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Four Seasons Sunrooms / Toxic mould, leaks and cracking walls

1 765 S State College Blvd, suite 1Fullerton, CA, United States Review updated:
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I bought a room addition from Four Seasons Sunrooms/Ambiance additions in May 2004.

Room was completed July 2005 with a 10 year warranty.

Right from the very beginning the room was never properly sealed, every time it rained water came through the roof in multiple areas. The first time the roof leaked there was major damage to a chest of drawers, which Four Seasons reimbursed me for.

Every time it rained I would call up and complain that the roof was still not sealed. They came out and re-sealed the roof multiple times (I cant remember how many but I think at least 5 times they sent their guys to come out and fix the leaks) The last time anyone came out to fix the roof was in 2006. Every time I called to complain I was met with a very hostile member of staff who at best was just unpleasant to deal with.

As you know we have had a drought in California for the past 2 years so what little rain we had I just mopped up with towels (it was easier to deal with than the people at Four Seasons)

This February we had an immense amount of rain in a very short period of time, I had to use 8-9 towels to stop the water coming through the sliding patio door. My walls are covered in watermarks and there is now toxic black mould growing on the wall, which has the largest leak on it.

I called Four Seasons on 3/6/08 and spoke with Jessica (office manager) she said she would have Willy (engineer) schedule an appointment with me to ### the damage. I waited a week and never heard back from them so I called on 3/13/08 and spoke with Willy who hadn't heard anything about my complaint. We scheduled for him to come and assess the damage on 3/17/08 at 1pm.


Willy took a look at the room and asked why I hadn't called earlier. I explained we had had a drought and the leak hadn't been so dire. I also explained that the room was impossible to climate control, it was unbearably hot in the summer and extremely cold in the winter which made the room un-usable. Willy explained that if I opened the doors of the room to the rest of the house the climate would be the same as the house. Anyone who experienced this room in the summer or winter months would know that this is not true, my house doesn't need air conditioning in the summer as I am on a hill side and its a Spanish house which stays very cool, Sometimes too cool and the room addition reaches temperatures well over 90 degrees, I could cook an egg in it in the height of summer. In the winter only a fool with very deep pockets would attempt to heat this room, its icy cold and you can see your breath in it in the evenings.

Also, I need to point out here that the glass on the roof was the more expensive glass that was supposed to let in 100% of the sunlight but only 15% of the heat. So something here clearly is not working.

When I stated this to Willy and told him I didn't accept his explanation he got very agitated and began speaking to me in an aggressive manner, at this point I said we could discuss climate control later and should focus on the leaking roof at which he replied very aggressively that he would not discuss the climate of the room with me later.

It became very clear that the conversation had broken down at this point, instead of answering my questions Willy tried to intimidate me by staring directly in my eyes for a very uncomfortable amount of time, he kept walking towards me very close and speaking very loud at me whilst staring into my eyes aggressively the whole time, every time I stepped back to diffuse the situation he would step forward again saying things like "everything that has gone wrong with this room isn't all of our fault". Every time I tried to make my point he would twist my words around and talk even louder at me. He kept implying that it was my fault for not calling them in two years. I kept pointing out that there was a ten-year warranty on the parts and lifetime warranty on the seals (which is my issue) but he had no direct reply to that fact and kept repeating that I should not have left it so long to call them.

It was a very upsetting situation. I know that this would not have been his tone had I been male or accompanied by a male. I asked him simple questions like what did he suggest we do from here and what was the expected turn around on his plan of action - all of my questions were met with a intimidating stare which I found very unnerving. He explained to me that he made his schedules on a Friday, that he would make his schedule this Friday (March 21st 08) and that Jessica would call me and let me know. I heard back from Jessica approximately ten days later. It was then that I informed her that my meeting with Willy had gone very badly and that I was seeking advice from my attorney.

After speaking with my attorney I notified head office of the problems I had experienced and informed them that I was about to file suit, they sent David from Ambiance Additions (May 13th 2008) to take a look at the room addition. After a very thorough inspection (water test lasting 2.5 hours) David suggested that the reason the door frame leaked was because I had stepped on it (not true) and even if I stepped on it (which I didn't) I live alone and I weigh 125 lbs not so heavy in the grand scheme of things he also suggested the the patch I had put on the corner of the room addition that leaked the most was what was causing the leak (obviously according to him I have nothing better than to cause damage to my own home) Anyway, at the end of the inspection David was very vague about what he proposed to do in order to correct the leaking room, only stating that they would prefer to fix the leak issues themselves. I asked him to put his findings down on paper and a proposal of what he planned to do to fix the problem so I could discuss it with my attorney before making an informed decision but he said he couldn't do that. When I asked why he said if I got my attorney involved he would have to get his attorney involved, I agreed and told him to go ahead and speak to his attorney and he said well if we go that route we may as well go to court. At that point I asked him if he was implying that I should make a decision about the room based only on his verbal statement and he then back tracked, said he could put something in writing for me but he would need to get advice and this may take a while. This Tuesday will be a week on from that conversation so I will make an update once I have heard anything back.

I paid $24, 000.00 to Ambiance Additions/Four Seasons sunroom's and have what several other companies have said is a tear down. I have given them ample opportunities to make this situation right and give me a leak free, mould free, room that doesn't have cracking walls but so far they have not been able to do this. I would advise any homeowner wishing to expand and add value to their property to avoid this company like the plague! Unless you want toxic mould, leaks and cracking walls that is!

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  • Go
      2nd of Jun, 2008
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    We also have had four seasons build a sunroom, and have had leaks from the very bigging 7 diffrent leahs i counted and our complaints are the same, they have sent their people out multible times and reseal the roof, We to bought the special roof glass, It is co cold in the winter i have to move away from the sunroom to eat my dinner, and extreem high temps in summer, it would be a total waste of money to try to cool our home, We bought this to enjoy, but it has been the oppsite, now i fell i will have to sell my home.A section of roof glass failed within first year, cracking brickwork, all of this has happened within first year.We paid our hard earned cash, but four seasons sunroom have not lived up to thair end of the bargin.Its states on their website they guarntee no leaks?What should I do Gordon.

  • An
      9th of Jun, 2008
    +1 Votes

    It sounds as if you have given them as many opportunities as I have to repair your room addition. I have found numerous complaints on the internet about this company, all exactly the same as the complaints we have AND from coast to coast - this is clearly a design and installation issue that the company does not want to address. I am preparing a case against them and am going to take them to court.

    Good Luck.

  • Rh
      14th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    I would like all owners of theese leaking rooms to join with me in a class action suit. I would like to share leagal costs because this is a common problem I suspect for many of us. I too have the same/similar problem you are describing. I believe there is a design issue here that will not be resolved with any amount of caulk!!!
    Our retailer no longer sells the room and the corporate will not deal with us.

  • Br
      17th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    If the sunroom was good, I wouldn't be poor now... They look good but you have to throw a lot of money at it to keep it up. Glass failures cost me about $2000.00 per year. It has leaked from the get go. I had to tear out the knee wall and replace it with modified superior flashing to keep the water from leaking in under the wall.
    I tell everyone that asks about it just how costly they are to keep up. They won't help ...

  • Pr
      19th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    i was interested in such an addition. will someone show me their addition and let me see it up close? i visited the showroom but that can be totally different than the actual, outside weathered hardware. if such a meeting can be arranged, we can make plans later for rendevous.

  • Ji
      28th of Jan, 2010
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    My 16-year-old Four Seasons Sunroom has a glass pane that shattered spontaneously. It also needs new window crank handles because the existing handles no longer close the windows. Worse yet, the sunroom leaks at the interfaces with the walls, causing structural damage both to the walls and to the floors. Despite numerous phone calls, emails, two visits to the Orlando showroom, and repeated assurances by a parade of employees that my problems will be resolved, I have not been able to get service or even parts to install myself. I have been asking for service and/or parts since 2/2005.

    ~JB, Merritt Island, FL

  • Gi
      28th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    Our sunroom was never finished by Four Seasons Sunroom of Jonesboro, AR...left it with shoddy workmanship, leaks, wind and water. under walls and doors and on top... and way overheats in summer and extremely cold in winter... Still trying to find out how to work with this disaster... especially since they took the money and did not leave the room professionally built...multiple redoing on each phase starting with the concrete that was poured for the foundation which is not level... because of shoddy work by the inexperienced subcontractors that they hired... Buyer beware...Customer Service was not given and manager showed no interest to finish the job correctly after many unanswered phone calls and many attempts during that year and into the next year...

    Gina in Arkansas

  • Al
      18th of Jun, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I have been trying to receive results from Four Seasons Sunroom for over 10 years. The latest issue is the reflection of the sun from the glass onto the siding. The siding melted and I had it replaced last summer. I saved the melting pieces of siding; the only siding that melted was where the sun reflected onto it. I sent colored photos to Four Seasons and yet to hear from them. This latest issues has been pending since May 2010.
    I have opinions from two contractors, professional painter, and an owner of a roofing company; they all agree the sun reflection is melting the siding. The owner of the roofing company has said he has seen this often and even houses adjacent to a Four Season Sunroom having siding and metal doors affected.
    Although there was a Code 77 Insulating Glass Units in January 2006 to prevent cedar homes and adjacent homes for catching on fire, Four Seasons Sunroom stated the vinyl siding did not melt from the sun reflection. I emphasized if the sun reflection could start a fire than the sun reflection could melt siding. After this phone conversation the photos were sent to Four Seasons and a few weeks went by, I called and the response was they never received them. (I have an email that supports their response.) I sent the photos a second time with a follow-up email. It has been two weeks and I have not received a response. I left a phone message to call and did not receive a response as of today.

    I hope the pictures attached if not I will try another avenue.

  • Wa
      7th of Nov, 2010
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    We had our 4 Seasons room added on in the mid 1980's and had leakage problems from the beginning. Initially, the local installer tried to remedy the situation - caulking, beading, and even replacing the sheathing along the foundation which had rotted from all the water. The business was then sold and we started getting the run around. I have just had another 4 Season franchisee give me an estimate to "reseal" the panels - $19, 400.00. The original construction, including foundation, was $16, 500.00. Clearly, it is time to do what we should have done 20 years ago - rip it down and replace with solid roof, vertical glass walled room. To any prospective customer - you will probably regret it if you buy a 4 Seasons Sunroom.

  • Sa
      24th of Mar, 2011
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    Our Four Seasons sunroom was installed in Sacramento, California, by Petkus Brothers. They promised us that the sunroom was guaranteed not to leak. Petkus Brothers installed the sunroom on top of our patio's saltillo tile and left eight inches of tile outside of the sunroom exposed to the elements. I specifically asked the Petkus Brothers salesman about the grout before we made our purchase because I was concerned about leakage from it due to grout's capillary action. The installer said that they seal it so well, no water would be able to find its way in. LOL.

    Every year, except the first, it has leaked. Now it smells like mold all the time. Petkus Brothers has been called many times. A week ago the repairman came out, took pictures, and never even tried to reseal it. He told us our yard needed to be re-landscaped because it should slope away from the patio. Plus he said that we needed to dig a trench around the sunroom. (We had already installed an underground drainage pipe a foot away from the patio that took rainwater down to the street.) Our yard was landscaped a year before the sunroom was installed with a new sprinkler system. We are not going to tear it up to salvage a moldy lemon. The salesman should have pointed out the slope to us as a warning so we could make an informed decision. We would have decided not to buy if he had told us the truth about our yard.

    The upshot of this story is that every installer wants to sell a sunroom even if the location and/or foundation is not a good fit. They are all greedy for a profit and will take your money ($30, 000) and run. It doesn't matter how reputable they seem to be in your community. A sunroom by Four Seasons is junk. Don't fall for the silly "add value to your home" schtick like I did. Buyer beware!

  • Sa
      15th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    I totally agree with Sactown_sucker. Petkus screwed me over too. It's leaked since they installed and they've been giving us the run around for years. Now they say it's not under warranty any longer.

  • Jo
      19th of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes
    Four Seasons Sunrooms - They lie to you to get your deposit and they are very good at that
    Four Seasons Sunrooms
    United States

    I signed a contract with Mr J. Ponticello after he showed me in their show room some samples of "rooms they built". I chose one from the floor after I was told that they built "tens" of this kind in my area. He promised to e-mail me some names and phone # of customers that had the same room built. He promised to send this list in 1 or 2 days. Three days is the time one can cancel a contract and get the deposit back.

    I didn't get anything from him and after 2 days I started calling and asking for that list. He never returned my calls and didn't answer my request by any means. After more than a week I got in touch with somebody else and I was told the same thing: they will send me the list...

    After a while I got an e-mail with 3 names and when I called those people I found out that all of them had solid roof type rooms. My choice was ""glass roof"".

    After numerous calls and e-mails they sent me more referrals. None of them was "glass roof". For one year I tried to get them to either show me a room like the one I signed for, or give me the deposit back. They didn't do any of these. They just took my money .
    From my conversations with other customers, I found out that most of them had huge problems with the performance, the quality and the punctuality of this company. A lot of leaks... Some had to demolish the rooms after 3 years of repeated repairs...

    If you check this company on line you'll find other complaints...

    Beware of FOUR SEASONS SUNROOMS. They lie to you to get your deposit and they are very good at that. Nothing else.

  • Dt
      20th of Mar, 2012
    0 Votes

    Wow, wish we had found this site earlier. My elderly, widowed Mother had a Four Seasons sunroom installed in May 2003, that has had a separation gap at the side wall. We, too, have called a few times, to get this repaired. It keeps getting bigger each year. Now, it is home to wasps and yellow jacket scouts, setting up their spring home. With the heavy rain in March 2012, the room now leaks. After an e-mail and follow up call to Petkus Bros., a service tech will come out at $75 per hour, due to the room is no longer under warranty. The main reason Mother got the room, was because of the longtime warranty. Have to agree with other consumers, the room gets too hot in the summer, even with the ceiling fan on and too cold in the winter, you can store your turkey to thaw and it will take longer than a week to defrost. We use the room as a store area.

  • 4s
      18th of Nov, 2014
    0 Votes

    I live in Canada and recently spent $80, 000.00 2 years ago on a multiple floor addition approx' 16 x 12'. Looks great but definitely not worth it. The 4 Seasons Hardware is not made for the Canadian environment. As soon as the weather drops below - 5 all the Aluminum frosts up everywhere. I am talking inches and inches thick. If things warm up a bit than it starts dripping on the walls and floors. Absolutely ridiculous. I have literally over $ 5, 000. damage to my Hardwood floors and the walls are stained. I have video and pictures of this nightmare. My recommendation to anyone where it snows.. DO NOT GET ANYTHING FROM THIS ORGANIZATION. They do not stand by there product and blame anything except themselves for their lousy product / hardware.

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