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HAMP program



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Saxon Mortgage
United States
I think the HAMP program is very misleading to the consumer, after applying for this program a year later I was informed that i don't qualify. The information that is now available on saxon mortgage's site concerning the NPV which determines if your income meets the criteria was not available a year ago and now that my income has decreased even more i no longer can qualify thisprogram . I now have to meet monthly payments that i cannot presently afford because if i qualified it would have lowered my monthly payments by $500.00. I want to continue to live in my home, my spouse's work status is subject to change shortly but that may not make a difference at this point...
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A  2nd of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
Our lender PHH never informed us that we would be responsible for amount not paid during the last year. Our payment was also lowered $600 per month and now we have been denied and have to come up with almost $9000 to bring our mortgage up to date! We have recieved a notice to forclose and have been paying every month like we were told. We were denied because we did not submit an updated pay stub hich we were never informed that we had to do in the first place. PHH has not once called us to update us or let us know that this item had not been submitted. We are now worse off than we were when we started the program. We felt like we were finally making some progress to get our financial situation on track, and now we have this slammed in our face.
N  11th of Apr, 2013 by    0 Votes
How & Who do homeowners file a complaint with concerning predatory and/or illegal practices regarding the HAMP Modification Program? I was denied a HAMP Modification when I am a recent widow on Survivor Spouse Social Security, my deceased husband's tiny pension and varying month income from Substitution Teaching. My mortgage lender Ocwen stated the reason of denying the HAMP Modification was that I made sufficient income to afford my monthly mortgage payments that recently increased from $624 per to $1045 per month, which would take my entire Social Security benefit to pay my monthly mortgage. I was also denied because I was not behind in my mortgage payments and not in jeopardy of going into default, at which time I was 2 months behind and now almost 4 months behind. Therefore, I was denied a HAMP Modification for erroneous reasons. I was also told by an Ocwen Rep. that a HAMP requirement was to add 35% on to my Social Security monthly thereby increasing my total assets and/or income. This did not seem right to me as I do not see that 35% increase whatsoever and when I called Social Security they told me I was receiving the gross amount and should not be increased by 35% I do not receive. It looks to be this denial is predatory and a bait and switch scheme to force me into Ocwen's Modification Program. No wonder 2/3rd of the people that have applied for the HAMP Modification Program have been denied. THIS NEEDS TO BE INVESTIGATED NOW!!! HOW MANY MORE PEOPLE HAVE TO LOOSE THEIR HOMES DUE TO PREDATORY ACTIONS OF MORTGAGE LENDERS BEFORE THEY ARE STOPPED??????
A  20th of May, 2013 by    0 Votes
The Banks are still doing fraud only now with the Hamp Program Where do you send complaints? lhykrn@yahoo.com
A  8th of Jan, 2014 by    0 Votes
So disgusted I can barely type this out. Our home IS in foreclosure, sitting with an attorney as I post this. My husband is in the ARMY, has been for the last 14 years, been deployed twice. We have a 3 year old and a 15 month old baby. We have now lost our home because of this program because the person who enrolled us in it failed to tell us about the approval process AND sent our loan for review AFTER all 3 payments were made. How can this happen? How can this happen to good, honest people? NO HELP FROM CU MEMBERS MORTGAGE, NO HELP FROM KML LAW GROUP. Does any one have any advise? Obviously we don't have the money to pay the attorney to save the home, but any info will be appreciated. Please email me...Thanks arngwife2008@gmail.com
N  7th of Oct, 2017 by    0 Votes
@KAT2008 Sorry to hear about your situation. I fought since '08 was evicted last year but am still reviewing legal options. Am seeing issues w KML Law. It is now being reported Chase manipulated the settlements with phony mortgages and monitor gave them the green light. Will email you to review if you're up for it.
A  31st of May, 2016 by    0 Votes
The loan modification process is a joke, and by doing so you are affirming that a debt exists in the first place!!! not one of the services in your "loan transaction" will ever give you the elusive loan modification and if they do, they will then foreclose while you are making payments on the modification. Just sue them as they can not produce your note and can not produce the owner on whose behalf they are collecting a mortgage from. You need to write a validate the debt letter and they will provide you with an entity, you need to write a letter to the entity they claim owns your loan and ask them what part they play in your loan, i guarantee you, they write back and tell you they are only a trustee and that as such have no legal right to modify or foreclose on your loan. Also yake a look at your mortgages documents go online to the county recorders office and input your name and view then online see if the paperwork was assigned properly and if mers is involved in your loan, if it was, your note was more than likely sold in a pooling and serving agreement, securitized, the note was bifercated (separated from the deed of trust) and is null and void, you all need to do your research as oer 70 million titles are clouded, which essentially means, you could never refinance or sell your home with the title in the condition these idiots have put it. If you have an assignment with a wall street investor and it list mbs (mortgage backed security) on your documents, there is no true owner, and i think no owner no loan. You then need to file a quiet title action and get your house free and clear of any liens that were paid in full as soon as you signed your mortgage docs. At the closing table. They have made ten times the value of the amount your originally borrowed, then collected mortgage payment (they never actually lent you) with interest, then when you fell 91 days behind the insurance paid off your loan three times the value of original amount, that is a whole lot of money made by the banks, then to add insult to injury they steal your home, without the legal paperwork, neccessary to do so. Our courts are corrupt the foreclosure mill law groups are corrupt and bring countrfeit docs. Into the court!!! do not try to modify a loan that never existed, sue them for illegal collection of an alleged debt. Also read the book clouded title by david krieger, it will explain exactly what the bankster gangsters did to you after you signed the promissory note which to them was like receiving a blank check that they could use over and over again, none of this was disclosed at the closing so they also should be sued for fraud at the inception of the loan. Read the book or contact me at d.Casey1@yahoo.Com i can walk you through some steps toward a happy ending!!! for you, not the banks lol!!!

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