Hoss Von Spiegelhof / Maryam, miryam ahtar, aka sandy wright

1 950 Tignor Store Rd., Coos Bay, OR, United States
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Phone: 7319830982

This dog was whelped by me patricia jordan in my kennel and sold to sandy wright aka maryam, miryam ahktar. She posted a complaint with this board that the dog hoss von spiegelhof has dysplastic hips. She has never substantiated this claim with x-rays submitted to ofa or the sv for evaluation. She however is actively promoting and showing this male in akc events. The purpose of showing a dog according to akc is: "the true purpose of conformation showing is to evaluate breeding stock. The dog's conformation—his overall appearance and structure—is an indication of the dog's ability to produce quality purebred puppies, and that is what is being judged in the ring. " no matter how good the conformation of any dog if he has known health issues or is claimed to have them he has absolutely no place in any breeding program. It would be unethical and show extremely poor breeding practices. No amount of akc points or titles on any dog without health testing for hd ed makes him/her representative of the breed. It is beyond me why anyone would campaign a dog and at the same time claim he has hip dysplasia. Clearly this dog has been used for breeding as progeny are listed on the pedigree database. Any dog that has been hd ed tested by ofa or the sv of germany and has a certificate of either: fair, good or excellent it will be posted on their databases. If the dog doesn't pass the owner can request the results not be made visible to the public. Any ethical breeder will not rely on conformation alone, health testing is done on issues know to exist within the breed to ensure sound health in the progeny. If this dog is indeed dysplastic he doesn't need to be bred, if he is not proof should be given and the complaint against me removed. The only x-rays ever received for this dog had the name, the date, any identification blackened out. It could have been x-rays of any dog... The position of the dog was extremely poor distorting the image. No breeder nor ofa will accept unlabeled x-rays. Ms. Sandy wright aka maryam, miryam, akhtar wanted her money back and to keep the dog without offering any proof. She scammed another breeder who sent her a yorkie, $3500 after a few months she complained the breeder sent her money back including the shipping cost... It was agreed she would return the dog... She didn't. She kept the dog and the money.

Dec 17, 2015

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