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Allpoetry is a site to write poetry, the comunity is good for the most part, How ever the forums exisit. The "pub" is the one in question here. The site has a group of moderstors unpaid, who have the power to "ban" at will. this has become ridiculous. The pub has addmitted addicts, as well as unstable people. The reasoning by the owner of the site is we keep them here so they will not spill over on to the rest of the site. How ever the harasment is overwheming, they make up something or take something out of context as they did me and run with it, day after day, until though I am a paying member and bought months in advance as most do, a gold membership. I am banned from all forum s at this time for retaliating. You can not get these people to stop or get off of you. They do this repeatedly to people. You can join on a free membership and go the pub forum and experience this personally, no you do not have to write poetry. I love to write and I am not a person easily intimidated.. how ever if I had known how this system worked and this place exisited on all poetry .. never would I have entered the hell hole. The language is vile, filthy and they never stop.. once you enter it will not let you go as long as you are on the site.. BEWARE OF ALL POETRY A GOLD MEMBERSHIP IS 14.99 A MONTH
The owner is collecting the money and the written abuse is over whelming, when they place a ban on you and not the abusers because they make money for the site, people like to come and watch what they do. each click is money paid by an ad, I am thinking. I am angry and confused.

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  • Gd
      14th of Sep, 2011

    It is a shame that the person complaining only gives half the story. The other half is that they were as much a part of the problem as what they are complaining about. Hence her being banned from the forums... It's a pity some people cannot see their own failures.

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  • Ad
      16th of Sep, 2011


    I'm terribly sorry that you are having a hard time here at allpoetry. Our moderators tend to stick to guidelines set to make the site safe and enjoyable for all. Sometimes, it is a moderator discretion that someone may receive a ban only in extreme circumstances. We don't like to ban people, especially gold members, but sometimes if things do end up getting out of hand, we do need to take action to keep the site in a friendly environment.

    Thank you for your co-operation,


    (New Site Owner)


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  • No
      16th of Sep, 2011

    Admastor is not the site owner, he is in a special relationship with Scooter. I feel he has gone too far posting here, Scooter's mom refuses to let him live in her basement too, as it is not large. Adamastor cries a lot otherwise most likely he is harmless. How ever talk of a ranch for homeward men to be ran by ex sumo wrestler Eric Traveler will be opening soon to accommodate all, ahh the nostalgia of it all . Please ignore the woman running around with the bandanna she is beyond help and thinks the voices are real.

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  • No
      16th of Sep, 2011


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  • Bo
      17th of Sep, 2011

    The complainant has some trouble coping with the unruly nature the AP Pub forum. This is not a criticism of her- it is just that she did not get on well with many of the other members of the forum...

    ...and in the nature of these things, the argument escalated into a big permanent fight that was NEVER going to stop. This was clearly doing the complainant no good at all, indeed, some damage. It was worrying to watch her distress.

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  • On
      24th of Apr, 2012

    All-poetry fails hands down, the animals have left the zoo. Kevin is more concerned about money the mods are friends with the animals and chaos rules. Find somewhere else to go. Free does not mean free.

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  • Sh
      16th of May, 2013

    how do stop being a gold member of allpoetry? i hear they charge fees? i had never intended to be a gold member but they made me one!

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  • Ke
      1st of Jul, 2013

    Hi, this is Kevin, the actual site owner :)

    There are some trolls posting things about the site here that are exaggerated or not true. Please give our large poetry site a shot, and try the "contact us" link in the bottom left if you're having an issue with another member.

    Online communities are tricky places - we try to do our best with moderating, but sometimes people get into fights with each other, and sometimes they are rude. We give warnings and ultimately ban people who are consistently rude.

    @shreya goswami - There is always a free membership to the site, you get a "trial" of the paid membership at first, but once it expires you're on the free membership automatically. If you do choose to buy a paid membership, you can cancel at any time from your profile settings.

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  • Di
      26th of Jun, 2016

    Easy solution: don't enter the pub. That's the point of the place. If someone is harassing you, block them, don't retaliate. If thry break the law, report them. But stay out of the pub and interact with the nice people on the site. YOU choose who you interact with. It's all about social skills and avoiding situations and people.

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  • Mo
      13th of Oct, 2016

    Being a member of was quite a frustrating ordeal. I joined to post and garner feedback on my poetry. Instead, I dealt with harassment from power tripping moderators and members who apparently get free reign to abuse other members. The vast majority of members are amateur poets with huge over-inflated egos and poor writing ability. There are a few flowers among the trash, but the odor of the garbage is overwhelming.

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  • Ja
      28th of Aug, 2018

    I also experienced power-tripping users who post at will abusive comments and seem to have hangouts in closed groups, where they plan their moves. They attacked me as a group over some political posts that weren't the correct point of view. Same issue, another site. I don't post there anymore and removed my poetry from the site.

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  • Mi
      3rd of Dec, 2018

    I had a hate comment from one user who posted something that was so personally insulting I refused to go on the site for the following FOUR months.

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  • Ar
      25th of Mar, 2019

    Funny I don’t see anything here about the rampant catfishing that goes on at AP. Keep an eye out for it, and don’t let any know-nothing moderator tell you it doesn’t exist.

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