holly Hamilton D.M.d. / charged $127.00 for free consultation

1 10725 Hwy. U.S. #1, Sebastian, FL, US

NOTE: Has nothing to do with complaint I'm filing but be advised their ins. dept. advised us that

IF YOU ARE ON MEDICARE, Holly Hamilton DMD WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY DENTAL INSURANCE except one of the aarp dental plans because they do not consider ANY OTHER dental ins. a REAL ins..!!
My 82 year mother was told Holly Hamilton DMD on the phone that if she brought in her own x-rays, (which she did) for their dentist to look over in order to determine HIS cost on her dental work it would be a FREE consultation so she made an appointment.
I went in with my mother and after a very short appointment, ( he NOT doing ANY work at all, ) was not given a price by the dentist, instead told by him to see the women at the front desk. I saw my mom being told something by a woman, while she pointed her finger demanding something of her. Mom signed something but seemed quite upset. By the time I was able to get near the door mom was heading outside already and when we got to the car she was almost crying so I asked her what had happened.
She told me she paid them $127.00 for the FREE consultation because they were demanding it and was mean and she thought if she didn't they would call the police on her. She would have paid anything than because she was so frightened of them.
Well, I was outraged seeing my poor mother in this state so I immediately went back into the office asking them where they got off forcing my 82 year old mother to pay $127.00 for a FREE consultation or what she was told was supposed to be a free consultation and why they treated so harshly. One woman did the same thing to me as my mother. She began shaking her finger in my face yelling that this is their policy and their prices. I lost it and raised my voice too because my elderly mother was so upset and crying and I told her that their policy, prices and they all stink because of the way they have treated both my poor mother and me, mostly my mother
There Is absolutely NO excuse for the way they RIPPED off my 82 year old mother and especially the way they MISTREATED her! I can NOT even believe they are still in business the way they treat people.
I am going to follow this up with the American Dental Association and the Better Business Bureau and any other organization I can find to file against this horrible dental office. I wonder how these pwople sleep at night.

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