Indian Fortune Teller Scam / Psychic scam to the shop owner in melbourne

1 Thomastown, Victoria, Australia

An Indian man, aged 30-40, came to my shop at Thomastown on 24/05/2016 about 2pm. He showed me his business card, named Raj, introducing himself as fortune teller and said "You have a lucky face". He then did his "fortune tell", such as you should keep your secret, 2 women would be jealous of your success, you should get an old horseshoe on your shop's door etc.

However, he did not tell, I was in sadness because my best friend was in trouble.

Then he asked my name and my DOB - I refused. Simply because I don't like to share my personal information to a stranger. and I knew, he might understand a bit psychology, but definitely is not a fortune teller. Anyway, to the important part. he then showed me a picture of children, and claimed that they were children in India need help and called 'happy heart' or something similar. he asked me to donate some money for them. I did, because it's cold winter outside, even he is a liar, he needs money for food or clothes. I asked a stone in return for that donation - just to be fair.

But surprised me, 22/06/2016, he came to the shop again around 3pm. Nothing new, still ask for money. I still gave, but half of last time, his face told it's not enough, before he said that, I explained to him I have to pay my staffs, I cannot give more.

I thought he would just leave, but he asked me when he can come back again. I tried to be nice, but already found any excuses to refuse he came back.

29/06/2016, around 3pm. he came again. Said he would be back to India the next week. and ask for money again.
I said to him, "I left my wallet at home."
"Can I come tomorrow or later in the week?" he said, and repeat the "tell"
"Look, in Australia, any donation over $2 I can ask for receipt and also checking whether the Charity is fake or not. But I never ask you. Both of us understand what happened."

"If the money I gave to you you really take back to India for the kids, I am really happy, but if not, that is your problem. And I believe I gave enough."

"You can't let me go back with empty hands." he said.

"Look, I am so nice to you already. But I hope this is the last time I see you. you know what, you may have knowledge about people lucky face looking, but you definitely is not fortune teller, at least you are not mine, because you didn't tell my sadness at very first time."

He still wants to explain something, and I refused to listen and send him away.

So just be aware, the street Psychic scam is real, and now came to the shop.

Jul 03, 2016

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