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Grant Funding Source / Charged unauthorized fees!

1 UT, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 8005580064

I called to cancel my membership and they keep charging my account. This membership was canceled in January 2008 and I continue to be charged. They refer me to

I submitted a notice to cancel my membership and I am still being charged.

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  • Ch
      15th of Mar, 2008
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    unclesams money is a fraudulent site.stay away from it.fake phone and email address.there is no real contact.

  • Ce
      31st of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    I never subscribered to this service and my account is being charged, what canI do?

  • Ni
      10th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    I cant believe this so called "business". I just got charged $60 odd sum dollars when my 14 day trial was still active! Now my bank is over drafted dam it. All I can say is. Go to your bank and have them cancel your current bank account and have them assign you a new one since i highly dought a fraudulent website would do anything that has to deal with refunding money or stop stealing for that matter.

  • St
      7th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    I just started researching this co. before I invested. I am soooo glad I did. Just to offer some advice, I would do a stop payment on this co. It may cost you whatever the bank charges but well worth it. A stop payment is inaffect for 6 months. Good luck to you all. Thanks for the warning

  • Na
      9th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    I spent a total of an hour on the phone with two tards at Grant Funding Service only to have them say "the system won't let me credit your account" and hang up. I had explained that I cancelled my membership as per the instructions given on the website, but mysteriously there was no record of it. I immediately contacted my bank and disputed the charge. The money was put back in my account within 48hrs. Should you fall victim to this scam, call Grant funding Services; I was able to reach them at1-800-853-6058, cancel your account and get a cancellation code, feel free to use some profanities, I did and they deserve it, then call your bank and file a dispute. your card wasn't present so a refund should be a non-issue. Good luck.

  • Da
      17th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    I was charged on my credit card 4 days into a 14 day trial peroiod.

  • Da
      17th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    charged me wrongfully.

  • Vu
      17th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    You can contact Grant Funding Source at 800-520-7109 ask for Steve .
    He told me to check with the better business bureau... hahaha ... Grant Funding Source is based in the UK !

  • Ta
      18th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    Was given a faulty number to contact them to cancel account. They game me the number 800-588-0064. I spoke with Janet Smith, Agent #0734. My confirmation number was 2000153828. Now, I have no way to cancel this 14 day trial. What a scam. Beware...

  • Gl
      5th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes
    Grant Funding Source - Grantfundingsource
    po box 1140
    United States
    Phone: 1-800-558-0064

    Isent for the grant cd which was suppose to be $1.00, and I was charged almost $100.00 for other programs I did not ask for or order, When I called, and complain I was told they did not take the money off my card, but my bill show they have almost maxed out my card...what can I do?? GLORIA

  • El
      15th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    I was called and i was skeptical. I knew something was wrong. The dude even noticed it. He gave me so much information. The ones i needed. So i give him my information. His name was Daniel Smith, which i said ### afterwards cause i know that that isn't a name. He hung up and he had told me to wait for my package. I haven't received it, and i kind of knew that i wasn't. I just want them at bay. I don't know if they're taking money from my mom's credit card. It's been bothering me for so much. My mom was with me and she saw that i was worried. I wanna know if they're taking money from her but i can't.

    i so know im screwed now. gonna tell my mom to tell the bank to call them every time someone tries to get our money.

  • Pi
      26th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    They kept calling my phone like 5 times a day. I finally picked it up today because I was wondering who it was. A heavy accented man from India came on and told me about free grants. I kept telling him no I don't want to do this but he kept pressuring me on and demanding my cc info to fill out the info. I wasn't in my right mind at the time, there were many things going on in my life, and like an idiot I decided to give it to him... now I wished I didn't and just hang up. So now he has my cc info and I never got the confirmation number or pin he supposedly "emailed" me. This call had affected me so much that I kept being worried about it after it had happened. Once I got home I went to research on them (which I wish I had done before) and right away I knew this wasn't looking good. I called my cc company right away about them and they will be closing my account and giving me a new one. I hope this will put an end to it. It's very doubtful that I'll get the cd by the looks of it. If I do I'll just "return to sender"... don't want your crap!

  • Te
      30th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    try to cancel my account and i cant

  • Ic
      20th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    i went through everything the prevvious idividuals posted in regards to trying to gain assitance with helping me start up my buiness

    and the only thing you can do to stop them is shut doew your credit card info you gave them

    and open up a new one they do not know and are unaware of

    inform your bank and credit card company of the companys info and what they have been doing

    so they can keep a watch and eye out on them trying to gain an acess to any new accounts or trry stil chargeing the old and closed ones

    and finally do what i am doing notify them and let them know that you are fileing compliants with the proper authorities to prosecute them

  • Cm
      1st of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    Just got off the phone with Jeff Morris - what an American name for someone so obviously NOT American...heavy Indian accent...

    Refused to give him the CC - told him we just got screwed by another company - which we did - smoke assassins - anyway - he went through this who bunch of crap about encrypted this and that...

    Finally told him I MUST speak with my husband first before charging ANYTHING...

    So glad all of you have told your stories - cant wait till he calls back tomorrow...wonder what kind of explanation he is gonna give when I tell him based on customer feedback - this company seems to scam all that they can...

  • Dr
      5th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    the guy told me to ride a bike to walmart to perchase a visa card because i dont have one. i was lik WTF. then he gave me this number...8005880064 reading these complaints has really dissapointed me! i really needed money for college and i had gotten my hopes up high> ugh... wat a dam scam!!!

  • Wh
      10th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    I too have been ripped off by this company!!! how stupid do I feel ... knowing the dangers of inter net buying!!! live and learn!! BUYER BEWARE !!! I used this site because a well known magazine artical claimed this site WAS NOT aSCAM !!! SO much for trusting IT IS A SCAM!!! hope this helps someone anyone! !

  • Ja
      21st of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    I disagree, I signed up for the same offer and it was made very clear that there was a CD that was sent and that there was a website that came with it. The website had a monthly fee attached to it. I used both the CD and the website and found them both very informative. People like Gloria who do not read what they are getting in to drive me nuts. All it would have took is for her to read the website before she entered her credit card information in and agreed to the terms of the order. Jake Kmtezsch

  • Ja
      21st of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    How did you try? They make it very easy, you can cancel via a telephone call, an email, or even going to and canceling your account in real time. What is so difficult about that?

  • No
      25th of Aug, 2009
    -2 Votes

    Same story, different names. Only it goes a little further. After disputing and being refunded the $50 fee that was charged during the trial period with Grant Funding Source another fee of $9.95 was charged by some company I had never heard of, /removed/ (shown on my bank statement), during another 14 day trial period that had just begun the day before (trial period started the 19th, was charged on the 20th). Not only was the "Customer Service" person rude and useless, she was wrong about everything she said. Her name? Clista. I left messages, no response. I called back to no avail. However, when I ran through the directory a few times and called various extensions, suddenly MY phone rang and it was ... XYZ GROUP with this phone number: 435-275-4172. So I spoke to Chad Clawson from this unpublished phone number in St George, Utah and found the /removed/ company IS affiliated with Grant Funding Source and Clista is absolutely unaware of the affiliation! Now in 7 to 10 days the $9.95 is SUPPOSED to be refunded to my account. Oddly though, I never gave them my account information! Not when they charged my account and not when they stated they would refund my money. They had all MY information from Grant Funding Source. No permission needed? Not legally. So, conveniently, when Chad told me it must be MY lucky day because I wanted to speak to a manager and he just happened to BE a manager I eagerly informed him that it was really his lucky day because if this issue was not resolved tonight, I was going to be on the phone in the morning with my lawyer. And I may still explore that option as I have never received the mysterious CD that set all these charges into motion! So remember: Grant Funding Source is affiliated with /removed/ who just may call you from XYZ Group, though they have no website.

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