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We purchased a new GE dishwasher from Grand Appliance, a local shop in Wauwatosa. Within a couple months it failed, flooding the kitchen floor with water which then poured into the basement. Since the dishwasher was covered under warranty, we called Grand Appliance who referred to the manufacturer, GE, for service. Dealing with GE has been a nightmare: the first visit was just to satisfy GE that the device needed replacing; the second visit was scheduled at the time my wife said she could not be home; the third visit dropped off a new dishwasher but due to zoning regulations are not allowed to either uninstall/install. So the thing sits in our garage.
I expected that when I shopped at a local store I would get service from that store. But Grand Appliance seems to accept no responsibility for the product they sell - we are at the mercy of GE's customer service or lack thereof. In retrospect I would probably get much better service from a big-box store like Home Depot which can not afford to let their customers be so dissatisfied.
I will not shop at Grand Appliance again.

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  • Ma
      3rd of Jan, 2013

    I totally agree with you. Grand Appliance could care less about you once they have sold you appliances. We spent thousands of dollars with them this past year. One of the items we ordered was a Samsung Counter-depth refrigerator. We were unhappy with the fact that the freezer door did to open far enough to put large items in. It did not open far enough to take out the removable upper basket. When we returned to the store to ask about it, they told us that's just the way they are because it is counter-depth and they dismissed us. After some research, I found out on the Samsung a website said the door should open about 18 inches. Ours opened 14 inches. I went back to Grand Appliance and told them what the website said and they told me there was nothing they could do about it and said it was out of warranty (which it wasn't). They told us to call Samsung. When we told them they should call Samsung, they gave us the excuse, that we would have better luck calling Samsung than they would. So for a second time they blew us off. Do not buy from Grand. They could care less. You will get more concern from the big box stores and they are affiliated with authorized repair companies.

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  • Tm
      11th of Apr, 2016

    I spend $3100 in this store. As a single mother with two children saving to purchase things like this is hard work, but I did it to better my family situation. I paid extra for installation and delivery so it was done the proper way and so nothing would be damaged. After inspection I noticed the fridge was damaged in many places, as I continued to inspect everything else the driver informed me that he was in a hurry and he already wrote down damaged on the sheet and if I had anymore damage to call my salesperson. After he left I went to close my front door and noticed both my screen door and exterior front door were damaged. Unable to catch the drivers as the left I immediately called grand appliance Customer service spoke with a representative who told me to take pictures and email them to her. In the pictures you can clearly see fresh wood on my floor from the damage to my nice solid wood door. A day later I was asked to send them an estimate of repair. I did so. The damage was over $1000 which I got quoted from a professional. I later received an email stating that there was no proof they did the damage and will not replace or repair my property damage. They calm to have such good customer service but can't even stand behind there customers. I was never called to get my side of the story, but they told me they interviewed their drivers and they said they didn't do it. Give me a break like they would even tell you. And why is it that they get interviewed before a decision was made but I didn't. Shouldn't the customer come first?

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