James Taylorbusiness investment fraud and rip offs

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Don't buy anything from this man as he will try and tell you that you spent five years investing in crypto currency is and this is a complete lie though he did spend almost five years out of the last 20 in prison over several different sentences and has no actual business portfolio, but he has amassed a very sizeable portfolio of lost court cases instead.

His experience of bit coin goes as far as buying a few of them in order to hide money from his ex wife and avoid paying child support for his children whilst at the same time pleading that he is skint and fleeing the UK to move to Italy to continue the same scams that he was working whilst he was living in Torquay, Devon.

His companies house history careers various different names spans nine shutdown businesses across four different names and if that doesn't give you an idea of the type of hideous scamming that this man is been up to then of course nothing will.

He won't think twice about stealing your life savings or taking your kids college funds and giving you nothing in return or simply emptying your wallet in so who's with promises of investments that never come to fruition or eBay accounts that never materialise and he should be absolutely avoided at all costs and also his employees Lisa Matthews and Alex McDermott are you go by several different names when calling people here in the UK and his partner in crime Emanuela do Tilio.

These are all crooks and James is actually wanted by quite a few people and businesses in the UK now though and his simply hiding behind his keyboard desperately trying to save his pennies to avoid coming back here and now trying to scam new victims.

The Online Justice Crew are here to protect you and we have many members researching all of his activities and will keep posting as we uncover more information.

James Taylor

May 23, 2018
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  • Di
      May 23, 2018

    Fake reviews, Karma never forgets!

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  • It
      May 23, 2018

    Nothing above is incorrect or embellished. He who casts the first stone james taylor. He who casts the first stone. Online justice are on to you and its only a matter of time.

    Maybe should be careful what you post i guess as research is digging up all sorts on you lord taylor and retribution is catching up.

    Why dont you come back to the uk and face the music?

    Coward and a cheat and its that simple.

    So many people after you. The lord God knows it and he sees all and his hand guides us.

    Winter is coming.

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