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This web site is terrible. First let me just say the lady who runs Feral Clans (formerly known as Forsaken Clans) is a bully and a hypocrite. She has "rules" that she enforces on everyone EXCEPT for her friends. And everyone in the game sees it, they just don't have the guts to call her on it because everyone who has, all got banned for doing it. It started out as a "war" game involving Vampires and Werewolves, and turned into a place where she makes money and lets her friends bully the other members. The players who spend the most money are ranked higher and they almost always get away with breaking the rules. She gets away with it because she didn't create any of it, and by the time she took it over there were people who had put in hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

Now about the game itself, it's crap. It's a text based "role playing" game with standard basic NON ANIMATED pictures. There are no animations, no customizing of anything, and no story. All you do is attack other players to get experience to level up, and train. It's all point-and-click, and as I said NOTHING is animated. No flash, no java, nothing. The only story you can get out of it is what you create, supposing you can even find another player who's willing to participate in your story. And the fact that everything derives from your interaction with fellow players, usually ends up in someone getting mad and then there's a giant fight. This game has more cyber-bullying, more drama, and more adults who act like children than anywhere else on the internet. It's a really lame game, it's a really sad and hostile environment, and it's run by someone who doesn't care about ANYTHING except money, and her friends... unless you're one of the players who buys thingsto fill her pockets, THEN she'll listen to you, if only just to shut you up.

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  • Al
      Jun 28, 2014

    I agree 100% ith the comments Made about this game

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  • Ba
      Aug 04, 2014

    The above Complaint is completely right, I might add they say its a free game but in order to play the full game you must pay. The Admins are all totaly customer unfriendly .

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