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Kenneth's Hair Salon / Bad hair salon

1 1582 Stringtown RoadGrove City, OH, United States Review updated:
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May 9, 2008 - I had my hair done today at Kenneth's Salon, located on Stringtown Road in Grove City, Ohio. The lenght and color is fine but the cut is the pits; when I get my hair done, I expect it to be "done" and looking better than when I went in. Ron Newman, the "master designer and master colorist, " asked what I liked. I replied that I wanted to look professional and explained the type of work I did. Ron asked if I wanted bangs or just wear my hair back. Apparently he did not listen because I distinctly said I wanted bangs because I thought I would look a little younger. Guess what? No bangs. No professional look. This hairdo looks worse than it does when I get up in the morning. I look like I should be living in the back woods with no civilization around and no comb. This is not good. Ron, according to his business card, is a MASTER STYLIST, so don't tell me that all a master stylist knows how to do is toss hair in his fingers and say, "There. How do you like it?" (I was at the screaming point at this time and thank goodness it was a silent scream). All I could say was, "Is this it?" "Well, " he replied, "I can curl it. Would you like it curled?" (Heaven forbid I would want my hair curled at a hair salon.) The only thing I could do was just look at him. So, I guess he read my mind and his interpretation of curl was again different than mine. He barely touched my hair with a curling iron and then again, tossed my hair in his fingers. "How do you like it now?" I just looked. He replied to my silence, "Well, this is what I know how to do. All my clients like this style." Style? Did he say "STYLE?" Oh well. I was so happy to get out of there. Never again will I go to Kenneth's Salon and expect to come out better than I went in. I am still fuming and everyone here at home is feeling the heat. I am so hot -- and that's not meant in a good way. I used to be "hot" when I was younger but now the word means something entirely different. I hate my hair. . .

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  • Te
      27th of May, 2008
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    I just read your complaint and I have to tell you I had the exact experience with Ron last December. It was not even clear what he wanted me to do with my hair. It was baffling. I went back and Samone tried to fix it for free. Even she was at a loss for what to do with the cut. She actually asked me if Ron had mentioned being in a hurry while I was there!!!. I really liked Samone, but would caution anyone with Ron. I have not returned to Kenneths and probably will not.

  • Am
      30th of Jul, 2008
    -1 Votes

    Funny...the majority of clients that go to Ron Newman have never been happier! He is one of the most amazing hair stylists I have ever been to or had the experience of being a client of...obviously these two people are bitter and only want to bring down good people...Ron Newman would give you the world and not to mention he is one of the most amazing hair stylists I have ever known! I hate to be a bit honest but if you are born ugly no hair stylist could ever fix you. But let me tell you...I had the lowest self esteem and was on the verge of suicide and thanks to Ron's talents, personality and expertise I finally is worth living and I am worth more than I was told my whole life. I wish that everyone in this world could experience the amazing expertise that he has created with my hair and how much my life has changed...just by a haircut! Again...HE IS AMAZING and I challenge you to find anyone else better in this city...honestly, you won't! I used to think that this site had merrit but now I is an open forum for people who are bitter, sad and want to bring down anything that is good in life. I had to respond because I was so disturbed when I found out that one of the BEST stylist in Columbus was being bashed for no reason at all!!!

  • Ro
      31st of Jul, 2008
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    Well Miss "Jack D"...So sorry I could not give you your ideal look back in May. Just a few things I would like for you to know. If I remember correctly I showed you a picture of what we were about to do. After agreeing on that look that is how I finished your hair. It's called a "tossled" look. Therefore I used my fingers to style it. I take my profession very seriously and would NEVER want a client to be unhappy. But, of course I am not God and cannot please all 2000 clients I do every year, even though I try my hardest. If by chance I tasted one of your "high end" cakes you bake and found it repulsive, the last thing I would do is slander you and your company's name all over the world wide web. I will chalk this one up to karma and remove your ridiculous statements out of my mind. Good luck to you and your "never do wrong" company. I'm sure with your attitude you will be very successful.

    P.S. This email is generated from myself and only myself. This has absolutely nothing to do with Kenneth's Hair Salons.

    Ron Newman

  • Gi
      31st of Jul, 2008
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    I cannot even believe what I am reading here!! Ron Newman is an exceptionally talented hair stylist!! I've sent friends and family to Ron and everyone has returned because he does such a wonderful job on their hair!! He does my hair...and let me tell you, he has his hands full with me!! I grew up having nappy dark curly, very course hair - an afro is what it was. People made fun of it, but I dealt with what I had because back then my mom didn't know what else to do with it but just keep it short and curly. A few years ago, Ron started doing my hair, not long after I attended my 20 year class reunion and you should've seen the heads turn!! I have straight, beautiful hair and I owe it all to RON NEWMAN!! Keep up the fantastic work Ron... This woman complaining sounds like someone that will NEVER be happy with anything in life!! You've made A LOT of clients happy and just because you get a couple "Debbie Downers", don't EVER let it discourage you!!! Kenneth's should be VERY proud of you for all of the SATISFIED clients you have sent home happy!!!

  • Vi
      31st of Jul, 2008
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    I want to laugh at these two woman's complaints about Ron Newman, I work in one of the Fortune 500 Companies in Columbus and when I come in after having my hair done by Ron The remarks and looks are incredible, I won't even tell Ron what I want done because he always exceeds my expectations, he does both of my daughters hair, my sisters, my girlfriends two of the managers that I work with even my candle lady goes to Ron and we all love him, wouldn't go any where else in the world.

    The only comment I have to the women's above is that he is a hair stylist not a magician and he is fantastic at what he does. I can not tell you the effect that this has had on my self esteem, I hold my head up higher, feel sexier than I have in years and believe me I am not a young spring chicken,

    My sister's bridal party went to Kenneth's and we fought over who was going to get Ron. If this woman would realize that to each their own, then fine I realize everyone is not going to love the same stylist that is why there are so many, but to make a display out of this is unprofessional and I know that Ron would of done everything he could to make it right if she had handled it properly.

    I hope he keeps up the fantastic work and does not let these woman's comments effect him, besides now he has two open spots in which I can refer others too.

  • Mi
      1st of Aug, 2008
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    Well I guess that kind of makes Ms, High and mighty out numbered, because I too have been going to Ron for quite some time and he is amazing. It is too bad that Ron didn't sink as low as the lady who owns the cake shop because I surely would not do business with someone who can not handle a complaint in a polite manner, such as addressing concerns directly with Ron, Ron has always taken his job very seriously and wants his clients happy, but I willagree to some of the other comments above and simply state "that you can't fix ugly".

    I have a story to share about Ron, I have a girlfriend who for 15 years would trim her own hair because she had no faith in hairdressers whatsoever, I talked her into giving Ron a try and he cut and colored her hair and when he was done she was bawling, she could not believe how good it looked and now will only go to Ron.

    So to anyone who would read this please know that there are certain people who you simply can not please and I do not think that this would of been happy if the Pope did her hair.

  • St
      1st of Aug, 2008
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    WOW...I am not even sure where to start in response to the ridiculousness of Jack D's complaint. I have been going to Ron for some time now and one of the things that I like about him is that he is not just a hair stylist, he is an artist. Usually when I go to Ron, I have no idea what I want done and I tell him do whatever you think looks good and he does. I have never received a bad hair cut or style from Ron. There is a reason that he is a MASTER STYLIST. Kenneth's does not just had jobs out and titles to people who just want jobs.

    I love Ron so much that my entire wedding party went to Kenneth's and we had to "fight" over who got to have Ron do their hair. Ron did my hair for my wedding and I received so many compliments about how beautiful my hair was that I felt wonderful.

    Kenneth's is extremely lucky to have someone as fantastic as Ron. He does a wonderful job, has a great attitude, and loves his job. He takes great pride in his work. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK RON!!! We love you!

  • Je
      1st of Aug, 2008
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    Jack D is crazy! First, I cannot believe how rude and mean spirited she is but second, Ron is a great stylist. I realize that you can't please everyone all of the time but that is why there are so many stylists to choose from. I have been to many stylists of whom I ended up leaving for not being happy with my hair but that is the difference, I simply found someone else and the search ended when I found Ron. I hated the way all my prior stylists did my hair but I had so many of them, I figured that it was just a trend among the industry. Ron changed all that. When I have my hair done by Ron, I get countless compliments and it grows out so nicely! It looks great from day one to weeks after. I get so many compliments that I carry Ron's cards on me to hand out to those who like my hair. I have referred many people who have also come out feeling like a million bucks and love Ron too.

    Jack D is apparenlty incapable of verbally articulating her thoughts and ideas (odd, as she claims to be a professional businsess woman). I know that if she had communicated to Ron that the cut/style did not turn out as she liked, he would have done anything to fix it to her liking. So Jack D, trying speaking next time instead of glancing. No one can read minds. You are apparently a vile, unhappy person and I can tell you, I will never even try your cakes after reading your blog and seeing what kind of person you are.

    I agree with all the other smart ladies on this chain, Kenneth's should be proud to have such a great stylist on board and Ron should put Jack D far out of his mind. People like her are not worth wasting a minute on.

  • An
      6th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    ron you are the best hairdresser that i have ever met??????
    dnt let all the bad comments put you dwn you no that you are great. keep up the good work

  • St
      14th of Oct, 2008
    -1 Votes

    This has nothing to do with Ron, but it has everything to do with the unprofessional treatment I have received at Kenneth's in Grove City. Where oh where do I start? Hmmm ok. Well, the moment I walked in the door I had two people trying to upsell me because the stylist that I had scheduled with was running behind. So I was forced to wait for my appointment because I didn’t opt for the ‘higher level’ designer. The receptionist coped an attitude when I asked her a question, this all before making it into the styling chair. So, I get back there and my stylist was a total sweetie…very nice. But, I guess we were not on the same page when I was explaining to her what I wanted. Which was low-lights since I was trying to darken up for the impending colder weather. Well, when she asked if I wanted some blonde left in it I thought she ment leaving a few speratic pieces of blonde poking thru from my last highlight. No. After she had cut and styled my hair, I asked if she had put highlights in and she said, yes. But, she was very nice about it and fixed it to where I liked it. 3 ½ hours later…I go about my merry way. Ok. That was Saturday, at that point in time I was alright with my experience I perhaps may have stepped foot into a Kenneth’s again, until…I get a voicemail from what I assume is one of their managers there saying that they did not charge me $25 for the toner they used on my hair. And for me to call them back so they can get my payment over the phone. Ha! First off they charged me for a full weave when I in fact received a partial weave but I let that slide since the stylist did fix my hair to where I liked it. Overall, the experience was very unsatisfactory…and run by a bunch of unprofessional people . So, I told them that they do not have my approval to charge my card and if they do that would be very illegal to charge without a person’s approval. And if they really need to recoup their loss, then they can take the $25 tip that I left the stylist because I should not be respondible for paying. All I can say is that I will be less than inclined to recommend Kenneth’s to anyone I ever come into contact with. EVER!

  • Ou
      27th of Apr, 2011
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    Kenneths is a complete joke!
    They use formaldehyde in their promoted hair smoothing treatment.
    Google "formaldehyde".
    Results: Hazardous, Dangerous, CANCER, Health Alerts everywhere!
    Kenneths does not disclose this ingredient but discloses they need your credit card number before appointment.
    Safety is more important than smooth hair for 60-90 days.

  • Sa
      19th of Mar, 2012
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    I have had nothing but the most wondeful cuts from Ron. In fact, I went back after he was gone and got the worst service I've ever gotten at kenneth's. I won't go there again. I could have cut my hair better my self. When ron was cutting my hair all I got was c complaments.Ron please call or email me an dlet me know where u have gone. - Sarah Castle 614-fourfour0-6984 or

  • Sl
      7th of Dec, 2012
    0 Votes

    Thanks to the comments posted here, I met Ron last night and could not be happier, not only with the wonderful cut, but his attention and pampering. Ron is at the Wave Design Center in Grove City and I encourage all of you to break ties with your current stylist and get scheduled soon. Great salon, wonderful man!

  • Hi
      29th of Mar, 2013
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    Ron is phenomenal!! He is gone from Kenneth's Hallelujah!! No more nasty front desk individuals! Just bright and cheery, with his magic fingers ready to go!!

  • Jg
      17th of Jun, 2013
    0 Votes

    After reading these reviews I was really curious about Ron. I think the bad comment came from Negative Nancy. You know the type...some crotchety crotch who complains about everything. He had so many positive reviews, for me it outweighed the bad one. I was really looking for a great stylist and wanted to give him a shot. All this controversy...I figured he must be good LOL. I was right! With a little research I found him at Total Platinum Salon in Grove City, on Broadway. I had him cut my long hair into a very layered style last week and I LOVE love love what he did. He is the first person who has ever done EXACTLY what I asked them to do. It's perfect! I am so happy that I finally found someone nearby I can rely on for a good cut. His prices are reasonable too, he only charged me $40 and doesn't accept tips. Usually with my long hair I pay ridiculous amounts for a talented stylist to cut my hair. Needless to say I would recommend Ron to anyone. He is a professional, skilled stylist that could hold his own in any high-end spa. He also has a great personality, which is a quality I require in a hairstylist. Go have Ron cut your hair and see for yourself!

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