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FreeGiftWorld.com / Something has to be done to stop this rip-off

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I spent close to 2 hours going through the steps required, registering with various companies and products, providing my credit card several times, making the purchases required, etc. to come to the end and suddenly everything stops. I kept going forward thinking that in the end I will still fair well financially and I was too far into to quit, not knowing that more and more steps would keep being added. I tried submitting my username and password repeatedly to obtain the info to receive my free gift and to no avail. I requested my password be emailed to me on several occasions over the course of several days (thinking maybe they had a problem with their site for a day or so?) and I never received a reply. I checked to see that emails from them were not being held up as spam. I even then, quite foolishly, tried using a different email address.

The result: having to pay Dell tech support $50.00 and three hours of my time trying to now get my computer running properly again because of all the viruses, parasites, spam, etc. etc. I received as a result of my trying to get a "free gift" from FREEgiftworld.com. I continue to be completely inundated with spam and now I have to try and see if I can get refunds on the services I quite foolishly signed up for.

I see consumers have been complaining about this company for well over six months now and they are still going strong with links on very legitimate and respectful company sites. I have notified the companies of this scam and I hope they take it seriously. Something has to be done to stop this rip-off.


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N  20th of Jul, 2006 by 
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FreeGiftWorld.com - Be aware of these types of websites
United States

I am writing to discourage anyone from getting scammed by 'FreeGiftWorld.com'

I am your average middle-class consumer who wanted to find a good deal on a DVD box set that I enjoy. After searching the web for cheap prices, I eventually took the bait of 'freegiftworld.com'

Here?s How They Get You:

1.) First, you are asked to enter your e-mail address as well as your physical address so they can ship your alleged 'FREE' gift.

2.) Second, you are asked to take a small survey of possible consumer products or services you may be interested in. (ok, easy enough)

3.) Third, In order to receive your free gift, you must first complete 2 of the promotions for products or services through other 3rd parties.

Additionally,'FreeGiftWorld.com' tells me once I have completed 2 promotions; I need to come back to their website, log in, and check the status of my 'GIFT'

OK, I did the math, checked out some of the services from the 3rd parties, and eventually decided it was still a decent deal. I ended up signing up with 'Blockbuster Online' and Columbia House DVD.

Great! Now I have 2 decent services from reputable companies (Blockbuster Online and Columbia House DVD) Oh, I also have a DVD Box Set of 'Deadwood' coming!

WRONG! I went back to the website 'FreeGiftWorld.com' to check the status of my gift. I entered the user name and password I initially signed up with, hit enter and Voila! Nothing! The web page tells me the username or password is wrong. I check my e-mail for any confirmation of signing up or registration with 'FreeGiftWorld.com' and nothing was there. I then try to have my password to their site re-sent to my e-mail address. I still receive no confirmation after several attempts. Chances are, I never will.

In closing, 'FreeGiftWorld.com' is nothing more than a scam to get your personal information such as e-mail address, phone # etc. and distribute that information to other 3rd parties for profit, all under the guise of a free gift. You will never, I repeat NEVER receive a GIFT, and especially not a 'FREE' gift.

I urge all consumers to be aware of these types of websites offering up 'FREE' gifts or services. Do not get scammed or sucked into websites like 'FreeGiftWorld.com' Let?s face it folks, nothing is free in this world.
A  20th of Jul, 2006 by 
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I just read an article on google that directed me to your site, where someone voiced a complaint entitled: "Scammed at FreeGiftWorld.com." I am presently going through a similar problem. Although I did receive and answer to an e-mail I sent them, I still can not access their site to claim my gift. Do you have access to their phone or can send me their phone number, so I can contact them?
A  3rd of Aug, 2006 by 
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I was trying to get a computer for my kids for school, they needed something to bring good in their life, i lost a son, i'm on ssi for 4 back surgeries so i go and spend the time and money to go through this process thinking i would get my kids a laptop computer, really not able to afford what i had bought, but it was worth it if it could bring a little joy in their life and all i got was nothing, they always said my account was pending and guess what it never got changed. How does this stop? How many more single mothers have done the same thing and hopefully not under the same circumstances? If you know anywhere else i can complain please let me know. Thank-you sincerely, ronda.
A  15th of Aug, 2006 by 
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I went on the net for Swiffer .com and this Sample Promation Group.com/Free gift world sponsors. Said if I would answer their questions I would receive a for free a new Swiffer vac. I did all they asked but I have never heard one thing about this. Can some help me? I believe this is fraud!
N  29th of Oct, 2006 by 
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FreeGiftWorld.com - Sony, Nanos, Yarn @ Elmo Free Gift World - did not get any of them!
United States

I started out doing their surveys to get an Elmo and then it all just changed right in front of me, to a laptop. I bought into at least 5 of the survey topic s and everytime I would finish one it would say your half way through then it would start all over again. Today they were giving away a bundh of yarn and of course it did the samething. When I tried to e-mail them at Free Gift World.com it comes back saying there is no such address. I am really sick of it. I am disabled and elderly and I am fixing to have surgery and wanted the MP3 player to take with me. I guess it's just a scam. How can all these business be apart of that. Sharon Hallman
N  12th of Dec, 2006 by 
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FreeGiftWorld.com - Free Gift World is another scam!
United States

I spent hours taking a survey online over Thanksgiving holidays, with the guarantee of receiving either a "free" laptop, Ipod, digital camera or 42" plasma TV (my choice). I was required to sign up for a "trial membership" with at least 3 sponsors at a cost of $1.00 for the first 7 days. I signed up for 6! The next day my bank account was debited $6.00. I sent an e-mail to FREEgiftworld.com regarding the status of my free gift. Today, December 11, 2006, I received an e-mail stating: "Your mail could not be delivered to the address csr@freegiftworld.com. I give up. Sorry it didn't work out."

Fortunately, I had documented all the sites I had signed up for a trial membership, contacted them by phone and canceled my membership. The next morning, I had 12 e-mails from other "scammers" to take a survey. No thanks! I am still getting "membership cards" in the mail from people I have never heard of, did not sign up for, and have to call daily to cancel another membership.

With approximately 100 million people in the United States alone, and requiring you sign up with 3 sponsors, they just scammed 300 million dollars in one day.

Do not take online surveys, thinking you will get a free gift. Surely, something can be done about this illegal action.

W. Densman.
N  1st of Feb, 2007 by 
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We don't know how many people have actually gotten the free incentives...but i do know if you don't follow the process exactly from start to finish then you will not receive your gift, im not doubting anybody concerns and im not saying you guys did not get ripped off, im saying its a tough process and you can easily mess it up. I witnessed a complaint that was of this interest...not here no names
A  13th of Apr, 2007 by 
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I was charged 4995 for a credit card at quick card services.com. These people will not give you a phone line thats working properly. I would recommend them 2 anyone.
N  20th of Feb, 2008 by 
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the swiffer solution made in vietnam leaves a dull finish on my linoleum floor it is a walnut finish. i scrubed the floo r 3 times with a new cloth and still the solution still streaks.why?

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