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This yet another bad review of Hostso out of the thousands you will easily find on the internet. My sites somehow disappeared today (again), and rather than write it all out I will just paste the support ticket I created earlier:

[begin quote of support ticker]
Somehow, ALL of my websites have disappeared. Add-on domains and databases are still showing through Control Panel, but NOTHING is left in my File Manager. This isn't the first time this has happened, not for me or thousands of other Hostso customers (which you obviously do not care about, since it has been going on for so long).

Before you give me your canned answer of, Sorry, we do not do backups, let me quote this from your front page like I did the last 2 times this happened:

[begin quote of front page of Hostso]
Feature Packed!
Easy to use Control Panel, Virus Scanner, SPAM filter, 50 Free Website Templates, New! Easy to use Online Site Builder, Fantastico! Script Installer, Shopping Cart, WebMail, Unlimited FTP, Sub Domains, Daily Backups, Awstats Statistics, PHP, CGI, MySQL, MS Frontpage Extensions and much more.

You will notice in there that one of the Featured Packed! items is Daily Backups&. Since this is obviously your fault, I expect my sites to be restored. These sites are how I make my living, so every hour it is down is literally taking food off from my family table.
[end quote of front page of Hostso]

I know for a fact you do daily backups because every time I finally quote this to the technician, you miraculously find the backup and have my sites restored.

2 more things I should let your technicians know is that, for the last week (again), somehow my index.php files permission settings somehow keep changing to 000, which requires me to rename them, then delete them, then reupload a new index.php file.

Also, the error I am getting now is a 403 Forbidden, not the expected 404. Hope that helps narrow things down for you.

And a quick BTW that you might want to pass on to your boss: Someone recently set up a Facebook Group called I Hate Hostso. You might want to have them take a look at that.
[Edit:] This FB group was taken down within a week, so I have recreated it myself. Anyone who has a FB account that would like to join and complain please join here:

I apologize to whoever is reading this, as I realize you are not actually Hostso the company, but rather just an employee, but I hope you can understand my anger with this situation. Hoping to hear some positive news soon. Thanks in advance. - Bradley
[end of quote of support ticket]

Do NOT, do NOT sign up with Hostso. If you do not believe me just search Google for Hostso reviews and you will find literally thousands more. - Bradley

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