SUBMIT A COMPLAINT big scam / ETATW2011 is big scam

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Contact information: is big scam
the watch they sent never worked since the arrival.
the company refused to refund me but said they could repair it for me.
after i sent the package to them, they never responded any more.

it is a fraud taiwan based replica seller. i will report them to the police.

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  • Et
      30th of May, 2012

    Yes, is definitely a big scam.
    Very bad company, very bad reputation, and very bad customer service (if it has customer service...)
    Some forums said that the seller called "A Bu Nung" is very emotional and sensitive, and don't respect his customers.
    Also, some said that his watches are exact the same as those produced in China, but, his price is almost doubled than the price in China's website.

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  • Lo
      31st of May, 2012

    Actually, I think Etatw2011 has a great reputation. Seller is a kind and passionate person, and always takes care of every watch. Many people bought from the seller said that his watches are as good as real ones. Therefore, I think you two might not ever bought any watch from the seller before, so I do not agree with your comments.

    I believe that you two are both watch seller or competitors of ETATW2011, thus posted this wrong information.

    We have had great experience with ETATW2011, hence, I can say strongly that the website is great without any hesitation.

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  • Bu
      1st of Jun, 2012

    Why there's a website saying the quality of his watch is like ### ?
    see there's a youtube to show you his watch is really bad duplica.
    Though it's in Chinese pronounciation.

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  • An
      2nd of Jun, 2012

    He is a freaking emotional person and he is not a good seller, his mouth is bad and he is uneducated person, will you believe in a person who always scold others and no manner?
    This is his attitude, we can't change his attitude because we are not his parents, we can only blame his Parents why don't give him a better educate since he was young.

    Do you believe a person talk without any proof?did he give us a
    Chance to comment on his video? No, exactly
    No, If his items are good enough and top10 in the world, he should not disable the comment, but he don't dare to do so! This is what the hell he did! Talk a lot of bull ### and making the watch price double up! Wtf!

    One more thing, you can't email him and asking a lot, or else, he will scold you..

    Funny man! I'm a consumer, and he is doing business, he give
    Me this kind of service?
    If everyone ask you, then 100% buy from
    You; you are rich like hell!
    And one more thing, he keep say china made is not good, but I guess his items all are from
    China as well.

    Taiwan and china, same! China is more expert in producing everything, Taiwan? They only know how to make meat rice!

    Basically, the guy is only talking ### without giving any proof, without giving any chance for you to talk to him or comment on him!

    Beware of this guy and he say china ppl isn't good
    La, tis la, dat la, bla bla bla..
    But honestly I tell u, china ppl is a lot better than you! A bu nong! Sucks!

    I'm not his competitor, I'm just a normal ppl and dislike his arrogant and his attitude and he is trying to make more
    Profit by talking ppl bad thin and praise himself, god will never allow this kind of ppl success seriously!

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  • An
      2nd of Jun, 2012

    Before you talk about his reputation, please check is that real, any
    Comment provided? And real proof? Definitely no! He isn't a honest seller, you guys can don't trust me, trust yourself, take more
    Of his video and compare with original 1, and those china made
    1, I believe, in terms of quality, they are same,
    Just in the video, ah bu nong 夸张 and nobody can质疑him, stop
    Giving him any money, he already scam a lot of money!

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  • Jo
      2nd of Jun, 2012

    I havent brought anything from him yet but his video very convincing that makes me want to buy but than he is damn rude i try to ask in about the watch and he tell me the price ok i am fair with it, But than i found another design so i ask him again and than he replied " If around the world got people like you i will loose my buisness in no time. THAT IS WHAT HE SAID ... I F I WERE THE TO BUY FRM HIM I REALLY [censored] HIM UPSIDE DOWN !!!

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  • Jo
      2nd of Jun, 2012


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  • Al
      3rd of Jun, 2012

    Trust me, I had been to China. Duplica watches sold there around 80 USD and exactly same quality like what he showed in video.
    Warranty ? nowadays even the normal shop won't give you proper warranty. How could he give you warranty ? no way.
    Remember, he's doing illegal business. If he thinks you are police, he will never contact you again.
    I bought his watch because of curiosity but after two weeks. The watch just busted. I never get email back from him.

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  • Jo
      3rd of Jun, 2012

    Another similar to youtube has being made by the fraudster take em down

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  • Ko
      3rd of Jun, 2012

    True, I receive his watch and the watch just busted like Aloft's. Then I never receive any reply from him.
    I would just buy whatever is cheap. Besides, I just realize there's also law penalty for people who lived in Singapore and Malaysia and order duplica. If the shipment is screened, I will be busted but this guy won't have to pay any duties.

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  • Ra
      4th of Jun, 2012

    ###! This fake watch web site is still alive!? I have the same experience. One time deal !! that's it. Crappy watch sold by ### liar.
    The Panerai is ### quality. After two month, The watch stop Same! No email reply from him anymore. I even told him that I could afford shipping and all the fee. As Local watch shop told me there's no way to repair the watch unless you could find the same asia eta parts.

    Besides, the reason I bought from him is i truly believe that etatw2011 owns the same quality. That's my biggest joke in my life. I don't wanna increase damage chance to my genuine watch. I could tell you. My conclusion on similarity between genuine and fake one is fake one is still very fake as long as you have real watch.

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  • Ja
      4th of Jun, 2012

    There's a way to take him down, upload some videos about him, and tell his buyers the truth! Make them awake! He always acting a lot of customers because he is trying to create more reputation ! He use a lot of different names, talk to himself, feel tired?or he is enjoying? Maybe this can make more profit, and he never let us comment on his 留言, once he see your comment is attacking him, he will delete! Trust me! Work together to stop this guy from selling cheap thing at high price! If only I say, nobody will believe, all of u lets share this out!

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  • Et
      4th of Jun, 2012


    网站上用日语来解释您的表的来历(”辛苦您了google translate大哥“)

    当我看见这一页的时候,我愣住了,不知所措! 我很激动!

    买家们,用您得脑袋来想想,像弄弄这些饱读黄书,满口黄腔,黄思想的”细“人 (麻烦教我反义词一下,谢谢)

    全球十大卖家是哪里人?台湾人? 您的厂家在台湾?还是全球十大卖家都飞去台湾找你的厂拿货?

    拜托你别这么嚣张,你以为你是谁?连拍vcr时都怕被拍到,我还以为你很把爆,是那么厉害叫人家出门小心,够胆你拍你自己的样子出来,我也会 花个7千元 叫征信社人配合中华电信去查会你的ip,然候查到你可能出门时要小心点,出门看路 谢谢!


    鸟话1: 你把一个真品,一个弄弄的表放在一起,如果你分辨得出哪个真哪个假,你吞掉 之类的话,那是拿来骗小孩!
    鸟话2:二手商店要出价买你的表,干你的! 你那么厉害,拿你的表去当铺 当,一个当8万台币就好,你那么多货,一天当一粒,你都发过李嘉城!

    现实生活中,你是一个废物,不要在网络扮老大,不要耍个性,你以为你很厉害?凸 -.- 凸

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  • Et
      5th of Jun, 2012


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  • Gu
      5th of Jun, 2012

    Yes! TRUE! I bought a watch from him, 1week then the watch is not working anymore! Then i email him, he Nvr reply! IM SO ANGRY AND I CANT EVEN CONtACT HIM! I try to post on his website, but he deleted my comment! WHAT THE HELL!!!

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  • Gu
      5th of Jun, 2012

    Where is his website ?

    Domain Name :
    PunnyCode :
    Creation Date : 2012-02-07 00:14:54
    Updated Date : 2013-02-06 00:00:00
    Expiration Date : 2013-02-06

    Organization : zhang ai
    Name : zhang ai
    Address : tianhe.guangzhou
    City : guangzhou 廣州
    Province/State : GD
    Country : CN 中國
    Postal Code : 511431

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  • Je
      5th of Jun, 2012


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  • An
      5th of Jun, 2012

    他说可以戴一辈子的哦! 而且内幕消息,他的老客户林 sir,孙sir之类的照片,并非他的客户,车子是跟别人借的,还是他所谓的六六,信不信由你

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  • Wa
      5th of Jun, 2012
    Another illegal action again! let's report him again.

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  • Wa
      6th of Jun, 2012

    hahaha, this is funny !!

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  • Lo
      8th of Jun, 2012

    Hello, I think that some of you MUST HAVE NOT BOUGHT any watch from before, and I guess most of you are also watch sellers. Actually, I have a very good shopping experience with ETATW2011, as I bought AP12 sec and Panerai 326 from it, the quality of the two watches are definitely the best of the best. I know the price might be a little bit more expensive than others, nonetheless, I strongly believe that I will buy from ETATW2011 again. Do you know why? Based on the real experience of purchasing some replica watches from mainland China before, I found the quality is terrible, and the most important of all, you can't find the person who sold you the watch. I strongly SUGGESTthose who HAD REAL EXPERIENCE BUYING WATCHES from ETATW2011 should STAND UP and say something REAL here.

    Personally, I regarded ETATW2011 the best watch selling website, and will definitely buy other watches from it in a near foreseeable future.

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  • Im
      8th of Jun, 2012

    我只是在想,这个阿不弄所谓的保固,是什么东西,基本上他这个人有点头疯,不时会好像女生来月经,you know menstruation!顶距个肺!如果你发多两个email给他,他就会发脾气,鸟9你!你懂什么是 diu 9 lei?这样子的话,假设你买的表坏了,你很生气,你找他理论,你觉得这位白痴弄会理会你吗?不会用脑想,用你的鸡巴去想吧!做生意,要有服务,服务态度就是零脾气,万一发现问题,不是选择逃避,人家去他的留言区留言,投诉,他肯定会删除,因为他的表是垃圾,不敢让别人留言,他没有春代 (chun doi)我不怪他!
    有种就别删除留言,他敢的话,我跟他姓弄! 马海!

    台湾是他的卖点,selling point
    如果他不说他自己的东西是made in taiwan,你会和他买吗?
    因为在你们的脑里面,made in china 就是不好,
    全球最大腕表供应商 是台湾的?

    他的youtube video,都是禁止你们留言的!

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