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Karen's Furniture / No respect and honesty

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Karen's Furniture in Quakertown & Colmar PA has an unsatisfactory record with the Complaints Board and other complaints online!

I purchased a King Hickory sofa and chair with ottoman with the down wrap comfort package from Karen's Furniture at their Quakertown store. I had to replace my existing set after a horrific accident by a professional painter. I did not even think twice about replacing the existing set with anything else other than King Hickory since the set I already owned, even though it was five years old, looked and felt brand new. Other than the fact that it was covered with paint, the cushions were thick and fluffy and the fabric, a white and blue plaid, was still in tip top shape. A shining example of quality American craftsmanship! When you pay good money for something you expect it to last. So I went onto the King Hickory website and found that the closest retailer for their products was Karen's Furniture in Quakertown. Without hesitation I went and ordered a new set from their store. I did not expect any problems and omitted checking Karen's standing with the Better Business Bureau. If I had taken the few moments it would have to go online and look I would have seen the Karen's has an unsatisfactory report with the BBB and other complaints online as well.

When I received the replacement set I was not overly happy. I paid a little over $4000 for a sofa, chair and ottoman with the down wrap comfort package. I have always believed that if you purchase quality items they are built to last for years. The thickness of the cushions was half that of my existing set. I would not have even been able to switch the covers from one set of cushions to the other, there was that much of a difference. Since my insurance company was coming to take the other set, as is their policy, I had no choice but to sign for the set that Karen's delivered. I also began to notice that the skirting on the sofa was uneven, the base cushions on which you sit were too deep for the sofa and chair, and the top cushion of the ottoman was too large for the base and began to hang over on two sides, and one of the throw pillows began coming apart at the seem. I called and left a message with the Customer Service Department to see if anything could be done. I did not receive a return phone call, so I assumed nothing could be done.

In my disgust of the drop in quality workmanship, I emailed King Hickory. They responded to my email saying they were completed 'horrified' by my story and that they 'pride themselves on quality' and 'surely something can be done to make it right', but I had to go through my retailer. I again called Karen's Furniture and this time was able to speak to the Customer Service Manager, Jennifer, she sent out a representative to look at and document my complaints. I waited for some kind of response and got nothing. I called again and Jennifer told me that since I contacted King Hickory directly, there was nothing that Karen's could do. I would have to deal with King Hickory directly to remedy the problem. After much back and forth between myself, Karen's, and King Hickory, I finally asked Jennifer for the name and number for the person with whom she had been speaking. She gave it to me and I made the call. When I did, I found out that the person who she referred me to had not been with King Hickory for 'quite a few months'. I assumed that Jennifer had been contacting this representative during the entire time of this issue. The representative that I spoke with told me that King Hickory ONLY deals with the retailer when remedying problems. I feel that the Customer Service Department and Manager mislead me and assumed that I would accept the statement of their being able to do nothing. (I could go on and on about things that have upset me with Karen's Customer Service, unreturned phone calls, less than cordial behavior, and length of time to wait for a response.)

Karen's Furniture 'Satisfaction Guaranteed' motto (that even hangs on a sign at their store) for me was not met. Apparently that motto is only good for 30 days. I feel that when someone is willing to spend $4000 on a sofa and chair with ottoman their satisfaction should last for longer than that. Also I feel that when a consumer, regardless if they contact the manufacturer, should be treated with the utmost respect and honesty by the retailer and everything that can be done should be done to keep that customer happy.

My experience with Karen's furniture has left me very disappointed, yet wiser. I will always check a company for online complaints and their standing with the Complaints Board, (as I recommend for all consumers to do), and the length of their guarantee period. I also now know that if I want to purchase a sofa and chair with ottoman that has a down comfort package, I should go to Pottery Barn. They have a one year satisfaction guarantee!

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  • Sh
      3rd of Oct, 2011
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    I am a returning customer to Karen's Home and Design, and I am simply shocked to read these negative comments. Two years ago, we bought our family room furniture at Karen's. Everything from the reasonable price to the delivery was smooth and problem-free. We love our furniture. We have three boys, and like the comment above, they have done everything to the sofa. However, our sofa is still going strong! Yes, well-made, AMERICAN-MADE furniture costs more and yes, I had to wait longer to get my furniture home, but in my humble opinion it is totally worth it. I am happy to support Karen's, a local, family-owned business that sells American-made instead of cheap imports! Over the summer we purchased our dining table, which was handcrafted in Lancaster County, and I am in love with it! Again, we had a positive experience at Karen's from our salesperson to the delivery men. I recommend Karen's Home and Design to you, family, and friends.

  • Ju
      19th of Apr, 2010
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    I bought my King Hickory leather sectional and over-sized ottoman over a year ago and it is still as beautiful as when it first arrived. I purchased from this company after researching on how furniture is made today (hand tied vs machine coil springs vs industrial webbing vs foam). It cost A LOT more than other brands, but was made to last and enjoy (leather on the BACK and SIDES, not just where your skin touches). I noticed that when my ottoman arrived that the furniture store I bought it from sent it back at least once as there was a "fix it" order form on the bottom of the furniture. It was the responsible furniture store that noted a problem and fixed it before I knew anything about it. I regularly rotate the seat cushions because my family sits in their "spot", and I want the cushions to wear as evenly as possible. All in all, I LOVE my couch, my 3 guys have bounced, jumped, crawled and collapsed on it, and it looks good (even with tiny scratches from the rough housing). If you ever do any research on how a good couch is made, you will avoid places that use inferior methods to making their products. At one national chain I was looking at a leather sectional where INSIDE listed CARDBOARD and PARTICLE BOARD along with foam... they wanted over $2000! Look on the inside too folks, that's all I'm suggesting.

  • Su
      6th of Aug, 2009
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    I purchased a Laz-Boy reclining sofa from Karen's Furniture through Costco in Mt. Laurel, NJ. I upgraded to a different fabric than what was on the display sofa and was told by the saleswoman from Karen's Furniture that this fabric would wear well and was durable. I specifically asked about the fabric because of the friction of the movement of the reclining parts.
    Within a month's time, the fabic began to show pre-mature wear and began to pill very badly. I am very dissapointed in the quality of the fabric and am in the process of trying to resolve this.
    I am on this website as a result of looking for the address for Karen's Furniture in the hopes that they will replace the fabric on the sofa. I have notified Costco as well and hopefully they will no longer allow Karen's Furniture to sell in their stores.

  • Je
      28th of Feb, 2008
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    This furniture store is an absolute joke when it comes to customer satisfaction. I purchased a living room set and entertainment center 2 years ago. Nothing but nightmares before everything was resolved with delivery and replacement of defective pieces. One year later before I was able to enjoy my furniture.
    Now the sofa is wearing pre-maturely, and although under warranty, Karen's is asking for a service charge to come out to my house to inspect it. I don't know how this will turn out but I have a bad feeling.

  • Je
      30th of Oct, 2007
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    I am disappointed with Karen's as well. My husband and I ordered a dining room table and chairs back in August. This was a special order with the table being made upon order. According to their policy, special orders may take about 8 weeks. No problem. Problem begins after waiting 8 weeks and calling Karen's only to find out the manufacturer is no longer making the table. Okay, where was the phone call from Karen's letting us know that?! Then, I called for our refund check. According to policy this take 7-10 business days. I called on October 4 and finally received the check on October 25th. My biggest problem with that was calling again to check on the status of the check after waiting 2 weeks, leaving a message with the person who handles it and never receiving a return call.

    Would never shop there again or recommend to anyone. They suck!

  • Sa
      11th of Oct, 2007
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    I am a new customer to King Hickory Furniture. I was happy with the sofa and two shay chairs I purchased. For about the first year and half the cushions were fine then they started to go very flat. I contacted the furniture store were I purchase the sofa they were very good about ordering replacement because the cushion have warranty for three years. My problem is that I've had to replace them three time sent I purchase the sofa in February 05,2004. I would just like to get a set that would at least last as long as the warranty. I've never had a sofa that the cushion lost there support like this Brand. I guess that's what I get for trying to buy American made. Very unhappy!

  • Pa
      17th of Aug, 2006
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    I am in absolute agreement with every complaint listed about this company. I too have experienced repeated poor service. I have never shopped with such an unproffesional staff at the Colmar store.
    I did however have a pleasant experience at the New Jersey location last May when my sister in law bought some items for her shore home. The staff was wonderful! I thought them to be 100% more proffesional than the store in PA.The manager personally assisted our salesgirl with her deal and delivery set up.The small delivery service they used was absolutely on the ball. The manager phoned her the night before and verified the time of delivery and the names of the drivers. The guys brought it all in and set it up for her.They even took her old one out at no additional charge!!!It was a very pleasant experience.The store had a small sale before officially starting their going out of business sale and the manager called me about a piece I was ineterested in but at the time could not afford.I was pleased that she thought to call me. The icing on the cake was that the manager Natashia and the salesgirl Tracey, both remebered my name when I came in and I wasnt even the one who bought on the last visit. That personal touch was very important and a deal closer!However they have closed that store.
    I see the other stores are liquidating and living on borrowed time as well. It is a shame. I have shopped at the Colmar location and it just wasnt the same. The manager did not provide me with the type of service that I got in New Jersey. This Colmar manager and staff seemed to all be in study hall rather than at work. It is a shame. Karens had a great name at one time. I guess their time has passed. So long Karens Furniture.Helllllo Pottery Barn!

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