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Julia Moreno (Davila) was hired as our full charge House Manager. One of her duties was to be a nanny. A few week before suddenly abandoning her job, our 2 year old baby was getting sick. We learned this was due to neglect on the part of her caretaker. When I told Julia Moreno that I had some questions about this and needed to speak with her, she went home early. She did not return calls over the weekend.

When she let herself into my house in the morning, when she came back to work, she quietly dropped off her keys, her receipts for petty cash and the baby seat for her Lexus SUV.

We called her several times to ask what is going on. She did not return calls or texts. At that point we also learned that she was hiding food in the house. This was junk food, which she was feeding our children instead of real food.

I later learned that her oldest son called the police on her, several times, saying that she was not feeding him. I contacted her previous employer and learned that she had actually been fired, for mistreatment of their children, including feeding nothing but chocolate milk to their 4 year old, who became violently ill.

On the day that Julia abandoned her job, she took our 10 year old to school, without feeding her breakfast and without sending her to school with a lunch or lunch money.

We take full responsibility for hiring someone who we should not have hired. However, she had good references (which may turn out to be fraudulent).See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Costa Mesa, CA

Presently Julia Moreno is making statements to numerous people that she was overworked and then fired. She claims we are harassing her. Her previous employer, of 9 years, tells me that is what she does and to expect some sort of vicious and malicious retaliation, both to save face and to potentially take advantage of my family's resources by threatening a bogus lawsuit.

Julia Moreno deceived us. We later learned that the reason she wanted to be paid in cash was to deceive her ex husband, Mr. Davila, and to defraud the IRS, so that she could get out of paying her share in a child custody arrangement.

Finally, in speaking to her prior employer at length, it became clear that Julia Moreno had violated my family's confidentiality. But she violated her previous employer's confidentiality so much worse. I know more about these people than I should - and I question the validity of most of what Julia Moreno gossiped about them.

I am writing this report, not for revenge, but to warn other families who may be considering bringing Julia Moreno into their homes and into their children's lives.

She comes off as sweet and that is disarming. She started off by doing a fantastic job. Then she tried to turn husband against wife and had several tantrums when we were not willing to run our house her way. She became abrasive, hostile and passive-aggressive. We are fortunate that this problem did not get worse, as it had gotten much worse for her previous employer. I feel it is my responsibility to warn the world about a woman whom I personally believe to be a Sociopath.

Jan 18, 2015
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  • Fa
      Feb 11, 2015

    You will never know her. She's deceitful and calculating and uses the affection of children to secure her place in your home all the while envying what she doesn't have and forming opinions of those who are paying her (very very well, I might add). She will turn any story so that she becomes the victim and when there is conflict, she cuts off, changes her phone number and disappears.

    We are traumatized that we thought we knew her after 10 years. She said she had NEVER been in trouble with the law "not even a traffic ticket" and come to find that while she was working for us she had a misdemeanor. Why was that not noted, found or disclosed by the child care agency?

    She will come with her cute, young son and will try to make you feel bad for her as a single mom but I assure you she has everything that she needs and will take more from your family in the end that she contributes.

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  • Fa
      Feb 17, 2015

    Check her references with a phone call. She asked me to give a recommendation before I was made aware of all of the truly disturbing things she did to not only my family but to others. She will slander you, mentally mess with your children and is deceitful and manipulative. Please beware.

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  •   Apr 19, 2015


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