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I was invited to go to portugal in May of 2011 by a company called KBS to view properties for rental in the argarve with cheap flights and hotel accommodation. After repeated calls from KBs, I finally relented and accepted their offer, visiting Portugal with my 16 year old daughter. After being shown several very nice properties, we opted for one after much persuasion by sales representative from KBS. After using every ploy at his disposal to get us to say "Yes", it was also impossive to say "No". We liked the properties and loved Portugal so we were placed in a very vulnerable position. The property cost 120.000 euros. I was asked to pay down a minimum of 25, 000 euros towards cost and that KBS would approach several banks in Portugal on my behalf to obtain the remainder of the price for property. I was told this process was very straight forward and providing I was willing to forward them my 25, 000 euros to be placed in a solicitors account to as a positive incensive to bank, then they did not forsee any problem. I was introduced to a solicitor by KBS which should have set off alarm bells for me but as I was in a new country and didnt know any different, I went along with this. I was asked to pay a further 5, 000 as immediate downpayments to secure property and for solicitors cost. I was also alsked to sign over power of authorny to solicitors to act on my behalf which I did. On returning to the UK, I was pursued relentless by KBS who wanted me to forward them 25, 000 immediately so they could begin the process of applying for mortgage. I argued with a particular gentleman by the name of Kevin at KBS for his pushiness but agreed to send the money anyway. I was told this moneywould be held in a solicitors account until the mortgage was approved. On discussing the matter further with a friend of mines who was a financial advisor, he advised me to have solicitors include a clause in contract before signing that if the mortgage was not approved or agreed (which i did not have any doubt about at the time) that the full 30, 000 would be returned to me within 7 days. My solicitor agreed to incude this clause in contact before signing. I did not receive any further contact from KBS after this. On contacting the gentleman who I was introduced to by the name of Mr. Whitelock, he denied knowing all the ins and outs of the case but informed me that he had applied to the bank for a mortgage on my behalf and this had not been granted. He suggested referring the matter back to my solicitors. On requesting the full amount of my money from solicitor, she informed me that the money full amount of my money had been passed to the vendor of the property and that vendor was now refusing to return my money on the id basis that KBS had not paid him his commission. All three parties started to pass the buck, blaming the other for having the responsibility for my money. Todate the matter has still not resolved and I have not had my 30, 000 returned to me.

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