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Springfield, Missouri
United States
I have been away from this company for a few months now and feel that it is my duty to tell the public what a terrible scam this is. Darin Vega does not know how to trade foreign exchange. Just ask him so show you some proof that he has a track record of success. The reason that he will not show you any evidence of his trading record is that he does not have any. He is a liar, keep in mind that he is a vacuum salesman, not taking anything away from that profession but some of them are notorious for selling themselves. The reason that he doesn't have any long term testimonials is that all of his students inevitably will lose any money that they invest on top of the 6000 for his course. If you ask him about it he will say something like 'they didn't follow my system'...but how can all of his students not follow his system over time? He either wants them to fail, doesn't care or doesn't know what he is talking about. I hate that I and many of my friends and co-workers were fooled by him. I trusted and worked for him and was not paid how much we agreed to, when i threatened him with legal action he paid me enough to shut me up. If you work for him he will fill your head with all of the potential of what you can have but he will not delivery any of it, he will only try to sell his product to your friends and family. My family went through dire straits while we waited for his company to pick up. Ultimately, Darin Vega is a terrible person and I hope that more people come out of the woods and talk about their experience with him so that we can stop this criminal from taking advantage of more people. I am relieved that none of my family invested in this hoax.
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A  14th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
I completely agree with the comments posted about Darin Vega and Forex 5000 (VGI INTERNATIONAL). They are professional scammers that do nothing but sell themselves and the idea of a lifestyle that none of them are actually living. He knows enough about Forex to talk a good game (to people who have no previous knowledge), but all he is trying to do is rip you off with his $6000 "software" that is nothing but a charting software that you can get for free and "seminars" and "trading sessions" that have no real insight to how to make money in Forex. I worked for Forex 5000 for about a month in early 2009 and was intrigued by the Forex Market so I went and learned as much as I could on my own. When I started asking them the tough questions, they fired me. I know for a fact they are an Introducing Broker and don't disclose that they are getting kickbacks from the brokerages they have the students join. They are NOT registered with the NFA and are simply great actors and salespeople. Stay as far away from these people as possible.
N  14th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
Everything you said is very true! If he is trying to get you to join his course please, do yourself a favor and walk away. Or if you have joined ask for your money back. He still owes me money as well from when I worked for him.
N  31st of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes


Check it out here is proof he is a scammer so is his brothers Daniel and Dave. Just look up each of them on Casenet and you will see complaints and lawsuits from only a small % of the people they cheat
D  23rd of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
I disagree with everything that is said here. I know Darin Vega, I have not worked with him in the Foreign Currency Exchange, but in another couple of his businesses, and yet he has told me everything I would need to know about it to trade. The only people who lose money are those who get too greedy, don't listen to what he says about trading conservatively, and then ask why they aren't successful. These people are stupid and childish, and that is the simple truth. As to the "casenet" files, most of those complaints are landlord/traffic related. Some are from Darin's divorce, which he is open and honest about. The others are from people like the ones who have left these comments that have not done what was asked of them and feel they are entitled to something. He will tellyou anything about him you want to know, you don't have to go behind his back and find info on him like some kind of amateur detective. I make exactly what was promised to me, but that is because I actually do the WORK that was asked of me, and I understand that if the results are not there, I need to WORK more, not complain and quit like a whiny 2-year-old. And no matter what the people that posted before me say, I know what I am talking about, and my opinion will not be swayed. The reason I know what I am talking about, is that I am a mature adult who knows what it takes to succeed, not a child at the supermarket, crying and screaming so that everyone can hear how much they want candy, no matter how undeserved.
A  27th of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
I agree with everything that has been said AGAINST Darin Vega and his brothers. He sold me on taking loans (yes loans as in several) in my name to be his partner in the limousine business we were to start up together. He was to get the business and I was to run it and we would split the profits 50/50 after expenses paid. I left six months later because all of my credit cards were maxed out because were barely had enough business to by the gas for the limo. He then found a partner to pay off all but two of my loans one he made me pay off and the other he said he would. This year I had to hire a lawyer to threaten to sue him because he would not answer the phone. I stopped by his office and he flipped out and told me "here to come here again" I guess he doesn't want me to tell anyone that he will take them for everything you are worth and destroy your life for around five years after you leave. Like others he would pay me enough to get me to back off and then he would disappear again. Do not have anything to do with the Vega's if you see them RUN THE OTHER WAY. I would never give them a dime even if I was rich as Bill Gate.
A  14th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
Darin Vega is now going in with www.upeventsusa.com in order to scam more people with his forex fraud. http://www.upeventsusa.com/upeventprograms.html

Please, if you are considering investing with him DO NOT. He may seem like a very nice guy but he is a con artist.
A  30th of Apr, 2011 by    +1 Votes
If you are reading this post, you have probably at some point either been invited to learn from or work with Dan Vega, Blue
Star Business Institute, Planet EHO, or The Business Ethics & Education Foundation (BEEF).

This post serves as a warning for you and anyone you know considering further opportunities with Dan Vega or any of these organizations, as it has been demonstrated that the factual accuracy of Dan Vega's claims are unsubstantiated, and in fact, outright false.

Recently there have been numerous consumer complaints against Dan Vega to the Missouri Attorney General. He is currently involved in a lawsuit alleging fraud, misrepresentation, and other charges. Other federal agencies are now aware of his activities. His brother Darin Vega is currently under investigation by the Springfield, MO Attorney General for FOREX
Trading Fraud.

If you have been offered an opportunity to work with Dan Vega, we HIGHLY suggest you read through this email completely, and forward this information to everyone you think may be at risk of losing a substantial amount of time, energy, and money to ANY business dealings with Dan Vega.

The purpose of this email is to bring to light the FACTS of Dan Vega's unethical business practices, as well as the damaging
misrepresentations about his background, alliances, and opportunities.

Dan Vega is currently launching two projects, Planet EHO and The Business Ethics & Education Foundation (BEEF), which will
separate a lot of innocent people from their time, energy, and money, delivering nothing in return but empty promises. Dan is working on a project with business men in Zimbabwe and other parts of Africa where he is seeking to raise a proposed $1 to $3 million in return for the false promise of providing a 15% return to go to hospitals, schools, and churches.

Here are the facts that Dan Vega would rather not have you know:

1.) Dan Vega claims to have been mentored by Bill Bartmann, and implies that they are close acquaintances. The truth is, Dan took one of Bill's business courses, and is now using the content of that course without permission as content for his own 1 and 4 day seminars.

Bill Bartmann is not his mentor and does not endorse him. Dan has directly plagiarized Mr. Bartmann's information. Mr.
Bartmann is aware of this, and we have email correspondence directly from Mr. Bartmann specifically stating not to work
with Dan Vega, and that Dan does not have permission to use any of his content.

2.) Dan claims that he had personal conversations with Donald Trump, and that Mr. Trump & Scott Stanwood gave him special permission to use the Trump Network logo for Dan's own school, Blue Star Business Institute. Dan claims that he was hired by Mr. Trump as a trainer for his network marketing company, the Trump Network. Dan uses the Trump Network logo on his own business cards, websites, posters, flyers, seminar tickets and marketing materials without authorization.

Dan claims that one of the first investors into his Business Ethics and Education Foundation (BEEF) is going to be Mr. Trump

The truth is that Dan was a distributor in the Trump Network program. He does NOT have permission to use the Trump seal,
and in fact has received a cease and desist letter directly from the Trump Network to stop using it in any fashion whatsoever. Dan is not a sales trainer for the Trump Network, as they have explicitly stated that they do not hire outside sales trainers.

We have email correspondence directly from The Trump Network stating this to be the case.

3.) Dan Vega claims to have written the business plan for Peter and Tamara Lowe/Get Motivated Seminars. Dan Vega also claims to have spoken on stage as a speaker for the successful motivational speaking program Get Motivated, along with Donald Trump, Suze Orman, Colin Powell, Steve Forbes and Zig Zigler.

The truth is that the only connection Dan has to Get Motivated is that he was ejected by security during the Springfield, MO
event in 2009.

We have email correspondence that comes directly from the Vice President of Get Motivated stating that they have never had any interaction with Dan Vega other than the incident with security.

Dan Vega has received a cease and desist letter from Get Motivated as well, whereby he is required to never mention and
denounce that he has ever worked with Get Motivated, or else there will be legal action taken against him.

4.) Dan Vega claims to having been the victim of a lawsuit in which a scamming seminar attendee asked him for advice only to sue Dan for giving poor advice. Dan paints this picture to be that he just wanted to help somebody in a tough place, but the person turned out to be an extortionist who has filed law suits against 17 other innocent speakers.

Dan is being sued, but the truth is a much different story. Dan is being sued by a graduate of his 4 day Elite Millionaire
Course because it was a fraud, for his involvement of a FOREX program with his brother Darin Vega & John Krause, along with other improprieties related to an unethical business venture that he sold.

In his 4 day seminars, Dan states he created a FOREX software that never fails and received a $100 million fee. He directs
people to Darin if they are interested in becoming millionaires trading on the FOREX.

However, Darin and Dan were simply selling someone else's FOREX software, and they are not licensed to trade FOREX. This is the real basis of the lawsuit. They misrepresented the truth of their FOREX knowledge, expertise, and income. That is fraud.

5.) Dan Vega claims to have written over 6000 business plans and has an angel network of over 400 angel investors. He claims that he has consulted for some of the top Forbes 500 companies, and that he was the "secret weapon" that elite business people would use to have build their business plans.

He claims to have a nearly unexplainable mathematical ability to be able to look at a group of numbers and come up with a
mathematical formula to make a business successful every time.

There are no references from any companies for whom he has done business plans. There are no endorsements from Fortune 500 Companies. Not one of Dan's students has had an introduction to an angel investor.

The truth is that Dan's business plan format that he gives away in his 4 day seminar is the same one he plagiarized from Bill
Bartmann without permission.

When pressed for more information, Dan is unable to name a single company who has benefitted from his business plan. His only consulting project of record is his disastrous time with the Subway Slimdown Challenge, which was covered by the news in Missouri for the consumer complaints it generated.

Several graduates have written business plans and submitted them to Dan's funding organization, known as Executive Business Builders LLC. Not a single one of them has been funded even when all the proper steps and guidelines have been followed. Instead, those who complete the work are given the run around for months.

In fact, one student learned that accepting money for funding business plans as Dan suggests is a direct violation of SEC
regulations and can land well-meaning people in jail for following Dan's suggested business model.

6.) Many people come to Dan Vega's one day course because they are told that he is hiring speakers. He informs them that he is opening new franchises and will offer it to qualified people, but they must attend his 4-day workshop for $5970, in order to be eligible for a franchise. He has been promoting this program since early 2010, yet to date he has not paid any speakers.
Although Dan claims to be a wealthy man, there is no evidence that he has created a support system capable of running a
franchise operation. There is not even a franchise manual or proper guidance for people to follow.

7.) On his facebook site at www.facebook.com/danvega3, Dan has many pictures with famous and successful people and ties these pictures into his misrepresentations and stories of business relationships and associations that are not true. He portrays imself as facebook friends with many successful entrepreneurs and famous people and leads you to believe that he has relationships with them, such as Donald Trump and Phil Town. You can see these images if you go to www.vegagroupinternational.com, and you will also see Dan is standing in front of a magnificent home and Maserati, which he does not own.


Dan Vega is a very good storyteller, a master manipulator and a man whose only proven successful business acumen is that of a vacuum cleaner salesperson. He sounds sincere and delivers a great story about his unusual mathematical and business plan abilities.

He has an amazing ability to convince even some of the most business-savvy people that all of his experience is legitimate,
and that he can deliver the world as a man who "always hits his marks." The harsh reality of Dan Vega's results, pending
lawsuits, and intentions are a far cry from the persona he has spent so much time crafting.

Again, if you are considering doing business with Dan Vega, simply protect yourself as you would with any other potential
business partner. Ask him to verify WHO he has worked for. Ask for references other than Chase Barfield, Margo Bush, Adam
Tillinghast, Rebecca Tillinghast, or John Krause. They work closely with him and cannot be trusted to give an objective
opinion on Dan's abilities, background, or experience.

Ask for true business references, which companies he has achieved results for, which business plans he wrote and has
funded, and verify his claims.

He may provide a very convincing story as why he can't divulge that information. Consider that a red flag as you would with
anybody else, and refuse to take your business relationship with him any further unless his claims can be verified. Success
leaves trails, and all successful people have verifiable references and backgrounds. Every testimonial on any of Dan
Vega's sites is for his speaking events. He does not have a single testimonial for his business ventures.

Also, if you have heard Dan mention or suggest using FOREX as a way to make money, and that you should talk to his brother Darin about it, please file a consumer complaint with the Missouri Attorney General. The process only takes 5 minutes, and can prevent any more people from being removed from $1000s of dollars in false promises.

The link to submit a complaint is here:

(click on consumer complaints)

This post comes from a group of professionals who have been been harmed in some capacity by the unethical business practices that Dan Vega employs. We aim to bring light to the situation to prevent you and those you know from getting hurt.

This information is being spread across the internet to stop Dan Vega from hurting anybody else. Please do your part to
assist in this process from harming any more individuals, especially those in Africa who can't afford to be hurt by false
promises and fraud.

For additional information about the other fraudulent and misleading business practices Dan Vega has been involved in,
feel free to browse the following links that Dan would rather you not see.

This includes mounting entries posted across [redacted].com, one of which includes the Vice President of
Get Motivated explaining Dan Vega's lies about his connection with the program, a lengthy thread on ComplaintsBoard.com, and news coverage about consumer complaints for Dan Vega's involvement with the Slimdown Challenge.

Read all [redacted]s here:

/link removed/

Report with Get Motivated's Vice President's comments at the bottom:

/link removed/

Slimdown Challenge Consumer Complaint News Article:


Slimdown Challenge Consumer Complaint Video Coverage:

A  11th of May, 2011 by    +1 Votes
Dan Vega, John Krouse & Chase Barfield promote Dan Vega and his Blue Star Business Institute along with other opportunities. They misrepresent Mr. Vega's background, credentials, associations and successes. They use famous and wealthy people, like Donald Trump, Bill Bartmann, Steve Forbes, Suzie Orman, Get Motivated Seminars, The Trump Network and others to claim business relationships and associations. Mr. Vega and Mr. Barfield put pictures taken with famous people on their websites and facebook to make it appear as if they know each other and do business together.

Mr. Vega claims to be a multi-millionaire from many businesses that he started and to be an expert in writing business plans. He claims that he has written 6000 business plans, works with 400 Angel Investors and that he has an 80% funding rate for plans he has submitted in the past 3 years. It is all Fraud, Misrepresentation and Lies. Many good and innocent people looking to improve their lives and businesses have gone to their seminars and been taken advantage of and ripped off for time, money and contacts. They also promote FOREX trading at his 4-day seminars with Dan's brother Darin. The Attorney General is investigating them both in Springfield, MO because of many complaints by consumers and students.
Such a sad waste of resources and energy.
Be wise, trust & verify.
A  15th of May, 2011 by    +1 Votes
All of the above is true about Dan Vega. He has the ability to appear forthright and genuine which has fooled many otherwise savvy people, including myself. He intimates that if you take his course he may introduce you to angel investors or back you in a speaking franchise. For so many in today's economy he appears to be the answer to their prayers, bringing hope of a new life. His 4 day course offers business models which he claims have worked based upon "hard variables". The truth is that it is completely fabricated. Those who follow his model soon find that there is no truth to it.

Dan Vega will dispute all of this, saying that some people simply don't apply his methods. The truth is that he does not have the connections he claims. He has NO references for his thousands of business plans. He has minimal organizational support. His model for Blue Star Business School is flawed and unworkable. His $5, 997 - 4-day course does not even have an agenda, a workbook, or followup. It lacks the "hard variables" that Dan is so famous for quoting.

Before giving Dan Vega money for ANY project, do your homework. Success leaves clues. Ask for references. And the people who work with him closely don't count. They are benefiting by his fraud. Ask for references for his business plans. Ask for samples of the business plans that he has done.

And I do hope the people in Africa check him out as well. He will defraud them without compunction. In an unguarded moment he said that selling in Africa is like "shooting fish in a barrel." That is hardly the attitude that will bring good will to Americans.

Check out all the links above. Dan Vega is a well documented fraud. He has minimal training and is unknown throughout most of the speaking world. If you listen to him carefully, you can hear the lies. Be smart. Verify the facts on ANY trainer before you give them money.
D  21st of Mar, 2012 by    0 Votes
First of all, to anyone reading of any of the above, I would caution you against believing people who write things anonymously. There is absolutely zero accountability. My name, Chase Barfield, is mentioned thrice.

The first mention, written by the incorrectly named "Truth About Dan Vega", says the following, "Ask for references other than Chase Barfield..." The reason why it states to ask for references from others besides me and the others listed is because you will hear the truth from me. And they do not want the truth to be known. It is much easier to defame people's character anonymously.

The second mention of my name (2 in same paragraph) says, "Dan Vega, John Krouse & Chase Barfield promote Dan Vega and his Blue Star Business Institute along with other opportunities. They misrepresent Mr. Vega's background, credentials, associations and successes." I did help out at Blue Star Business Institute seminars as has hundreds of other people. The information presented by Dan was very helpful. I never quoted one thing that was inaccurate in any way, shape, form or fashion. Read the comments and you will see no such specifics are listed as far as my name is concerned.

The third and final mention of my name says, "Mr. Vega and Mr. Barfield put pictures taken with famous people on their websites and facebook to make it appear as if they know each other and do business together." Every single person I have a picture with I have personal emails, personal mobile numbers and they recognize my name when I speak to them. I have interacted with some professionally and others personally. I do not claim to be in business now or in the past with any of them. They are simply interesting people I have met and have interacted with on some level, along with the hundreds of pictures of me and other lesser known people. I am successful and known in my own right. The only place you will see these people are in my facebook pix. None of them are on any of my business sites.

Most of the content that is repeated on this site and others about Dan Vega are from one person who tried to commit a felony against Mr. Vega and the other to are disgruntled people that wanted to be partners with him and he turned them down. I caution everyone who reads this site and others like it to qualify your source of the information and the quality of the site it is printed on.

My name is Chase Barfield and I have nothing to hide because I am an honest, reputable and respected man. Can any of the people who commented about me say the same?

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