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Kirkland Signature "Super Premium Maintenance Formula" dry cat food.
I am volunteer in Bensonhurt Petco Store for cleaning up the
cat kennel. Last week beginning, K9kastle changed their dry cat food. They all are suffering from diarrhea anywhere. I feel worried and contact with but they seem not take any action. One of cat have been adopted after suffering diarrhea. Her name is Nina but right now she stopped to eat that food and recovered. Please beware Kirkland Signature "Super Premium Maintenance Formula" dry cat food.
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  • Al
      Dec 28, 2009
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    If cat food is changed rapidly, as in one day it's brand A and the next day it's brand B in the bowl, the cats eating it will suffer from diarrhea, no matter the quality of the food. The cat's stomach needs to adjust to the food, especially if it has been digesting one type for a long time. The food needs to be changed gradually, over the span of a few days, by slowly increasing the proportion of the second type over the first.

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  • Sh
      Feb 03, 2010

    Experts say that Premium Cat food is better for your cat than dry food since it contains a high percentage of water, ensuring your cat stays hydrated. No wet food brand draws more praise then Wellness. All varieties are high in… protein, contain top quality ingredients and have all of the nutrients cats need so they can be used as the sole diet. Many varieties are completely grain free, though some include higher quality grains, such as brown rice. The only caveat -- aside from price -- is that a few reviewers have noted that while some cats love the food, other cats just don't like it. Read more at premium-cat-food dot c o m

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  • Ji
      Sep 28, 2012

    This food is not good for cats. There have been numerous recalls of this brand over the years.
    I was actually feeding my cats Kirkland Dry Cat Food for years as it came highly recommended.
    Eventually all of them ended up with dull, flaking coats and one of my cats was throwing up every day - which we attributed to him gorging himself because he had been a starving stray when he found us - and hazy eyes, another had crystals in her urine, and another had impacted anal glands.
    They went to the vet regularly and were always current on their shots.
    My vet suggested that I switch to a food higher in omega 3's for their coats.
    I bought new food and mixed it in with their old food to ween them onto the new food.
    Bluto stopped vomiting & his eyes got clear, Yoda stopped having impacted anal glands and Zu-Zu stopped having crystals in her urine.
    As an experiment, I bought another bag of the Kirkland Dry Cat Food and put some in a bowl for them - Bluto vomited within minutes of eating it.
    My husband took a whiff of the food and said it reeked of ammonia or some kind of noxious chemical and he is right.
    I would never serve that food to any animal and in fact I threw the entire bag of food into the yard waste bin.
    This food is associated with a lot of ill cats and some people have reported that their cats have died from eating it.
    It really needs to be taken off the market.

    Please see the link below:

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  • Rh
      Mar 30, 2016

    My cats have been fed this food for years. Recently, however, our younger cat, Ozzy, suffered with a blocked bladder. Luckily, we were here with him to hear his discomfort (growling as he tried to lay in a comfortable position) and drove him to our vet. After an x-ray showed that his bladder was completely blocked and was the size of a tennis ball, we hospitalized him for six days. It was touch and go, but after 6 days of hospitalization, we brought him home. I learned to administer subcutaneous fluids (under his fur with a needle). As I post, it appears that he is on the road to recovery.

    Because Ozzy seemed to be on a healthy path, my husband and I left our cats at home as we took a long weekend trip to a nearby city. We had done this before and all seemed well. We arrived home yesterday to find Dexter on the floor of the bathroom crying out in pain and fear, surrounded by bloody urine. Within days, Dexter's bladder had become blocked as well. My husband and I rushed him to Urgent Animal Care in critical condition. He received the best care, but last night he died of cardiac arrest. His body was in such bad shape when we brought him into the hospital.
    The commonality of both of our cats is that they had been eating the Kirkland brand Super Premium Maintenance Cat for years with no problems what-so-ever. After purchasing a new 25 lb. recently at Costco and feeding both cats the same kibbles, they both suffered from the same ailment, with our beloved Dexter dying. I don't want to think about how scared and in pain he might have been as his body shut down. To go from a healthy, vibrant, wonderful cat to someone yowling in fear and pain is something difficult to forget.

    What needs to be done to get Costco to pull this cat food/ dog food from the shelves ??? I can't bring back my beautiful fluffy boy, but I need to do something to prevent this from happening to another beloved pet. Please help !!!

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  • Mo
      Jun 19, 2019

    @Rhoda Stephens-Yoder My cat is at the vet for the exact same thing at this moment. We switched to this Costco brand 2 weeks ago. I'm losing my mind.

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  • Al
      May 25, 2016

    Dry cat food of any type is not good for cats, feed them meat! A raw diet if you can, if not figure out how to prepare a cooked diet yourself, you know whet they are eating.

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  • Al
      May 25, 2016

    Oh and buy the way, so sorry to hear of your poor cat. Mine too have been sick, I have removed all dry from my home and have been trying to switch them over to raw, and supplemental with wet containing no carageenan!

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  • Pa
      Oct 22, 2018

    T.J. was on kirkland food for 8 years. Died of stomach cancer 2 years ago. I didnt think enough of it because i trusted costco and he was 17 yrs old. Today, my baby Charlie, only 6 years old died of heart failure very suddenly. About 3 months ago i put him on a high end food. I have to REALLY question Costco. My beautiful thriving happy swwet cat is dead. I hope costco is not to blame.
    Patriciamarie6666 at gmail dot com

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  • Im
      Jun 13, 2019

    Siamese female lived to 14 yrs old, yet developed an illness before had to have her euthanized. Rag doll male, grew up w her, lived with no illnesses til 19 yrs old, then tipped over suddenly. Until then he was fine. Both ate only the Kirkland brand. So I m apt to believe it’s a quality food.

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  • Co
      Jun 24, 2019

    Beware! Two new kittens, different homes. Had been fine, normal poops. Granted, they had a few fleas and had given them baths twice in a week. Yet of note, just in case it s applicable, transitioned them to KIRKLAND CAT KITTEN MAINTENANCE, which my former cats lived on their entire lives, now diarrea.
    Will update if any changes. They otherwise seem ok, will take to vet this week.
    The other post dated JUNE 19, 2019, has exact same issue, so am concerned either this batch or the brand has changed for the worst. Does anyone know who we should contact?

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  • Vi
      Jul 04, 2019

    @Concerned2asU I have recently been having problems with my cats and have been on this food. I recently bought a new bag and they have started having to the same issues. Do you have a batch or lot number for the food you bought so we can compare?

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  • Av
      Aug 15, 2019

    I started my cat on the Costco brand a couple weeks ago and now he’s throwing up at least once a day 😞. I’ll be getting rid of this food. He was totally fine until he started eating this brand. So sad to see them suffer. Sorry for everyone’s loss 😞

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  • Av
      Aug 15, 2019

    @avf19 I’ve taken him off the Costco brand and will put him back on the brand I had him on before.

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