Kaleidoscope Heelers And Working Dogs / Breeding Australian Cattle Dogs

1 1436 Bardstown rd, Louisville, KY, United States
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First off they are a puppy mill. "Kim" the owner doesn't ever allow anyone to pick up a puppy at the home the dogs are kept. Was promised a red Heeler male registered and I got a non register able blue female. First off how can you not properly sex your own dogs?! The dog was EXTREMELY skittish and unsocialized. Obviously abused from the personality to the malnourished state. She "guarantees health and satisfaction for life" but you can't ever get a hold of her. When we finally did get in contact she wanted us to drive all the way back to her. She even got her boyfriend to try to intimidate us after we offered to meet halfway. Completely unprofessional and was reported to animal control. No last name or actual location because she refuses to give it. She owns or works at Kaleidoscope Hair Salon in Louisville Ky is all we actually know. Don't waste your time or money.

Dec 11, 2015

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