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Lake Jackson Dental Care / moral ethics

1 113 circle wayLake Jackson, TX, United States Review updated:
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Well for one, Dr. Sid Ahmadi is very unprofessional in almost every way his work ethics are very poor he needs to go back to dental school and learn how to professionaly work on someones mouth. Which is a very important part of a being a dentist, ecpecially if he notices what procedure is not the right thing to do for instance filling a cavity which should of been a root canal because he didnt feel like spending the time to work on it. So that now the filling is too deep where i can not eat on that side because the filling hits the nerve and it hurts. Dr. Ahmadi is the one who pointed out that the filling was too deep about a month after he did it so that he could get more money when he has to fix it.VERY UNPROFESSIONAL HE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT HIS PATIENTS ALL HE WANTS IS THE MONEY. Bottom line is he is very un-ethical. I guess he is a psychatrist in the making because for some reason he enjoys butting into patients personal lives and asking me and i quote "how are you going to raise this baby when you need raising yourself" end quote. I almost hit him because he kept going on and on about how i'm going to be an un-fit mother i guess because im not as old as his dumb ### is and he needs to learn when too butt out. he is a very crooked dentist and likes to over charge people and double charge people for the same work if i was a person who investigates businesses i would most definently investigate his entire bussiness because if they did they would shut him down. At least that is my opinion other people may think differently but most of his patients think the same. He also hires dential assistants that haven't even finsihed dental school to work in his office for i guess a lesser pay because he is that CHEAP. his newest employee fresh out of school is making eight dollers an hour hell im making that working weekends at a pizza restaurant. But you people can make your own decisions but i strongly advise you too not to go to that office unless you want a messed up mouth and a wanna be shrink telling you whats best.

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  • Al
      17th of Aug, 2012
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    I agree with the above comment. Dr. Saeed Ahmadi is so unprofessional! I can't explain how upset I am with his dental work and its been a year and four months since I haven't gone to visit a dentist because of my bad experience with him. I only went to his office because my two bottom front teeth were very sensitive and it turns out that all he had to tell me was to change my toothpaste to SENSODYNE, but instead I felt he was trying to convince me to get all of my old fillings refilled and to take out my wisdom teeth out. I was glad I spoke to his dental assistant before I let him take my wisdom teeth out because I was concerned why he kept insisting that it had to be done. She told me nothing was wrong with my wisdom teeth and that they had come out just fine and that they were not pushing my teeth forward, but that Dr. Ahmadi wanted to take them out because so that I wouldn't have problems in the future like more cavities. Therefore, I only let him change my old fillings, and its been a nightmare ever since. When he was doing my fillings he started to argue with his dental assistant blaming her that she wasn't shinning the light right on my mouth and that he couldn't see what he was doing. At this point I knew something had gone wrong. But I couldn't speak, and he kept arguing with her as if I didn't exist. His dental assistant was very quiet the whole time and she never argued back, she was very respectful towards his aggression. He did 6 fillings in one sitting and if I knew this was going to be a very painful experience I wouldn't have allowed him to do all the fillings at one sitting. After he was done he told that he put some medicine on one of my molars because my filling was too large and that if it started to hurt to come back to see him again so he can put more medicine. I went back to his office complaining that fillings were hurting every night and that I couldn't eat and I asked him if he was going to put more medicine like he told me last time and he told me no and that the tooth was probably going to heal itself on its own. At this point I felt that he replaced all of my old fillings just because I had insurance and now that he had used up all of my insurance he didn't want to do any work on my teeth. Well this didn't stop me, I went back to his office two more times because I really couldn't eat and the molar that he had put medicine was hurting every night and now the bottom molar on that same right side had started to hurt a lot as well. He was becoming very rude because I kept going to his office complaining of pain. After the third time of going to his office I stopped going because I saw he didn't care and all he said is then you need a root canal. But at this point I didn't want him to do any work on me because he was treating me very bad, he would sigh every time he saw me and he would look at me rude. I can't remember the rude things he said because this was a year and four months ago, I just remembered that he made me feel so bad. Still to this day I have pain on two molars and I still cannot eat with the right side of my mouth. My husband still keeps telling me to go see a dentist, but because of that experience I don't trust any dentist. I came across the post because I woke up in pain again and this time I want to visit an honest dentist that won't try to rip me off!

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