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Incorp Services / unethical behaviour

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The services this company offers, you can do on your own. It doesn't take long to do online, which is what I did. Though, since I needed an address in the state I registered the business, I decided to answer to an InCorp Services ad.

So I ended up using InCorp's address in the state my business is registered. This happened years ago. At the time it was inexpensive. Life happens and things did not work out. However, I re-instated my business years later. And, paid the fee to InCorp since I had used them before.

It was never clear there was a problem because their invoices only show a yearly charge. Never have I seen an invoice with the charges from all the years that my business was not in service until today. As I go in to pay the fee to keep my business in good standing I decided to also pay a visit to InCorp with the idea that I'd pay for another year's service. However, was shocked to find they'd charged me for all the years my business was not registered, and I wasn't making an income from the business. In addition, back when I was just using their address (which is all I've done), InCorp Services never once forwarded any mail to me. These people are scammers!

Now they claim I owe them $600. I am writing a letter to the California Department of Business Oversight, The State of Nevada Department of Business and Industry, and the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies. I am sending letters to the Office of Secretary of States in Nevada, Colorado and California. I am sending cc's to the BBB in Nevada and Colorado and California. Because InCorp Services failed to show the total amount of what they claim I owe them on the statements. They only show you a yearly fee. So they'll take your money without disclosing to you that you still owe them for the years you were not in business. That's it. I'd imagine that a lot of customers would leave if they knew they were incurring charges during the years they were not needing their service.

InCorp Services make it impossible to cancel:

When I tried to cancel their service the only information I could find was this: "If you’d like to cancel Registered Agent service with InCorp, we have to be removed from public record. Until that’s done we’re basically forced to continue serving and charging for services." Forced? Hah! How about you cancel services until the fee is paid? Let the Secretary of State know that you no longer act as a registered agent for a business that has failed to pay for your services.

I went ahead and got a different company. I changed the information to reflect in the public records. Now I'm waiting for InCorp to send me the bill because I can't find a way to cancel it online. When I called there was no answer. By the way, I printed the page for my own records. Their wording is quite dramatic, and vague.

This issue will not be resolved without a fight. If they dare send me to collections, I plan to sue them in small claims court. These are EFFERS! And I'm sick of EFFERS taking advantage of people.

My best advise. Stay far, far away from InCorp Services. Go elsewhere!

  • Updated by tiredofeffers, Apr 15, 2017

    So I had to dig to find the emails from Incorp Services. It turns out they do email you invoices. However, I can't recall getting anything by mail. I am right in that their invoices only show the $99 fee and fail to mention the previous years or any other charges. It is unethical to charge for service that it is impossible to provide. If my business is not in service, then there is not much they can do to serve me. They are not in any way 'FORCED' to continue to serve you. I am reading the information provided by the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs and have yet to find anything there that says Registered Agents are 'forced' to serve you if you don't make the changes at the state level. The Secretary of State site does not mention anything regarding to a registered agent being forced to serve you either. So I will need to get that information directly from Incorp Services. Once a business is dissolved, they should know since they are in the business of verifying that sort of thing. There is a form that Incorp Services can fill out to let the state know they are no longer your Registered Agent. It is The Statement of Change Regarding Resignation or Other Termination of Registered Agent . Instead, they prey on people by charging them year after year for services the customer doesn't get nor knows about or figures since the business has dissolved the service is discontinued. Especially since they charge for their services in advance it's easy to assume that once the year is over the service is also cancelled. Folks, all you have to do is file a form. The Statement of Change Regarding Resignation or Other Termination of Registered Agent is only $10 to file in my state. If you are changing your Registered Agent before the periodic review there is another form with another charge of $10. However, if you are changing Registered Agents at your periodic review there is no charge at all.

    My other issue is that they are not straightforward with their pricing like other Registered Agents are transparent. They don't pro-rate either which is another way for them to keep your money. Next, at first sight Credio seems to give them good reviews. However, when you click on the website it doesn't appear they have great reviews. It is not a secret that the BBB is not reliable. Even a simple search online will uncover the nasty parts of the BBB and that reviews are not what they seem.

    When I wrote the original review I was very upset. I am now to the point where I can actually do something with my business and when I saw that big charge I just saw thru what they are trying to do here. The fact is, I hadn't seen those invoices. We will see what happens. Incorp Services seems to hide behind business policies. I've been around long enough to know that business policies are made up and pure [censored]. Hiding behind policies is how they try to manipulate the customer. I automatically question everything. And when I see unfair I scream unfair. I know my stuff. It appears their practices are questionable and I will dispute but I will also be fair.

Apr 13, 2017
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  • Lo
      11th of Dec, 2018
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    I am having the same problem. They claim I owe them $670 when I requested to cancel in 2013 and my account told me he made the change. Now, they say I owe them for 5 years (plus $35 late fee for each year). I do not have this kind of money and they claim they are going to send it to a collection agency. They have my name and personal address. I don't want a collection agency sticking this on my credit report.

  • Lo
      11th of Dec, 2018
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    @LouieP9086 accountant* (told me he made the change)

    Any advice would be helpful.

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