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Posted: Feb 10, 2013 by    

Holding my money!!!!

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Seattle, Washington
United States
Phone: 8666929356
I trusted moneytree over 2yrs now so i decided to get the ION PREPAID CARD!! The day i got the card i put $500.00 i paid my bills through my ION CARD it works pretty well.. After 2weeks using the card i decided to fill out the direct deposit form so it will be easy for me.. So feb 6 my first direct deposit my employer lend me a check saying my money its on my ION PREPAID CARD im so excited so i called the the number written on the back of the card so when it saying that i have $26.81 on my account so that means my pay check its not on my ION CARD YET SO ICALLED MY EMPLOYER TO FIND out why the money its not deposited yet?? My employer called the payroll then they said the money already taking deposited and been taking off on thier business account.. So i called customer service and said i spoke to my employer that they deposited already so they ask me if its the right routing nd account number and i said yes and now they were telling me to verify my employer if its the right number.. So today i called my employer and she give me the tracking number for the deposit 091000017839639 WELLS FARGO BANK after that i called them back to give them tracking number.. They said ok i will write this down and see what we can do and im sorry for the inconvenience. I just hang up!! The next day i called again and asked what happened if they found it and still they said THEY CANT FIND AND THEY ASKED ME AGAIN TO VERIFY THE ROUTING AND ACCOUNT NUMBER.. And is this your first direct deposit and i said yes!! The girl said oh its your first direct deposit maam it will take 5 days to process?! R u kidding me?! That was a lie... I got a direct deposit so i can get my money fast and now theyre telling me i have to wait 5 days?! They really HOLDING MY MONEY!!
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N  20th of Feb, 2013 by    +1 Votes
having the same issue. they are super misleading. they have been holding on to my money for now going on a week. they have closed the card saying the deposit was fraud and made me get a notorized statement amongst a few other things to verify that this transaction was legit. I am furious because I am in need of my money and they did not tell me they would hold on to my deposits. NOW they are and are playing games with my money and this has me so upset. They will NEVER again get any service from me OR anyone I do know. I have NEVER had this issue with the NETSPEND Prepaid card. I actually receive my paycheck and any other deposits 3 days earlier than anyone at my job. They are telling me they can not reopen the card they they closed and told me would be back open once everything was verified. AND telling me they will send me a card in 7-10 days. There is NEVER a supervisor to speak to. They tell you they will call you back. So I understand your frustration. They seem so incompetent when I speak to them. No one knows anything. All they know is what they can read in their computers.
A  22nd of Mar, 2013 by    +2 Votes
Experiencing the same problem with the ion card that was purchased through money tree . we contacted the ion company and the rep. said that the card was closed due to fraudulent information ... Now they want rental agreements or utility bills to prove the identity of the card holder . And for a lousy 60.00 dollars . Green Dot is what I normally use and will continue to use them . Personally I think its a huge scam .
N  1st of Apr, 2013 by    +1 Votes
Nothing but problems with this card. Been using the pre-paid cards through Money Tree for years, and never had a problem. Then was told that they no longer used that company, and would have to switch to the Ion. Ok...No problem. Got the new card, loaded it, set up pin #, thought we were good to go. Went online to pay my phone bill, got the confirmation number, great. 2 days later, get notice from my carrier that the payment was denied. Called Ion Prepaid...they said I was entering the wrong pin, which is why they denied the payment. I told them I was not asked to even enter a pin on the payment. Go back and forth arguing with rep for almost an hour, solution, according to them, was reset pin number. Ok...did that. Paid my phone bill again..this time with a late fee. My carrier accepted payment...then two days later, another call from carrier saying the card denied payment. UGH! Call Ion AGAIN! same response...its not our fault...its the carrier...nothing we can do, so I request a call from supervisor, was told I would hear back within 4 hours. 5 hours later, still no call, so I call back AGAIN! Different rep (of course), says there is no notes in my account and no request to speak with a supervisor. WTH! Then was told, well cant you just pull the money out of an ATM, and make payment in person. Really? Ummm.pretty sure I bought your card to avoid having to do that! And when I said to the rep, well would I get a credit for the ATM fee?...He says, No we cant do that. He said they have no way of denying my card, and that its on my carriers end. Never had a problem paying them before with other prepaid cards. Ion Prepaid is a joke... I will never be using them again.
A  2nd of May, 2013 by    +2 Votes
I pay my bills with this card. Money is missing each time I deposit . No one helps me locate the money and I want to know the reason we are paying $5.00 fees if no help is offered. Is it the people I paid that took an additional payment or is it the ION Card Company. They told me to call the people who I paid. No phone numbers listed and tried emailing. It's impossible to resolve especially when I'm the one in the middle and would have no way of resolving these types of matters without ION Card on the line with me.
N  22nd of Jan, 2014 by    0 Votes
I personally have had no problems with this card and my direct deposits. I totally understand the denials if the source of the deposit can not be verified. There are a lot of scrams that involve US citizens cashing forged checks and money orders. Been through that myself and the bank let it go through, I used the money and it then came back as fraud money. I almost went to jail, I had to pay all of it back to the bank. Since then, I appreciate all fraud watch systems on my banking.
A  31st of Mar, 2014 by    -1 Votes
A  9th of Jun, 2014 by    0 Votes
I've had trouble with Ion to. I had my annuity directly deposited and they held it, not depositing it to my account. I had to have the check canceled and mailed to me. I've changed the direct deposit. I think they hold on to the money collecting interest until they have to deposit it, or it's canceled by the sender. What really made me furious was every time I called them to ask where my money was I never got a direct answer and they charged me a 1$. DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE!!!

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