Full Flush Poker / Withdrawals and Live Blackjack

I have never experienced a bigger scam in my life and I have played on almost ever poker site that exists. I am professional poker player and I can't believe how horrible this company is. I ran my account up to a very large amount and was ready to cash out. The company sent me an email saying my account was now shut down since I had two accounts playing from the same IP address. My fiance had played in the past on the site but not even close to the same time that I was playing. She didn't even have money on her account when I started playing and or put my money on. They just wanted to not pay me so this was their way to get the money back. I also played live blackjack and bet $200 on one hand that I felt confident in, The player that was sitting next to me had a 7 and a 3 which gave him 10 and the dealer was showing a 3. The player next to me clicked hit but the dealer but his Q on my hand. I never even hit the hit button she just put it on the wrong hand. I let them know about it and that I wanted my money to withdraw and thats when they sent me the email that my account was banned. I am going to make sure that this company is shut down since I have many connections in this sector. If you have money on their site I am sorry you clearly are not getting it back and if you don't for the love of God please stay away from this scam. Listen hear though I PROMISE everyone out their this site will be shut down by me and my connections within the next month and they will end up paying all responsible parties. JosephSkin was my username

Apr 08, 2016

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