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Iron Mountain Storage


Identify theft

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Recently Iron Mountain threatened to auction off all of my 250 boxes stored at one of their facilities. These boxes include financial records including social security numbers of employees of the defunct company that was a client of Iron Mountain. When the company I work for collapsed in the economic crisis of 2009 as the owners wife I immediately called Iron Mountain and asked to get our boxes released. They informed me that I was not on the contract and could not authorize this. I explained that there were no employees left at this company and I was VP and married to the owner. I got lots of rudeness and uncooperation. I sent a faxed letter from the sole owner requesting that they release our boxes immediately. I was told not to contact them for three weeks while they processed my request. Three weeks later I called and they said they had NOT gotten the fax and would need a fax from the employee who opened the account. I explained the situation and that the company was closing and that we would not be able to incur any more costs. At that point there was some relatively small amount owed so I needed to quickly shut off this expenditure. Again I sent a fax from the owner and was told not to contact them for three more weeks. When I did I was told the same thing and that they would contact me, etc. At this point I was closing a 4500 square foot office and trying to provide for my family in this crisis. This went on every three weeks and finally I got someone to acknowlege that I had called. Though they gave me the run around and told me to call back in three weeks while they "worked on this". No matter how many times I spoke with someone about the urgency and severity of this problem no one could take any action always deferring this to a superviser and shutting the door to any effective problem solving. Finally mid summer (six months after first speaking with someone) bill collectors were calling and I explained that I had been trying to remove the boxes and not incur anymore bills. Never did I speak with anyone who could take action. Eventually a law firm began calling me in a mocking tone taunting me by saying I "wanted our records destroyed". I politely talked to the law firm's associate and explained that I actually wanted to just remove the boxes but I was unable to make any payments due to this catastrophic financial collapse of the business. He tried to agitate me with all kinds of methods. He then told me that he was going to auction the records under the warehouse abandonment laws similar to those at a mini warehouse. In reality, I have no abandoned these financial records with employees social security numbers. The company is simply unable to pay the compounding charges by Iron Mountain's neglect in helping me remove the boxes in a timely fashion.
Good customer service would compell Iron Mountain to admit that in this case the bill is uncollectable and to halt the "bleeding". I will run a multi-million dollar company again but this time I will never use Iron Mountain since they have been so irresponsible and difficult in my time of trouble. I've had many clients in the past that went into trouble and sometimes a company needs to look at the big picture and do the right thing. Auctioning off social security numbers to identity thieves is not the right thing. So if you have anything confidential do not store it at Iron Mountain Records Storage lest something happen and you will lose protection of these records.
Tonight someone from Iron Mountain showed up at MY HOME!!! I was not at home but it is ironic since no one knows where they have my records. I was told that all records are held at a secret location and that they will be transferred out of state and auctioned. I will be filing complaints with the BBB, the Chamber of Commerce and anyone I can think of. Protect yourself and your employees. Store you records in a metal building from the local garden center in the middle of a ghetto and you will be safer than storing them at Iron Mountain.
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N  10th of Jun, 2011 by    0 Votes
Tell Iron Mountain no problem if you auction my boxes you are doing so without my consent therefore leaving your company open to many lawsuits. The documents that are in those boxes are FACTA and HIPPA protected. If you auction my boxes you are doing so without my consent and therefore you are not NAID compliant. NAID is the NationalAssociation for Information Destruction, Iron Mountain is a certified member and it will be revoked quickly if they go ahead and auction off your boxes. Also I highly suggest you contact those in charge of FACTA and inform them that tons of people's information is about to be released by Iron Mountan without any client's consent. Call up any news station in your area. I promise you Iron Mountain will give you back your boxes. You may still be in financial debt to them but they are LEGALLY not allowed to sell off private information. Especially since they know it has sensitive information. If they do, they are going against what they stand for and that's simply protecting your clients information. NEWS MEDIA WILL BE ALL OVER THIS STORY!!!
N  16th of Sep, 2014 by    0 Votes
You poor thing! Iron Mountain's Customer service is totally laughable!!! I asked for our login details to be updated with our new Archive Admin email address - what do they do? Terminate our online account! I ask for it to be reinstated - they don't even send us the password to login. Finally, I login and order our boxes - they send them to our old address!! They then blame me for the delivery to the wrong address and make me pay for it - no apologies. I'm going to use ReStore (UK) in future. So far they have been 1 million times better.
D  28th of Nov, 2014 by    -1 Votes
It is folks like you all that want hand holding for every little thing but will then argue about pennies in the next breath. Your business went under... Not IM's fault that you waited probably waaaay too long to contact them. Should a company work for free because of your misfortune? You contacted them immediately while your company was going under? Doubtful and pathetic you are. I have worked with this company for 20 years and although they do make mistakes it is the safest and most secure place to store information. What they don't do is let people have their stuff back without paying for it.
A  4th of Dec, 2014 by    +1 Votes
post from train22 sounds like an IM rep. IM has some questionable and seemingly unethical business practices. just check them out on glassdoor.com and you will get a lot of insight. post from justathought is correct. it would be idiotic and irresponsible for IM to auction off the boxes...not to mention a deathwish for their business once if other clients get wind of it.
N  4th of Dec, 2014 by    -1 Votes
Not a rep but rather someone that has had a great experience with a company and cannot stand when people torch other people, companies, etc because of a unique situation. I agree that it would be stupid to auction off boxes which is an industry practice...not an IM thing. They have an entire show on tv about people auctioning off storage units... how do you think this happens? Cuz people don't pay their bill. I think it is very funny that forensix immediatley jumps to the conclusion that this must be a company rep becuase I do not agree with 100% of what the orignal post is saying. Storage in the middle of a ghetto is saver? Nothing constructive about that and I think that there are quite a few people and compaines would disagree. Maybe in the 100's of thousands. Of course those people probably take the time to understand what they are paying for and actually pay their bills. Also, I have experience with other companies like this (currently and in the past) and IM's pricing model is very comparible to pretty much everyone else. Someone showed up at your home??? To collect on past due's for a few hundred boxes??? Just don't do business with them anymore... why go on-line and lie through your teeth with every key stroke?
N  25th of Aug, 2016 by    0 Votes
Might I suggest switching to Corodata if your business resides in CA? They easily save you around 50% off what you'd pay at IronMountain for record storage, shredding, and scanning. They're also small business oriented while still being one of the largest record storage companies on the west coast. If your boxes somehow get wrecked in the moving or storing process, they'll replace and re-box everything for you. I work for this company, and to me, the best thing about this job is seeing the faces people make when they switch from IM to us and see our rates. If you have any questions you can contact me at Mbourlard@corodata.com or at 408-428-1100 Ext. 1131. You can also visit their website at Corodata.com.

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