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Many people are still having problems with geodeck under the two previous manufactures kadant composits and ldi. Geodeck is now on its third manufacture called green bay decking llc who has only had geodeck for two years and claims the problems are resolved. Ldi and kadant composits did not honor my warranty stating the money had been exhausted. I would not recommend this product. Look for a product that has a history of not changing manufactures many times. As for warranties, they are no longer valid if the company sells off a portion. Kadant composits is not in business but kadant inc. Is. This is the same company. There is nothing to protect the consumer, only the large coorporations.

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  • Do
      8th of Aug, 2009
    GeoDeck - cracking
    New York
    United States
    Phone: 7165494226

    decking is splitting

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  • Zo
      8th of Aug, 2009

    What caused the deck to start splitting? Did you contact them for assistance? What was their response?

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  • Jt
      18th of Feb, 2010

    There have been no problems with GeoDeck in many years. Please contact the company if you have a product question or concern

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  • Ca
      4th of May, 2010

    Supposedly the product has been improved and the company is under new ownership. However, would you do business with a company that left countless consumers high and dry? I won't ever purchase another product from this company. Burn me once, but you won't burn me twice!

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  • Tr
      8th of May, 2013

    I had a similar experience. Purchased expensive Geo Deck only to have it deteriorate. We are now replacing the railings with vinyl (flooring is still ok, but we're certain it's only a matter of time before it also deteriorates). No recourse as money is exhausted. Please email me/respond if anyone has any luck with recourse. Thanks!

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  • Br
      11th of Feb, 2018

    We had Geo Deck installed over 3 years ago. We live in Minnesota where it can get to -20 degrees. The first winter that we had Geo decking it was nothing but big bangs, maybe up to 10 times a day it sounded like someone was shooting a shotgun in the house.The contractor and lumber yard told us to wait until second winter as the hope was it would go away. The second winter was alot better but we still had bangs. Now we are are on our third winter and we still will get these bangs. I think is what happens now is that during the day when the sun is shining it melts the snow on the deck and it drops in between the tough and groove then at night when it cools off the water freezes and expands. We called Geo Deck on this and all they can say is that they have never heard of anything like this before. We have not seen any physical damage yet but there has to be something breaking internally with these noises. There should be a class action lawsuit against these frauds?

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