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On November 16th, 2012, I, a 3rd shift employee, was told that now it is Company Policy that $100.00 bills absolutely MUST be accepted at all hours, no matter what the purchase is, and the employee is required to make change. This decision has removed the safety net of limited funds late at night, and in my opinion, increases the danger for the 3rd shift workers. Kangaroo follows up store robberies by firing the employee who was robbed, typically claiming said employee had more than the $75.00 maximum allowed amount in the till. The sign on the door says register has less than 50. I'll note that up to now, at my discretion, I've been fine about taking a large bills for large purchases. By comparison, the drug dealers buying 79 cent wraps and wanting me to break a C-note after midnight prove to be the troublemakers.
Additionally, this change in policy is NOT in writing, so the employee has no proof that the new rules are being followed, when the company can so easily claim the older policy was not being adhered to. Either way, the employee gets the sharp end of the stick.
During the hire process, many documents had to be signed saying I received the employee handbook, access to the employment website, etc... none of which were delivered, and I was told the company doesn't give those out anymore... but sign here.
The computer training about robbery said the usual about no weapons, no fuss, just go along for safety. But after the robbery, company policy says do NOT call the police... employee is to call the manager or DM... and say nothing to the media.
Worst of all, every rule includes the phrase "leading up to and including termination".

I think the Company should be required by Law to provide changes in Policy to the employees in printed form, especially when monetary decisions overrule both industry standards and employee safety.

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  • Ka
      Apr 26, 2013

    I work at 2 DIFFERENT Kangaroos The above post is true. One of the stores I work at follows the book. The other, which is in a higher crime area, does premature $100 drops and keep envelopes with change for $100 by the register when its been recorded through the register as a drop in the safe

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  • Ci
      Feb 04, 2014

    I was recently terminated from Kangaroo in Nc for something they claim is in the handbook. They also terminated my employee that had been with company for 6 years without any write ups. All because we BOUGHT a lottery ticket. All throughout this District I am referring to, the rules are different for every store. Stores around here use debit for lottery everyday, and while they were investigating another store they found that 2 employees sold 27 cartons of cigs to same person within a 8 hour time frame. Needless to mention NOTHING happened to those employees but a slap on the wrist. Kangaroo in Sanford NC needs to investigate their district managers on ALL issues and need to update policy handbook and issue them out to ALL employees. They got se ### on their hands.

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  • Ex
      Jun 21, 2015

    Every Kangaroo Express has a handbook but they dont follow policy. I was terminated after telling on a manager drunk on company time at the store, pouring beer, and nothing was done except making up a fake customer complaint and terminating me. Let me go on record to say claims that i violated multiple policies. But you'll let your drunk lottery stealing manager stick around. Their company is a joke and i.wouldn't recommend anyone there for a job not even a damn bear.

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  • Li
      Aug 18, 2015

    I worked for Kangaroo in Myrtle Beach for nearly 2 yrs and was a dedicated employee. My complaint is our store had 1 employee on with no breaks or lunch time and working 9 to 10 hr shifts. Couldn't even go to the bathroom when needed.. My manager also scheduled me for a 12 day stretch before getting a day off. Plus our store was next to some bars that gave us problems every weekend. Shootings, etc... Very dangerous store. I ended up quiting because i had enough. At 60 yrs old i feel i should have been treated better in regards to total hrs working.

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