Frustrated customer / maxis hidden charges - broadband

1 Kuala lumpur, Malaysia

Hi, im hotlink loyal customer until today. I used to have maxis broadband also. Because of some personal reason, my account has been suspended because got some overdue bill. So after settled the final bill and request for termination i thought everything was settled. That was 4 years ago until today when i decided to changed from hotlink to another telco, only then i know my nme has been blacklist due to outstanding amount that i didnt even know it exists. I go to the maxis centre in temerloh, but they said i have to go to klcc to get more details. So i went there. But it turns out to be it was useless. No details in the system. Im very dissapointed with maxis. Its not about the money but its about the reason. But u failed to provide me.

Sep 25, 2017

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