Freedom Life Insurance/ Premier Choice planFalse & misleading advertising by CO agent

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One or all of my family has had Freedom Life/ US Health Advisors plans for 15 years. We have never had any claims except my husband once used the accident rider. A week ago I applied for a new "Premier Choice' plan for myself only, and contacted the same Colorado independent sales agent I had previously used. I had always felt she was honest and trusted her advise - she has been an agent for 15 yrs. Unfortunately, I have learned that most things I was told were inaccurate and/or very misleading. I signed up for the Premier Choice plan that was supposed to be $185/mo with 1-yr rate lock, and only for very healthy people.

The details of the plans were never given to me in writing before I applied. I realize now I should have never signed up before getting every last detail. I was rushing to get coverage and had to ask for all of this information after the fact, in numerous emails and by phone. I was NEVER told this plan was NOT an ACA-approved plan and I would be charged a hefty penalty by the IRS at the end of 2015. When asking my agent about this after I had applied, she told me anyone can claim an exemption for this penalty. I looked into this, it is not true, you have to show that health coverage was more than 8% of your gross income. This is their way of convincing you to buy the non-ACA plans.

The monthly premium was supposed to be $185/mo. My account was drafted $235 yesterday, without ever consenting to this amount. When calling FL to ask, I was told there was a $40 application fee and that I was charged $195/month. I was NEVER TOLD ABOUT this $40 fee even though the agent repeatedly denies this. I talked with her 3 times by phone and at least 20 emails and this $40, nor $235 total was ever stated. Not to mention the premium being $10 more than stated. She claims this app fee is standard procedure and I should remember this from 15 years ago when my husband first applied. It is not true this is standard procedure.

I was told the effective date would be the date it was withdrawn from my account. This was not true, it was retroactive to the application date. My agent stated there is nothing to lose in applying and I can always change my mind once I know whether I am approved (conveniently never mentioning app fee again). Not true. They pull the money once you are approved, and this includes the $40 app fee.

I was told the policy would go through the end of the month since I was applying after the 1st. This was not true. Freedom Life told me it goes from application date to the same date the next month.

The agent was well-aware we were looking at Obamacare plans and I would possibly only have this FL plan for 2-3 weeks of Feb since the OC plans start March 1. I could write another page on all the negative things I was told about how bad these OC plans are and why the Freedom Life plans are much better. I have not found these claims to be true. I have since read many reviews about Freedom Life agents telling the exact same lies about the OC plans in order to sell their private plans.

When my agent was confronted about all this inaccurate information, she told me it was MY misunderstanding. There was no accountability for any piece of inaccurate or false information. She claims she told me all the things that she did not.

Freedom Life will tell you they hold no responsibility for what their agents tell customers. I asked Freedom Life to cancel my plan immediately. I asked when I would be refunded and was told it would go to the cancellation dept and would take 3-4 weeks, and there is no guarantee what amount I would be refunded. I immediately went to my bank and they issued an ACH dispute to get my full amount back. I then had them put a block on my account o keep them from taking money again. Be sure to do this immediately if you have the same experience.

STAY AWAY FROM FREEDOM LIFE INSURANCE/ US HEALTH GROUP/ NATIONAL FOUNDATION LIFE (I have all different names on letters from them). The agents subscribe to FALSE and MISLEADING ADVERTISING and the company is not accountable for anything customers are told by unethical agents.

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      Jul 02, 2015

    It's funny because your story doesn't really add up. Let me explain.

    You said that member of your family have had this insurance for 15 years. You don't mention any complaints with the coverage during those 15 years which is consistent with the 85% renewal rate that Freedom Life boasts about. You then present all of these "things" that you were told but don't mention what the specific things are. You use scathing generalities that reverse 15 years of positive history? Doesn't quite add up.

    We have this plan. My daughter fell and split her head open, had to go to the emergency room, and have 5 staples put in. Thankfully my agent insured me for the things that happen with kids and we didn't have deal with a second trauma when the bill came. We ended up responsible for $38. That worked a lot better than the ACA plan that was $200 more per month (and doesn't include the critical illness benefit that we enjoy) and left me with an out of pocket exposure of $5700. My monthly savings plus the sharp reduction in out of pocket expenses for all of the stuff that happens below a traditional deductible more than offset the small tax penalty that I am still going to have my accountant try get me exempt for.

    It's only fair if you are going to be so vehemently denounce something than you have some specifics beyond hearsay that you were "later told" or heard from others. You just didn't use any facts other than some ambiguities that you blame your agent (who otherwise seems to have served you for 15 years with no complaint) for. It almost seems that perhaps you are a competitor just trying to slander them???

    For me, the A+ BBB rating and the 85% renewal rate spoke for itself and it has worked out very well. And BTW do you think the ACA system wants anyone to think there is a better choice for us healthy folks? Kind of makes you think there are lots of places this negative review could have come from...

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  • Jo
      Sep 30, 2015

    InformedBuyer thank you so much for your comment, the first one scared me as I just signed up today on my birthday and cancelled my ACA policy. I'm a pretty healthy 61 year old and the premiums for this now policy is a large reduction in my premium, from what I was paying $$$$. I'm retired from the medical billing industry owned my own company, this new policy is going to work out very well for me and have a few dollars to do other things with, so again thank you so very much for your comment. JM

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  • Du
      Dec 12, 2015

    just signed up today and was told nothing but lies...used car salesman that works for them looked up doctors that I inquired as to whether or not were on the plan he sold me flat out lied and said yes...NOT...the dental discount card that I'm paying 35.00 a month for is a total ripoff...found two dentist that accept it...covers free xray and exam when paying in full for cleaning...period... not even going to check the vision and Rx...I'm just going to the bank Monday morning and hope I can stop payment on this scam of a company

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  • Bl
      Jan 05, 2016

    This is for [protected]@SS, your name says a lot. This plan is a Nationwide PPO. There is no misleading information given. Its all there for you to read if you choose. It pays first dollar coverage and what is covered is totally available if you choose to look. It appears you do not so you go on these boards to complain. When you get the verification call you are told everything that this policy is and is not. Try Osama Care. Make a call to BCBS and see what kind of BS and run around you get there. And pay all those premiums and co-insurance and deductibles. Good luck with that. I've been there and done that.

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  • Du
      Jan 06, 2016

    Premier is nothing going but a 361.00 discount card...I can save 75.00 off of a 150.00 office visit...or I can pay 80.00 with no Insurance...why in the hell would anyone want to spend 361.00 a month to save 5.00 ..?? Premier is apparently in the business of making millions off of the non refundable fees consumers pay when they get duped and sign up for this crap...I'm sure most people cancel in the thirty day time frame as I did...and there is no problem getting the refundable portion of your money back...and don't by the sounds like a telemarketers convention in the background when you all I have to say is premier can kiss this [protected]@ss goodbye..;)

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  • Bl
      Jan 07, 2016

    [protected]@ss is spreading false information. The plan pays $100 for a doctors visit unless you buy the bare bones ($75) plan which most people do not buy. He also fails to mention that the doctors visit is discounted because of being a member of the MultiPlan Doctor PPO is part of the plan. You get the discount and then you get the insurance coverage. You don't get the discount without being in some plan [protected]@ss. All PPOs offer a discount so by your measure all plans are worthless because they offer a discount. You also get CALL-MD where you dont even need to go into the doctors for minor illnesses and you will get antibiotics and what not prescribed to your pharmacy without leaving your home. Try going to a clinic on Monday morning with an earache. Good luck with that. And then go get your O8ama Care plan with $6850 deductible and 60/40 Co-Insurance. You are basically self insuring with that plan. Most people never spend over $5000 a year so they never get there. You don't get any coverage (you do get the discount) until you meet the deductible and pay the co-insurance. Premier Choice has zero deductibles copays and co-insurance. And Nation Wide PPO. But if you listen to [protected]@SS all discounts are a bad thing. So Premier Choice is actually a pretty good deal

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  • Bl
      Jan 07, 2016

    You need to understand that the most common cause of bankruptcy in the US is a major health incident occurring with the owner or important employee. Health Insurance is mostly aimed to cover in the event of a heart attack, etc. and pay the bills. Many health care plans do that but they all have different deductibles and co insurance fees. You need to weigh the plan in its entirety before jumping. Take the premiums and the deductibles and add in the coinsurance and that what the plan is really costing you. USUALLY MOST PEOPLE ARE SELF INSURING AGAINST A MAJOR PROBLEM with O8amma Care.

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  • Di
      Mar 03, 2016

    I was charged over $250/month. Went to the doctors and this insurance covered about $200 of the $1, 800.00... I've tried to reason with customer service and will no be filing a report with the FTC. I strongly suggest to everyone that has been a victim of this fraudulent and falsified promise of 75% to 90% covered bull$!t doesn't go unnoticed.

    Bluesinter is either a bot, or someone within their organization. This is ridiculous. You are taking hard working individuals money, and pocketing all of the profit to send a measly penny towards a medical bill. I needed prescriptions, and the sales associate that sold me this plan promised that I'd have to only pay a mere fraction of the cost.

    Get this. Come to find out, when i actually needed the coverage that I was paying a ridiculous price for, I owed the pharmaceutical company $600.00 for ibrophen and motrin. COME ON! What in the living hell do you do for us? Nothing! Nothing at all! You need to be shut down. Immediately. Further prevented from ever making another penny, other than mopping up spooge at the nearest trailer park truck stop in forth worth texas. I'm coming after you. Let that be known.

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  • No
      Dec 29, 2016

    @Dirk Rowe Excuse me sir, but Bluesinter has presented absolutely nothing but facts. The Freedom Life plan covers up to $10 on generic prescriptions, if you had read any of the brochures you would have known that. Does anyone know what the key with this plan is to mitigate your out of pocket expense? It's COMMUNICATION with your agent. I know a family who has had Premier Choice through Freedom Life for years. Their son came down with leukemia, originally they were going to Texas Oncology in Dallas. That family had his son admitted into MD Anderson, treated, and had a full recovery 8 months later and you know what it costs him? 0$ out of pocket. That's the way the plans are structured. Just because it is unique and different from what you are usually seeing (which by the way, if you are NOT an insurance agent, there is a HUGE chance that you really have absolutely no idea what you're actually talking about) does not mean it does not work. But for it to work, if you get a bill in, if you feel like you're paying too much, call your agent! Instead of insisting that anyone is out to screw you over and take your hard earned money, I've seen this plan help WAY more people than it has ever hurt. If there is an miscommunication, it is on you for not asking questions, getting to the bottom of the ordeal, and really using the plan the way that you are supposed to. And you know what? It isn't for everyone. Unlike Obamacare plans, you actually have to qualify for it. So if it doesn't work for you, stick with an ACA plan with a 5000 deductible, high premium with that lovely HMO network. Let the people who understand how the policy works be the one to deal with it.

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