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The worst experience. I bought a $500 mattress that had the words -- Medium to Firm in the description. NOT. The mattress is so soft and mushy - I sink in and have no support for my back...And I'm petite--! 5 foot one - weigh 100 lbs.

The company told me to SIMPLY send it back for a refund...A huge - 12 inch thick queen mattress - As if it's a bracelet. When they ship to you - They vacuum pack it (like the space bag) and it's only 2 inches thick and rolled up. Once out of the box it inflates to normal size - You could NEVER get it back into that box - I had to rip up the box to get the mattress out.

They deceptively called this mattress medium to Firm...And expect me to pay hundreds of dollars to ship it back (I would not get this shipping money back) - I asked them to send me a pre paid shipping label and they stopped emailing me. I'm supposed to invest MORE money in this mattress that I cannot use - Money I will not get back.

I'm stuck with a soft, mushy foam mattress (advertised as medium to firm). I awoke with terrible back pain when I slept on this mattress !! Pain I did not have the night before.

Perhaps they treat their Ebay customers better - As their feedback is good - I was fooled by it and now I'm out $500 and I'm sleeping on the couch - where my back IS supported.

Terrible experience...OUT $500 AND DON'T HAVE A MATTRESS SUITABLE TO SLEEP ON ---You've been warned.

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