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Glamour Pageants, Inc. / Young Faces, Inc. / It is a scam!

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I just found out these companies are owned by the same person. They got me to sign up for a pagent with ridiculous fees. We had to pay for everything plus it was $20 a person to get in and $20 for a program. Than about a week letter we got a letter for an invitation to interview for a modeling agency. The guy comes in like he is this big shot agent telling some story of why the owner can't be there because he had a baby. He must have a lot of babies because he says this in every city. Than there were two very young adults maybe 18 or 20 doing the interview. They say there only looking for a few. Sure enough we get a letter saying my daughter was picked and they wanted $165 to put her in a portfolio that I don't even think exists! It is a scam.


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A  13th of Sep, 2007 by 
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They recently held a pageant in Austin, Texas. I was told to submit an application and $20.00 fee AFTER the cut-off date. I didn't get the correspondence back saying that there was a $99.00 registration fee. However, I started looking the company up on the internet and when I found out about this registration fee, I e-mailed them and was told that the fee would be $49.50.

I took my daughter to Austin and let her participate in the pageant. I started talking to another mother and read the brochure (the one I never received) and found out that indeed the $99.00 registration was applied to everyone else.

They also don't tell you that adults coming to watch the pageant must pay $20.00 each to get in. And, the souvenir journal is $20.00 each. They seem to run a [. . . ] operation! I still have not had my daughter's pictures returned!
A  13th of Sep, 2007 by 
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According to several parents who emailed, for about a $100 registration fee, they attended a weekend Glamour Model Pageant, entering their very young daughters, typically about two years old. The pageant had as many as 75 children.

Then a day, a week, or two weeks later, they received a letter from Young Faces Inc.

Young Faces Inc. states in the letter they have seen their child, or a photo of their child, and ask the parents to bring their child to an interview with Young Faces. (Some parents wonder how they saw their child, but they attend the interview, nevertheless.)

At the interview, Young Faces Inc. solicits about $150 per child for advertising space in a "book" or "catalog," which they say is sent to modeling agencies, the idea being modeling agents will see the child, then sign them to the agency, so they can receive work as child models.

Young Faces tells parents they are not a modeling agency and they get no commission if an agency picks up a child. They just give out their name and address, and the agency contacts them directly. All they do is publish a directory, a publication they say is sent to companies and individuals who utilize the services of contracting models.

Parents then wrote and asked if Young Faces is legitimate. They note Young Faces Inc. and Glamour Model Pageant had Better Business Bureau membership, but they are still not sure, wondering not only if the company is legitimate, but also if the concept is legitimate.
A  13th of Sep, 2007 by 
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A background check determined Kami Arrotti is the President of Glamour Pageants AND Young Faces! (You can verify this with PA state corporate records.) Yet no parent who inquired about the legitimacy of Glamour Pageants and/or Young Faces has ever been informed by Kami Arrotti or a representative of Glamour Pageants or Young Faces that she owns both companies. Parents were under the impression they were two separate, independent companies, with different owners.

There should have been written disclosure in any and all agreements that Kami Arrotti is the President of Glamour Pageants and Young Faces. The EIC Code of Ethics: An Ethical Standard for Talent Agents says: "It is not a condition of representation that an agent stipulates the photographer, printer, school or any other service provider for the client. Should an agent have any financial interest in above named businesses, full disclosure about said interest must be provided ... If an agent recommends a service provider in which they have a financial interest, it must be disclosed to the client at the time of recommendation."

While Young Faces states they are not an agency, and it is believed they do not have an employment agency license, which is required of modeling agencies in Pennsylvania, the same basic business disclosure principle applies. It is reasonable to say if every parent was given full disclosure, they would not all sign up for the Young Faces book. Indeed, at least one parent said when she found out Arrotti owns both companies, she was not going to pay a second time.

The Glamour Pageants and Young Faces referral arrangement allows Arrotti to double her income; first parents pay for her pageant; then they pay for her book.

The question of the legitimacy of the book idea can be answered by determining the success rate of the book. Yet no consumers have reported being told how many of the children who appear in the Young Faces book either get signed by a modeling agency or get work as models after signing with an agency, nor have they been provided with documentary evidence of the success rate.

It must be noted that no modeling agencies in published books have recommended faces of children be published in books, then sent to the agencies, as if this is how they can get discovered. Moreover, it is not a common practice. Indeed, modeling agencies, whose advice should be sought in such matters, not a company which is trying to sell something, ask parents to simply contact them directly.

Agents are typically interested only in potential child models who are near the agency. Therefore, the agencies in the phone book are the ones which should be contacted.

"Another common scheme comes from firms that charge people hundreds or even thousands of dollars to be listed in their "talent directories," which are then mailed to agents and producers. It seems like a great way to be seen, but in reality, most agents don't even glance at these directories. The vast majority of directories end up in the trash as unopened dreams."1 -- Natasha Esch, President, Wilhelmina Models
N  13th of Oct, 2007 by 
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The same thing happened to me!!! The pageant was held in Charleston WV. 1 week later I received a letter stating that "Shane" if that is a real person, had recently seen my child or had seen a picture of my child and offered me the chance to come back for a "bogus" interview which lasted all of 1 minute. Then, a week later a contract came in the mail and it stated that for $165.00 a portfolio would be put together and distributed to different companies, and they would be the people to contact us regarding modeling. These people need to be stopped in their tracks, and they should be prosecuted for fraud!!!!!!!!
A  13th of Oct, 2007 by 
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I too received a letter from Glamour Model Inc. I was so excited when I saw it. I immediately read th information and sent out ny money for the pageant. When I got there I did not know about the other expenses. After two days I received another letter from Young Faces Inc. Saying they saw my daughters picture and they wanted to do an interview with her. I went to the interview, and the man said the owner could not be there b/c he had a baby. A week after the interview I received a letter saying that my daughter was chosen. I sent $165 for a directory, ans when I received it my daughters DOB was not in it. I have called numerous times and the same women has assured me over and over it has been changed, and that she will send me another directory right away. I received her contract feb.2007 and it is now Oct.2007 and I have no received anything from them. I had no idea about this agency until tonight. I am absolutely shocked and disgusted by this company. I hope they get prosecuted with fraud!
A  16th of Oct, 2007 by 
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Thank you so much for all the people that have written about this! I just got a letter to my youngest son. We attended the Glamour Pageant and my oldest son won 1st Place, but because my youngest is only 3months I didnt have him participate even though he was enrolled. So when I got the letter from Young Faces that was send to my youngest I found it kinda weird. Another thing I found a little "fishy" that their website wasn't on the letterhead. I did some searching and found ALL THIS!!! Thanks for not allowing me to waste my time... and money!!
N  16th of Oct, 2007 by 
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One more thing... their website has the better business bureau logo... how did that happen?
A  21st of Oct, 2007 by 
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This pageant is misleading, dishonest and by far the worst! I got their brochure and didn't see any cost associated. I decided to call and got a returned message of "send in your application and picture quickly because only 25-30 spots are available for each division and so many blonde's redheads etc are accepted". They totally ignored my question on cost. First red flag.

I gave them the benefit of a doubt and send in the application along with my daughter's picture anyways. In the next few days, I got back an acceptance letter along with application fees of $120 and other costs. Not to mention, they ruined my daughter's pic by stapling through it! I decided not to enter her for obvious reasons the cost was ridiculous! Then two days before pageant I got another postcard from them, it's now $49.99 for first time participant. Who knows what it would have cost at the door! So I thought ok, price is reasonable if anything it'll be fun for my daughter, she might win a tiara, trophy and petty jobs at the mall.

So we showed up, paid $50 and waited and waited for the contest to start. As I waited, I overheard a mom saying "I didn't paid $160 for a piece of paper". Wow $160! On top of that, they rented a TINY ballroom. Positioned the chairs right next to each other and seated the participating moms next to each other while holding their children on their lap! I was so squashed between two moms and I'm a small person too. The stage was so small about 5Ft x5Ft and the music was AWFUL and loud! I wanted so badly to get my money back and leave. The people that were hired to run the show had smirks on their faces like "I can't believe these people are falling for this suckers".

A week later, I also got the same letter from "Shane" and Young Faces. Thanks for all your headups. I will definitely not waste my time, energy, and money on this company!!

To follow up, my daughter placed came home with two trophy's and a participant paper. If you are there for a chance to win a tiara, sash, trophy for $50 it would be ok. But if you are there and paid more in hope of having a fun time or get modeling opportunities-don't bet on it. My advice is to not involve yourself with this company all together!

Not to offend anyone but the majority of people targeted are minorities. This is by far the worst pageant I've ever been too!

Lea from Houston TX. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions or comments.
A  25th of Oct, 2007 by 
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Yes, thank you ladies!!! Now I know how they saw my son's picture. It was because I turned down the whole pageant thing. I knew it was a scam, when they went from 120 dollars entry fee to 49.50 because I never responded. Someone should expose them, this is absurd!!! Yeah and he did say that Shane had a baby that is why he could not attend.
A  14th of Nov, 2007 by 
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I received the same information about meeting with the company this week. I decided to do the research and checked out BBB and a couple of other sites.

The best thing to do to expose a company like this is to make complaints against them on BBB website. A lot of times this is the first stop and the first step in exposing a company that is dishonest or that does not give full disclosure of their company.
N  6th of Mar, 2008 by 
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I've been satisfied with both of my experiences. Always on time and upfront with me.

I asked lots of questions and have been successful. Every one has a different opinion. They've been in business for twenty years and we've been associated with them for 10 and counting!
N  8th of Apr, 2009 by 
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F*** this agency its all a scam a few years ago i was in the pageant then i was contacted by young faces which i paid the $150 for the stupid portfolio which was all b.s. because everything was b.s!!! screw Kami Arrott and all those f****** people who work with her ### i hope their big scam business goes down and they all burn in hell for stealing peoples money and shattering kids and teens dreams of becoming successful and trying to be something or someone in life.
A  3rd of Aug, 2010 by 
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I experienced the samething with Young Faces. My daughter was in the Glamour Pagent and won 4th runner up and then we received a contract from Young Faces and sent them $150.00 to be listed in the talent directory. They sent me the directory and my daughter was not in it. When I called them, Mr. Shane Siar told me he must have sent me the wrong book and he would either send the corrected one or send me my money back. That was in 2005. It is now 2010 and after several unanswered phone calls and a letter to him, they have not responded. I dont understand how the better business bureau does not get involved with them. It is such a scam!!
N  6th of Oct, 2010 by 
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Some of you are just stage parents and would LOVE the business if your kid won! Blame the pageant, blame the agent, blame the judges...

I don't blame my agent if my kid blows an audition! Trust me, my agent would NEVER call me again.
Cute kids are a dime a dozen...

No business can exist for even a year and be a rip off. Get real.

Lastly, out of the 5000 customers they service a year they are bound to get some crazy ones. Hell, people even complain about McDonalds on these web sites! Is McDondalds a SCAM? My McNugget is too small. RIP OFF. Take your meds.
N  10th of Jul, 2011 by 
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Ok everyone complaining about the pageant go and try to arrange an event like theirs first you book a ballroom for under 5000 dollars second try to buy and ship trophies to another state it will cost you around a thousand dollars to send them by the way thn of coarse hire a dj again from another state and be sure it is a good one from another state lol you can't do that till the day of the event of coarse then you get around 50 mothers together and keep them all happy can't be done and then try to produce a program book and sell it for less than 20 dollars oh and by the way those need shipped as well at around 500 dollars then flight tickets for staff hotel rooms expenses and if they didn't charge for tickets to watch the show them all you idiots would be complaining that just anyone could get in and that there was no seats or that person brought 10 relatives and they all had seats oh trust me the fees are quit reasonable if you take all that into consideration oh and then try to have modeling agents there to judge for less than 500 dollars a piece for the day and if kami is the owner of both businesses what does that have to do with anything I know a lot of people who own several businesses and it is not uncommon to share info between businesses and I checked the company is a part of the better business bureau and young faces has an employment agencies license if you call them they will give you the license number that you can check out and im sure as all you idiots are currently reading this im sure you all have complaints about me
N  19th of Sep, 2011 by 
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My girls went to a glamour modeling pageant and its just like all the other pageants. It was not a scam. It sounds like many of you are just angry your girls didnt win.
N  19th of Sep, 2011 by 
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Who in their right minds would want to put baby or even let alone a child through such devious crap anyway? Have you ever stopped to think that your child's picture could end up in the wrong hands? WTH...let your child be a child and stay away from that crap! Youre just asking for problems when putting your child thru that crap.

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