten from an Agnes through Louis and now she admits to working closely with Laura. Her stories are extremely inconsistent and I could go on and on about these never ending inconsistencies. Moreover, she insists that she's never had to bring in outside cattery lines in her 30 years of breeding, When I asked her about inbreeding she got VERY defensive! Then I saw that she wasn't being truthful in the least little bit because I noticed numerous cattery names all over her cats' pedigrees that were obviously not from her lines or from her buddy Rick.
    4. A health guarantee is generally AT LEAST ONE YEAR! This is standard practice in the cat and dog fancy. I've seen two years given and sometimes even THREE! So she is not being very reputable by insisting that this one year guarantee is 'generous.' It's not! It's to be EXPECTED when you pay a lot of money to a good breeder for a purebred cat.
    5. How in the world would Laura know about the vet's recommendation without ever speaking to the vet? And if she DID speak to the vet, why didn't she just ask him/her for the report then and there? Moreover, why would Melissa refused to listen to her own vet's recommendation? NONE of this makes any sense and I think there's a lot more to this story than meets the eye.
    6. If the shoes were on the other feet, I have no doubt that these catteries would do the same to promote their catteries, both online and over the phone.

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  • Si
      Dec 04, 2014

    First off I would like to say I just found out about this complaint while researching Laura bell Cattery and I was astonished to hear this very "fake" and inappropriate complaint. I know Laurie and many other breeders in the United States and Europe because of my reputation as a past board member for one of England's cat club for the Siamese and oriental breed division. For privacy matters I will not post my name or information.

    As a past cat breeder myself, I can tell when someone is trying to produce ruckus that could have been resolved directly with the breeder. Laurie had email correspondence proof that this individual did not care to provide documentation for the kittens illness, and the procedures taken to supposedly remedy it.
    How could a breeder assist a past customer if they neglect to abide to contractual law and provide proof for the incidence.

    The only people who do this are people that are liars and cheats. Please disregard this horrible "customer" review. There is no sufficient proof of this persons situation and the only proof this customer has provided has been nasty emails and complaints requesting a free replacement kitten. There are no freebies in any industry, not even the cat breeding industry and I should know having been a breeder and communicated with many peers in my past career.

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  • Le
      Dec 04, 2014

    Lisa I just read your comment on Laurie, how dare you. Lisa from Thai Dee Maew, your a horrible person and disgraceful breeder. How dare you interfere in someone else's situation and not support the breeder and speak negatively of a breeder you do not know. Do you know Laurie personally?

    You have no proof but the customers false testimony. The only reason why you would say such a case would be from the green monster of envy inside of you and to ruin someone else's reputation. Laurie has been breeding for a much longer time than you and breeds better quality cats.

    Also, your a horrible and unethical breeder of Siamese and Balinese cats. Your no less than a backyard breeder, breeding cats that are of poor, poor quality. Your Balinese male and foundation cat does not even look like a modern or traditional Balinese, what is it? It looks like it has green or very unacceptable light blue eyes.

    You Lisa from Thai Dee Maew are the one doing it for the money and not the breed. You INTERBREED AND MIX cats that are not allowable by BREED standard and category. You say you breed like they do in Thailand but at the end of the day your cats are what presently Thailand cats are at this time, all street cats not concentrating the qualities and genetics of a breed.

    They are not cared or preserved as the royals in Thailand once did ages ago or what we, the British did when they were first imported.

    You call the offspring of a Siamese to a Korat, Siamese kittens? You also produce foreign white cats out of your Khao Manee and Balinese male? That is not a Foreign white, and I should now processing paperwork for them in England. DO YOUR RESEARCH if you must breed.

    You do not even register yoor cats with the GCCF or CFA or any reputable and serious cat association. No wonder...they would not accept your type of breeding or cats.

    I hope everyone reads this complaint not because of your trashing of another breeder, but to read of your reputation:

    Backyard breeder Thai Dee Maew backyard breeder. Thai Dee Maew conplaints, Thai Dee Maew reviews

    That breeder in Canada did a horrible job indeed to assist you in starting your breeding career Lisa from Thai Dee Maew.

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  • Od
      Dec 07, 2014

    Lisa, from Thai Dee Maew are you trying to pick a fight with other Catteries?
    1. The first thing Melissa was told is that she would have to have to provide paperwork from her vet to show before a new kitten could be released to her free of charge. Thus, No paperwork was ever presented to either cattery.
    2. In order to get paperwork from the Vet the owner has to approve!
    3. Did you have bad feelings about Mybalisi prior to this complaint board? It appear only to attack and accuse and drag up past issues. Are you vengeful toward mybalisi and Laurabell? it appears you are in what you have assumed in your posts.
    4. Red Flag? Have you never heard of Catteries working together?
    5. Your understanding of the timeline in this is quite evident. You're guessing and assuming and never were a part of this transaction?
    6. Are you the judge and jury on someone else's heart? It is very generous considering all Melissa has been through, if she has paperwork and gets settled the offer is good one year from purchase. Proof is in paperwork from Vet that isn't much to ask for to replace a kitten.
    Read the posts without slanting it to your assumptions and pat on the back responses.

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  • Od
      Dec 07, 2014

    Lisa from Thai dee Maew
    1. No kittens were released from either cattery due to No paperwork from Vet.
    2. Red flags? Breeders work together all the time.
    3. Do you have past issues or trouble with both mybalisi and Laurabell Catteries? Are you suggesting they are backyard breeders? Quite an accusation? Personal issues are no more than gossip. It appears to be a mixture of gossip and making yourself look good.
    4. Vets require permission from owners to release any paperwork or speak to another.
    5. Why do you suppose you assume so much and make accusations into something that did Not involve you?
    6. It is very generous to give Melissa a year to replace a kitten from Laurabell. If Melissa can provide paperwork from her Vet. It gives Melissa time to settle and grieve.
    7. You're obviously unaware of the timeline regarding this whole ordeal and you are using this complaint board for your own pat on the back.
    8. I saw your cattery website for the first time and truly your cats are not CFA quality. I agree with prior posts on the look of your cats. I looks at mybalisi and Laurabell and I see CFA quality cats.

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  •   Jan 09, 2015

    This complaint was not about me, my cats or my cattery. This thread has turned into a drama board used to bash me, bash my cats and bash my cattery unfairly. Why? Because I do not work in the circles of these unethical breeders who lie and cheat. They are immature bullies, cocky and a click of ugly people who deserve one another. I see no point in supporting or working with them.

    CFA and GCCF do not have a standard for the traditional style Balinese that Laurabelle cattery breeds. If these cats were shown in either organization, it is likely that the judges would not give these cats even so much as a ribbon of merit. They do NOT fit the standard for Balinese or Siamese. FYI, my stud cat is NOT a 'foundation' cat. He is very much eligible for CFA registration. He has an eight generation pedigree on his dam's side and at least an eight generation pedigree on his sire's side with ACA. ACA is the oldest cat fancy registry in America. CFA works with ACA. My cats are registered ACA as is my cattery. I've shown my cats with CFA and had my cats on exhibit with CFA for years. There are a LOT more cat registries than just CFA and GCCF. The ones I work with register my cats and I work within their guidelines. My cattery is in VERY good standing with these registries. I am NOT limited to only CFA and I don't live in the UK, so GCCF papers would not work for my cattery.

    You place the value of your cats with the registries you register your cats with. That may have worked for you decades ago to justify your pet prices. But in this day and age, people are smarter. They shop the breeders rather than just relying on a piece of paper from a registry that doesn't guarantee their breeders' integrity. I've done my research ladies. What I've found is to stay as far away from breeders like you as possible. I don't appreciate being lied to, cheated and bullied around. I feel sorry for people who buy cats from you. And I don't believe that this original complaint is 'fake.' I could be wrong, but my instincts tell me that people don't bother to waste their time making these complaints for no reason.

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  •   Jan 09, 2015

    LeandrasW is hypocritical. This person has never even met me. It's also obvious that she/he is also the same person as SIAmiss. I'm simply addressing the complaint. Any potential buyer from this cattery should see it as a red flag - that she discredits the complainant as nothing more than a 'fake.' I don't think it's a fake complaint because I know how these breeders work. I don't appreciate being lied to and jerked about by them so much. I simply feel sorry for the poor lady who bought a cat from these people. I can relate. I never accused Laurie of being a BYB. There are MUCH worse things than being a BYB. They are rather harmless compared with the liars and cheats that plague the cat fancy these days, especially amongst the traditional Balinese breeders who register their cats with TICA, CFA etc. FYI, I've been asked several times to register my cats with CFA, even by CFA judges. I'm not so sure I want to to be honest. Everyone is complaining about the online process these days, LOTS of problems. I'm not having problems with the registries I work with. Why change?

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  •   Jan 12, 2015

    Oddly mistaken is Laurie from Laura Belle cattery and she is running dangerously close to a case of defamation, especially when she says this, " I saw your cattery website for the first time and truly your cats are not CFA quality. I agree with prior posts on the look of your cats. I looks at mybalisi and Laurabell and I see CFA quality cats." Don't be fooled! She IS pretending NOT to be who and what she really is! How cowardly and low can she go!? She claims to breed CFA registered cats and her cats do not comply with the CFA standards. This is the standard, "GENERAL: the ideal Balinese is a svelte cat with long tapering
    lines, very lithe but strong and muscular. The Balinese is unique
    with its distinct range of colors and silky coat that hides a supple
    and athletic body. A study of contradictions - elegant refinement,
    in reality firm and muscular. Excellent physical condition. Neither
    flabby nor bony. Not fat. Eyes clear. Balance is critical, all parts
    should come together in a harmonious whole, with neither too
    much nor too little consideration given to any one feature.
    Because of the longer coat the Balinese appears to have softer
    lines and less extreme type than their shorthaired parent breeds
    of similar body type.
    HEAD: long, tapering wedge. Medium size in good proportion to
    body. The total wedge starts at the nose and flares out in straight
    lines to the tips of the ears forming a triangle, with no break at the
    whiskers. No less than the width of an eye between the eyes.
    When the whiskers and face hair are smoothed back, the underlying
    bone structure is apparent. Allowance must be made for
    jowls in the stud cat." If she thinks her cats fit that standard, she seriously needs her head examined! Her cats are not bred to fit the breed standard. She says she breeds pets ONLY. She does not breed for high quality cats that help to IMPROVE the breed. None of her cats are sold with breeding rights. That is very irresponsible and unethical. If you are going to breed, the goal should be to produce cats of high quality and NOT for the sole purpose of breeding nothing but pets. She adds nothing of value whatsoever other than MORE pets and pets that apparently DIE at an early age due to congenital DEFECTS. FYI, Laurie, I have many friends who are JUDGES in CFA, GCCF and TICA. They LOVE my cats and support my breeding endeavors. How many judges are supporting you?! Do you even show your cats?! I certainly do. NONE of my cats so far have had a single health issue after leaving my home. Can't say the same for you!

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  • Il
      Apr 16, 2015

    I have bought not one but four beautiful Balinese kittens from Laurie in the past two years. My family and I have never had a problem and are very happy with every single one them. I would highly recommend adopting a kitten through Laurabell Cattery!! Laurie's not only a great breeder to work with but she also loves these kittens from the day they are born. Every single one of my cats are extremely HEALTHY, social, & absolutely beautiful. If you're looking for a Balinese beauty and a reliable breeder I would go through Laurie. I promise you will not be sorry! Thanks for your time!😻

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