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GAURAV SIDDHARTH / threatening

1 India Review updated:

Great threatening, scam and spammer.
boonex account name: anyakates
also setaka.

( call him/herself from alaska but Indian )
the related email address
vinayak shukla <[protected]>
Infobip Payments <infobip.[protected]>


In order to prove, We will leave the document which were made between us.
From setaka 30.11.2010
hello yasuhisa,
are your job openings still open?
From us 30.11.2010
By reviewing your profile, we could not find enough detail.
To avoid both risk, we are afried not to offer you a job at the moment unless you give us your past experience or any detail that we can examine.
We have contacted a few people here but most of them are skilled but no business experienced. We are quite careful now.
From setaka 30.11.2010
thabks for your repyl sir.
you have posted this job request.
from us 04.12.2010
Hi and thank you for the update.
If you agree on the condition as following, Let us know; Estimate for the taks below and about the license condition.

Our need.
Customizing Dolphin 7.0.4 Blog to add,
Blog draft save function. ( draft means it not visible to public but poster )
BLog post scheduled publishing function ( scheduled post will save the post invisible in public and be published on desired time and date. )
Invisible post's tag and category are also hidden until is published. Also invisible post will not be counted as blogger's post number.
All post view page ( where include draft and schedule post, filter? ) on /blogs/my_page/ with "publish/draft/delete" status change function.

Our server,

In our past bid, engineer did not mention any of cron job and its related key point on server, ended unsorted.

We are not able to give you an access to our server cpanel in order to protect our client's information.
We will not make any payment until you complete all work.
You need to provide us the duration of your work. If you do not complete the work in your suggested duration, there will be delete penalty that "5% off from total amount of the first agreed total amount value each day.


From Setaka 03.12.2010
Hello, Yes I'm new here, but been working as freelancer for past 8 years and more. 
Following are few websites by me:
Social Networking Sites

Community Sites

Stock Exchange Sites
Real Estate Sites

Product Promotion Site

E-Commerce Sites

Music Sites

I'm ready to work on your website. 

From Us   04.12.2010
And how much are you charging?

If we agree on the cost, we can provide you a platform to work on which wil be default dolphin 7.0.4
From setaka  04.12.2010
Its okay, and I agree to the terms. And for the working, I'll be needing the backup of the website files+ database backup.
I'm asking for database also, because I wont be having access to cpanel, so I can just tweak the database.
Time of delivery is 3 days. You can deduct 5% after that. I have no problem.
I'm really confident that I can complete it within 3 days.

tell me when to start, and send me the login info. Thanks.

From us  04.12.2010
how about the license condition?
From setaka  04.12.2010
Ok, price would be around $400.
I hope i can do it for no less in 3 days. All work would be encoded so that its secured.
From us 04.12.2010
Can you also estimate the following function.

Desired Categorized-blogpost and store product into block(s) on homepage.

Site admin can place blog and store categorized block which is editable on page bild "home" as many as admin desires. <- customize
"Category" should be used default dolphin category system which user can add new category if admin authorize. <- no change

from setaka  04.12.2010
Alright with the above functions, The cost would come upto $600.

Also, license is all yours. You have full copyrights over my work. nothing belongs to me.

From us  04.12.2010
If i outsource all together, it all will be 1, 000USD?
From setaka 04.12.2010
From us 04.12.2010
We are requesting our local agency for the estimate.
We will inform you when we know.

Where are you from?
From setaka 04.12.2010
I'm from Alaska (US)
Its okay. you can contact me whenever you are ready
From us 04.12.2010
also 600USD in howlong?
From setaka 04.12.2010
It will take around 3 days.
From us 04.12.2010
If we contract, how would you like to be paid with?
From setaka 04.12.2010
ok, all payment would be via paypal.
From us 04.12.2010
We will inform you in couple of days.

I hope you have confirmed all right with no misunderstanding.
Thanks for your patient.
From setaka 04.12.2010
Ya sure.
Have confirmed everything.

Thanks. will wait for your reply.
From us 06.12.2010
We have concluded as following.
If you are able to customize only blog categorized block on Homepage with under 100 USD,
we want to start from that.
And further tasks and its amount of fee will be depend on the first bit.

Regarding to others, she can make it done with 100 USD.
She also pointed out the news block for categorized PDF customizing note.
and she believes that this customizing will not take even a day for experts.

If you are not able to take this bid, we will hope too see you some other.

From setaka 06.12.2010
will do it for $80.

Please send the information required
that is login for ftp, database copy, and admin panel login.
I'll do it asap.

Thanks a lot

From us 06.12.2010
Send email to [protected] and we will reply with all login details.


From us 08.12.2010
hi Setaka,
I am concerning your progress.

If you decided this bid is not profitable, let me know it is ok to give this up.


From setaka 12.12.2010
you havent paid me the upfront. I accepted your project for $80. then also..
You are cheating me I guess.

Upfront is paid by everyone who is serious towards work. I am sure you are not serious.

I will post all negative and dirty information about you on internet..

also bad information about your website


From us 12.12.2010
We are professional organization and we are not afried of your thread.
Public will find the result in all email

We can place all email to prove.

And also we have lawyer to prove all your email which also 3rd party have.

Go back and see your email. You will find that what was the problem.

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  • Te
      17th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    This complaint is a total blunder. The person referred to here is Zilvin
    ( and not anya.

    Sorry for any misunderstanding.
    And by the way, the complaint author has been kicked from Unity forums, maybe this is the prime reason for him to write this post.


  • De
      23rd of Mar, 2012
    0 Votes

    He is right. This person done same to me. He used email id of Sent to:
    RAM SHUKLA (The recipient of this payment is Non-U.S. - Verified)

    Amount sent:
    -$150.00 USD
    Fee amount:
    $0.00 USD
    Net amount:
    -$150.00 USD

    When I am not worried as I have team who does collections form people like him so I am just seeking his address. IF anyone has update me or else I am going by attorney to and once they get me address. Will take care of this guy. and so his deads..

  • Da
      4th of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes

    the guy got many positive feedbacks and did many projects for me well so this complain seems fake

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