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Kindercare Torbett / lack of care and supervision

1 Richland, MI, United States

After a very brief tour and meeting one teacher (My daughter 2 years old) she started attending KinderCare in June 2018. The first day she started I packed her with a sleeve of diapers roughly 70 . after 5 days of her going they "used all the diapers and need more" which seemed oddly suspicious considering she doesn't used that many in 2 whole weeks. After that incident I started packing her with 4 diapers a day which most were still in her bag at the end of the day yet the daily sheet said she was changed 2-3 times a day. WEIRD.

The teachers were constantly rotating you never knew any names. A few times my daughter had her name on the diaper she was wearing as if they didn't know which child was who. On June 27th she was bit by a "friend". On June 28th she was bit again @10:35am & AGAIN 15 minutes later @10:50. The classroom had 2 notorious biters whom were only sent home if they bit 3 times in a single time. On August 9th she was bit again @ 9:40am & several hours later she received a 3 inch deep scratch on her arm.

August 24th she was bit again, we were not given any incident report or any information at all. On Monday the 27th they gave us the incident report saying that she was picked up right after the incident. She was picked up an hour and half after that incident. After that we gave our mandatory 2 week notice.

On August 31st my daughter got a 2 inch scratch on the side of her eye. They weren't sure if she got it while there at daycare or if she had it already (she didn't have it before she came). 2 hours after she's picked up they call and say she got it while "outside" no other information. The incident report said she got it while playing with a stick which is not what they told me on the phone.

My daughter always had a huge disgusting diaper when we picked her up. The daily report were a complete joke, they were never ready and because different teachers worked morning/afternoon and they never communicated I never knew what actually happened that day.

A little boy was touching my daughters hair and she didn't like so she started to cry. The second time he touched it he pulled it roughly and she was crying louder as the teacher (with no know name) picks up daughter tells her its okay and restrains her so that the little boy may PET MY DUAGHTERS HAIR.

Sending her just made me afraid of what incident would happen that day or if they would even tell us.

Sep 17, 2018

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