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I came home and found a letter in an envelope on table inside my house. There was nobody home, and no one I know put this envelope on my table. So that means that someone with J.M. Adjustment services illegally entered my house.

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  • Sk
      6th of Nov, 2015

    Hmmmm. Respectfully, this is very doubtful. I work for the company. Nobody there is paid enough to go to any risky efforts nor for that matter enough to make any effort at all. How would this rather substantial evidence of law breaking in any way help JM Adjustment? Why is the complaint here and not with the local authorities. This would be a very clear case that would be investigated very quickly and very likely end in an arrest.

    There is a very long list of thing wrong with the way JM Adjustment conducts itself in regard to its own internal management and it finances. That being said breaking the law to place an envelope on your table--makes no sense at all. I would either call the authorities or keep looking for just who carried the envelope into your home.

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  • Ja
      10th of Aug, 2016

    Field agents wouldn't go inside your home, put a letter on your table and leave. Field agents are paid whether you or home or not. So, if your have a letter on your table from JMA it wasn't a field agent putting it there. I would say whoever has access to your home would be your culprit. No field agent would risk being arrested to put a letter on your table when they can tape it to your door and be on their merry way. I would also think about you are saying, does it really make any sense at all. And if it does why haven't you called the police and made a report?

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  • My
      21st of Sep, 2016

    I worked in asset mgt. And reo for a long time, back and forth often because i got burned out-hence doing all aspects and figuring out the entire industry on my own when i was in college and beyond; a semi-large scale operation with a few billion in assets a few years later. I did the grunt work and worked my way up. I took a lot of risks (Not sure how i didn't end up dead sometimes) and as the industry evolved after fed complaints by people saying co. 's are making too much-the industry started to shrink, consultants were brought in (Handsomely paid bad people) and then they tried to milk and bilk for everything and 40-60 day pay. It just got too stupid. Anyway, with the risks. I doubt someone got into your house without some sort of forced entry. Of all the lower iq people we hired to get the job done, everyone knows not to just break-in and what, put a piece of paper on your table? The incentives for that just doesn't pay off criminally. Maybe it was in your mailbox (Postal) or was left on your patio. You sound worried, i understand. However, i will give you a bit of advice here. Usually, about the only ones to really worry about are real estate agents showing up (I was also a realtor/broker) , and a lot of them out there are really dumb in this field work and think they are hot shots because they are a realtor (Big whoop i know). You might see them try to take some quick pics of your house and annoy you, likely they really don't know what they are doing. Field agents have some bad reps, but most of them are very professional and kind and not rich and understand what it is like to struggle financially. Basically, at this point i would tell you to get with the bank as best and as often as you can and do not ignore them. And, hopefully will be able to work out some modi or there is plenty of gov't help nowadays to assist you with this process. The more you ignore the more likely some dumb real estate agent will do an inspection prior to a field company and they will assess its' value and such and could care less if you actually live in it or not and can juts mark that it is vacant and then field servicing co. Shows up and started doing recon on your home and then bank orders and then reaches out or goes onto property/inside. This all falls back on someone in the field (Realtor often times) just doing a quick drive-by... And without regard.
    This is one big are the industry needs fixed. For me, i cared about the communities, i went to crack houses, to the door and in the worse neighborhoods and still made sure and spoke with neighbors and such or tired to get home occupants info. Etc. I gave bank money for people's keys, only to see them turn around and buy drugs within minutes and their kids starving too people booby-trapping their homes with bombs and a lot more than that. Ok, enough said. I repeat stay in contact with the bank, if you get someone overseas who doesn't give a dam! Then ask to speak to someone in us corporate office. Another change needed in this area, outsourced bank mortgage practice overseas and these people mostly jealous of america and don't care and are multi-national corporate shielded (Meaning they have no liability and have really brought down america, i fought day in and out against this practice and against these people and their deliberate actions) and would rather see you on the street-the world is full of bad people unfortunately. From what i have gathered on the net it sounds like j. M. Adjustment services are clueless.

    The housing crisis could have and should have been fixed very easily and today we would be a much more prosperous country. Loan modification to a regular degree of payment without penalty of advanced payments to a cap per year depending on loan-to-value. Property being turned to rental. Everyone points their fingers at the big banks. It is the real estate agents, the loan officers, the mortgage brokers, the appraisers, the closers, the notaries, the title co. 's, the gov't entities all at the start knowing people could not and should not have been able to afford so much-everybody is greedy not just banks. There was no show income proof, that is still not hard to get around though. You can also ask that you request a new mortgage service company in your loan process other than j. M. Adjustment services, you need to be able to document and support your case for this though. Notify them on the phone you are going to record the call.

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  • Me
      20th of Jan, 2017

    My husband said some guy came to the door today and delivered a letter from these guys and the guy was pretty trashy looking to be going around and delivering stuff. My husband said he opened it and it doesn't even have our names on the letter it at all it is for someone else. but it had our name and address on the front. I'm thinking someone at BofA has things screwed up somewhere on there end because they called last night twice and I shouldn't have received a phone call at all since we aren't behind on our loan.

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  • Le
      10th of Jul, 2018

    Talk about trashing people but you are the one behind on your monthly payments. Know one would be so crazy as to break in your house to leave you a letter as to why you not paying your bills. We are professional as it get to do this in a nice way and to care about the people feeling as a customer. Somebody will visit you when you are not paying your bills. Pay your bills and you would not see that man you said was dirty looking coming to your home. Why would you open a letter that didn't have your name on it, I get wrong mail sometimes but I never opened it? If your payment is due on the first and you have not paid it then you are in default period that is why you pay a late fee crazy.

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