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first van lines / Overcharged/ Deceived

1 IL, United States Review updated:

Great PHONE customer service...HORRIBLE deception on charges.

THIS COMPANY APPARENTLY RIPS YOU OFF NO MATTER WHAT STATE YOU ARE IN...Demand money or they won't off load the truck...

Utilize excess packing material in order to charge you more...I was quated at $475.00 and charged over $800.00!

Foreman spent the majority of the time on his cell phone! Assembled furniture wrong! Almost destroyed a huge painting by leaning a mattress box spring against it!

THEN stopped at a gas station for drinks, THEN had the audacity to ask me to tip the movers!

Over the phone the company is a dream, and in reality...a HUGE SCAM! STAY AWAY! Maybe if we are lucky they will go out of business!

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  • Gr
      28th of Dec, 2010
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    First Van Lines is a SUPER BAD company.

    My parents move from OH to NY.
    In the beginning,
    the agent said it’s takes 2~3 days and give me estimate about $875.

    They will NEVER let you know when they will arrive.
    They usually says “The dispatcher will call you before the day they arrive.”
    Actually, the dispatcher called me before ONE HOUR they arrived to pick-up.

    The dispatcher raised the price to $1, 100 and said it’s takes about 7 days to NY.
    So, I booked the flight to NY and wait the moving truck.

    After the 7th days, I called the dispatcher, he said it’s need more days to arrive to NY.
    I missed the moving truck when I first flied to NY.

    I keep calling the company and dispatcher, they kind of ignore me.
    Every time I called, they just said” It’s still need couple days.”

    Now, it’s over 2 weeks. I still did not get my stuff in NY.
    They never call you and let you know what happened, Just waiting…….
    My parents has lot of medicine are in the moving box, they almost run out the medicine which they carry-on. I am kind of worry about it.

    Now, my 2nd time flied to NY and still waiting for the moving truck.

    Anyway, it’s a Super BAD company.
    What ever they said are lies.
    Such a UNTRUSTFUL company, I will NEVER RECOMMEND.

  • Ca
      15th of Dec, 2010
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    I don't know where Mr. Lloyd get's his information but First USA Van Lines out of Phoenix has had their BBB accredidation revoked because they could not bring their rating above D- (it really should be F). Here is the link to the BBB page for First USA Van Lines out of Phoenix (AKA Cardinal Moving Systems)

  • Ma
      29th of Jan, 2010
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    first van lines - overcharged, decieved, disrespected
    United States

    Let me begin by saying that I have lived in many places of the world and many states in the United States and few times I have encounter such bad ways of doing business as the way this company handled my “move”. They lied, they were disrespectful, they were irresponsible and most of all they were unprofessional.

    When they wanted my Business they called me none stop, even when I had to leave the country for personal reasons. It made me believe they were responsible and a serious company; was I mistaken…. Their perseverance made me believe I was dealing with people who really valued clients. Like I said before, I was mistaken.

    First, they negotiate a price with my husband, verbally quoting a price for something totally different. When I received the final quote I did call to say the inventory I sent did not match the inventory made on the contract. On the Phone YAFIT (the girl in charge of my job) said it was so it would be cheaper for me to change the sizes of the boxes on the contract. Of course confusing me and tricking me into signing. Obviously, when everything was loaded on to the truck, there would be so much more cubic feet, which I would eventually have to pay. I am sure thinking that their commission was already taken and let the other company and myself deal with it. I had to pay $1, 700 to the driver. When my husband was going to call the company saying why it as $700 over the quote, the driver told him that from that point on we would only deal with them and that first Van Lines had nothing to do anymore. Let me point out I contracted First Van Line but the service as given by another company (A.B.S.) Of course, this was not including your $200 deposit I had already given to First Van Lines. This brings me to the next point of their total lack of professionalism….

    How in the world can you sign an agreement as a moving company to pick up at a certain time and date and not even bother the day of the move to contact the driver or other company to verify pick up. I waited and waited till I finally got a call an hour later telling me the truck was not coming. I then had to deal with a driver telling me to leave my stuff and my house unattended for him to pick up. Come on, it is common sense I will not leave a key to a stranger. Not only that, as soon as this problem arises I am left alone. Yafit who had been calling me non-stop the last 2 weeks goes missing at that exact moment and I am left to deal with Giovanni a man I had never spoken to before. The company could not do any thing that day because they were so irresponsible; they were not able to know until 5 pm (too late to do anything) that the move was not happening. I had to change my flights in American Airline and the cost for changing them was $150 per person (my husband, my nanny, my child and myself) for a cost of $600. Making the total move so far $2, 500 to this point. Aside from the fact we couldn’t even travel together because there weren’t enough spaces available.

    The next day, I am able to book the elevator in the building from 8-12 am for the new "driver" to pick up my stuff. They showed up at my house at 11 am after I called asking, "Where the f...they were". They did no finish on time, so my husband stayed and I flew to Miami with my 2 yr old and my Nanny. Once I take my flight, I as suppose to travel to Central America that day. My child got sick and had to be taken to the emergency room. The next day I am in the hospital and I start getting non-stop calls from this people. I let them know I am in the hospital and can't deal with them. They just don't care and begin calling me from different numbers, to the point I screamed at them and told them to leave me alone that I as in the emergency room with my child.

    It turns out the truck was in Miami since the morning and they contacted the freight forwarding company I as using to take my stuff abroad. When this is happening and I am in the hospital I ask my sister in law to help me and talk to First Van Lines, they lie to her to and tell her the freight forwarding company were the stuff is suppose to be delivered is not picking up the phone. She then calls the freight company in Miami and asks why they are not answering. The lady in charge says she talked to them in the morning and they said they would not deliver till a cash payment was made. I had already given them my credit card number (First Van Line and ABS) I even signed papers before going to the airport and getting to Miami. So now, they don’t work with credit cards only cash. They did not say so when I was in Virginia. They lied to my sister in law here in Miami and they lied to the lady at the freight forwarding company. After leaving the hospital I talk personally to this lady and she tells me she has dealt with all kinds of moving companies but that FIRST VAN LINES are crooks (con artists). She tried to fix the situation by her paying the balance herself and when she tries to reach them again…no answer on the phone. She then calls them from a different number and they pick up on the first ring. From this point on, I am now liable for $250 more for storage because “they couldn’t deliver”. Now my move is going from $1, 000 to $2, 750.

    What they do is go missing or call you till there is nothing that can be done so that you are forced to pay extra. Please be careful and don’t fall for what happened to me. What would have happen if I was not in the US when this happened and what would have happen if there were not decent human being like the lady from the freight forwarding company that paid out of her pocket to have my stuff delivered?

    PS I still have not received my stuff so I don’t even know yet the state in which I will find my stuff.

  • Fi
      23rd of Oct, 2009
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    first van lines - OVER CHARGED
    First Van Lines
    United States

    This is the worst moving company I have ever dealt with. Randy in Customer Service is horrible and extremely rude. Not only were they 3 hours late with no apology, they over charged me $575. I was told it would be $300 for 3 hours including the travel fee. They worked for a total of 5 hours, so it should of been a total of $450 including $75 for each extra hour. They charged my card $950 saying that there was a fee of $575 for packing fees. Are you kidding me??? That was more than the move. All they did was take garbage bags full of clothes and random items that should of just been moved onto the truck and they packed them in their boxes so they could charge me. If you do not want to get robbed, I highly suggest using another moving company. They should not be called movers but boxers because that is all they will do is box up your items and charge you for it. The best part is they said "we gave you a discount". Really??? A discount, $575 is a discount for you packing items that should of never been packed. They were just to lazy to bring the items to the truck. So they packed them so they would not have to make to many trips to the truck. That would be hard for them to do, remember they don't move your stuff, they box it and charge you for it! Please save your money and work with another company. How can people be so greedy with the Economy being so bad? But guess what, they have to answer to God in the end. Good luck with that!

  • Jo
      3rd of Sep, 2009
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    First USA Van Lines, out of Phoenix, Arizona (US DOT: 1463484) is not affiliated or associated with First Van Lines, Movers Group or any other company listed above. Furthermore we are not familiar with Mr. Rozen or Mr. Guzi, nor are they affiliated with our company in anyway.

    We have an excellent record with the BBB and are fully licensed and insured

  • Be
      3rd of Aug, 2009
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    first van lines - They never showed up
    First Van Lines
    Cape Coral
    United States
    Phone: 1-877-826-4051

    My roommate booked these guys to help us move from a condo to a home I purchased in Cape Coral. They quoted her a price for 3 men, at $79/hour, for 3 hours, plus an additional $79 for an hour of travel time. She gave them her debit card for half of that amount (about $158) as a deposit, and they promised to arrive on Saturday between 2 and 3pm. Someone from there called her at work Friday evening and said that we had been undercharged, and he would have to "talk to her" about additional charges. Since she was in the middle of a haircut (she's a hairdresser) she asked if she could call him right back when she was done. He agreed, and when she called back she got a voice mail. Saturday came and they never showed up. Repeated calls to both the number listed on the complaint and to the number the man called my roommate from the night before were never returned. We are now filing complaints with the police and the BBB. Her bank has said that they are going to try to help her get her money back. Bottom line - this company is a scam.

  • Mn
      28th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    First Van Lines is owned by Moving Van Lines. This information is correct. Look up Moving Van Lines on Google and all of the complaints. The owners of Barak Rozen and Ohad Guzi

    They also own, First USA Van Lines, the Movers Group, American Auto relocation Stay away from them all.

    If you would like Mr. Guzi to know how you feel here is his personal email address. [protected]

  • Su
      4th of Dec, 2008
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    first van lines - over charge
    First Van Lines
    4097 N 28 Way
    United States
    Phone: 877-826-4051

    On 6/13 I received an estimate of moving services from First Van Lines from sales representative Tysh. On 6/23, I contacted Tysh to review this estimate. We spent approximately 20 minutes discussing my move. I very specifically explained the size of the home we were moving from including the furniture that needed to be moved. I did not feel 5 hours would allow the men enough time to load and unload; I suggested it would take about 9 hours. I also indicated all loose items in the home had already been boxed. We discussed a flat panel television which needed to be moved and Tysh suggested I bubble wrap it to prevent breakage. I also explained I had glass table tops and Tysh indicated that the movers would make sure they put them on the truck in such a way that they would not break (such as between the mattresses, etc). I also confirmed that the movers would be equipped with appropriate furniture padding to protect the furniture as necessary. Tysh said the movers would have packing supplies on the truck just in case we needed any and they would be provided at a 20% discount. I again indicated all loose items had been boxed so there should not be a need for any. I strongly suggested the movers be at the home early on the date of the move. I re-reviewed the size of the home and the furniture and items that needed to be moved to make certain their truck and manpower would be adequate. Tysh was absolutely positive they would be providing exactly what the move required. She agreed they would probably need about 9 hours and she would adjust the estimate to reflect the same, however, she said if the move took a shorter amount of time, it would be adjusted. She also explained the billing would include 1 hour of travel time (to cover the truck from its origination point to our home) and then would be billed by the hour (estimated at 9 hours). We went ahead and set the move date for 7/3 and she took a downpayment of $168 to hold the date.
    On 7/2, I called in the morning to confirm the movers would be coming to the house on 7/3 and that they would be there early. After 5 phone calls, I finally was put in touch with the dispatcher who confirmed they would be at the home between 8AM and 10AM. I strongly urged they be there as early as possible.
    They arrived on 7/3 at 11AM. They surveyed the home and, with great surprise, said they did not think everything was going to fit on their truck. They then said there would be a lot of “packing supplies” necessary to move the furniture. They called their company who I then spoke with and they said the cost of the “supplies” necessary would be $1500. I asked what this was for since all loose items were boxed and they were therefore moving furniture and boxes. Their representative wanted to charge to “wrap” the furniture, some of which had glass in the doors, wrap the glass table tops, pictures and re-wrap the TV. I would not agree to this charge, offered $100 for miscellaneous “supplies” and told them I would move all glass table tops myself as well as the pictures. They agreed. (They refused to move the TV which was bubble-wrapped, indicating they needed to bubble wrap it themselves and there would be a “supply” charge for that).
    They began loading the truck and realized everything was not going to fit. Ben, the lead mover, called their dispatcher again and he wanted them to make two trips that same day. They said they did not think that would make sense; the movers would be very tired by the end of the day (8PM). Obviously we could not leave the home partially moved so I agreed they would come back on 7/5 to finish.
    They were to arrive on 7/5 between 7AM and 9AM. They arrived just before 11AM. They loaded the rest of the items and delivered them to the house. The billing they presented me was for 9 hours plus 1 hour travel time plus a fuel surcharge. I disputed the charge since it only took two hours to load the truck and we estimated two hours to unload so they would be completed by 4PM. The lead mover, Ben, said we had contracted for 9 hours plus travel time, therefore that’s what we had to pay plus the fuel surcharge. (They also put their “time out” showing 9 hours which they also made me initial which I did with U.D. following my initials indicating “under dispute”.) As with the 7/3 move, they would not unload the truck until they were paid.
    I have given you the entire history of events so you can understand how untruthful and underhanded this company is. The original agreement was for 1 day, 3 men, 9 hours. They fully understood what needed to be moved from the home per our discussion on 6/23. They agreed the move would be complete on 7/3 and within an approximate 9 hour time frame. Because this did not occur, I was further inconvenienced since they needed a second day to complete the move. Additionally, I had to rent a U-Haul for the same day to move my table tops (which Tysh indicated they would pack in the truck). I DID NOT contract an additional 9 hours for the remainder of the move nor was there ever any discussion about a FUEL SURCHARGE.
    This company is NOT TRUTHFUL nor are they LEGITIMATE in their negotiations and dealings. They hold the consumer at an unfair disadvantage as they make you sign and pay before they unload. Unfortunately you are at their mercy at the point of delivery----they charge what they want to charge and the consumer is stuck. They should be put out of business.

  • Al
      11th of Nov, 2008
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    first van lines - ripoff movers
    first van lines
    4097 N. 28 Way
    United States
    Phone: Phone: 1877-826-4051

    FYI, after arranging this 2 weeks ago, i got a call 45 minutes before they were due to arrive that they would be at least 2 hours late. That meant that my schedule for later in the day was trashed, and i had to reschedule my contractor appointments. They blamed it on "the office screwed up". I called and spoke to a manager who said he'd call me back and never did. Then they tried to charge me $50 for gas. I said no, it wasn't in the contract. Then they made me pay an additional hour that they didn't work or they wouldn't unload the truck. They complained because there were stairs, and claimed no extra for stairs wasn't in the contract, but you can see below it obviously IS. They said i would have to call the office for a reimbursement for the extra hour. I called today and was told a Manager would call me back, but has not done so.

    The 2 guys did bust their butts to make the move go, but I ended up paying almost double my estimate. Instead of moving boxes, one of them spent time smoking & talking on his celphone while the other man and myself took boxes out to the truck. I guess i became their third man, just to get the job done. Before they arrived, they tried to convince me to add a 3rd man for an additional $15. I should have done that to make up for the extra time it took and saved myself a backache and bruises. I"m also annoyed because they made me pay 2 different charges to pack 2 tv's, which were the SAME SIZE and charged me differently for both - that's approximately a $30 overcharge. I didn't realize i'd have to pay to move my own TV's - obviously I didn't read the fine print, so that's my screwup.

    They also refused to take my 6 potted plants, claiming it was also written in the contract that they don't move plants unless they're packed in a box. I don't see that anywhere below. It's not as if anyone else's stuff was on the truck and would get dirty if a plant fell over. So i had to take my own time and go 45 minutes back to my apt to pick them up, then 45 minutes back to my condo. Am i entitled to the "TRAVEL TIME" of 90 minutes, just as the drivers were??? My car was already packed full of miscellaneous stuff they wouldn't put on the truck, so i couldn't take them with me the first time around.

    I'm totally disappointed in the actions of First Van Lines. Now, what are they planning on doing about my complaint? I would like to settle this as amicably as possible. My actual charge should have been $474 instead of the $599 that i was FORCED to pay. I would also like to receive an additional reimbursement for the 90 minutes i had to wait, due to someone's screwup. I was told they would be there between 9 and 10, and they arrived at 11. If i had known that i was going to be shafted like this, i would definitely have gone with another company. I think that in these rocky economic times, a company would treat their customers better.

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